Minneapolis hennepin county continuum of care for the homeless 2014 funding
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Minneapolis/Hennepin County Continuum of Care for the Homeless 2014 Funding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Minneapolis/Hennepin County Continuum of Care for the Homeless 2014 Funding. Informational proposals for new projects are being solicited. 2014 CoC Introduction. Proposals only for new permanent housing projects serving families who are homeless are requested, as follows:

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Minneapolis hennepin county continuum of care for the homeless 2014 funding

Minneapolis/Hennepin County Continuum of Care for the Homeless2014 Funding

Informational proposals for new projects are being solicited

2014 coc introduction
2014 CoCIntroduction

Proposals only for new permanent housing projects serving families who are homeless are requested, as follows:

  • Rapid rehousing (RRH) for homeless families with children, and for youth-headed families

  • Permanent supportive housing (PSH) for chronically homeless families with children

2014 coc introduction1
2014 CoCIntroduction

The CoC will reallocate up to 10% of 2014 renewal funding to encourage:

  • New high-performing and innovative programs

  • New non-capital projects not currently receiving these funds

  • New projects proposed by current grantees with lower priority programs, who propose different programs that better align with the CoC’s critical priorities (RRH & PSH for families)

2014 coc funding
2014 CoCFunding

US Dept of HUD’s 2014 McKinney-Vento CoC Program funding (2013-14 CoC NOFA)

  • New projects can only be funded by reallocating current renewal funding (no additional funding from HUD)

  • New Projects can only be PSH for chronically homeless or RRH for families

  • 2014 funding amount available for new projects in Hennepin County will be determined by the CoC as part of the McKinney-Vento Funding Committee’s review and ranking process (both new proposed projects and renewal projects)

2014 coc funding cont
2014 CoCFunding (cont)

  • No funding will be awarded based on these letters of interest and information

  • Funding awards will be determined by HUD based on a full HUD application, after applicant projects are reviewed, ranked, & invited to apply by the CoC

  • Initial grants are for one year and will then be eligible for annual renewal thereafter

  • Can be used for Rental Assistance, Leasing, Operating, Support Services, or Administration

  • More information about eligible activities is available at: https://www.onecpd.info/coc/

2014 coc rapid re housing for families
2014 CoCRapid Re-housing for families

  • Model of housing assistance designed to assist the homeless, with or without disabilities, to move quickly into permanent housing and achieve stability

  • Time-limited, individualized, and flexible

  • Must serve households with children living on the streets (unsheltered) or in emergency shelter

  • Rental Assistance and Supportive Services

2014 coc permanent supportive housing
2014 CoCPermanent Supportive Housing

  • New supportive housing opportunities for chronically homeless (CH) households that include individuals with disabilities

  • To increase CH beds/units to help in reaching federal and local goals to end chronic homelessness

  • In Hennepin County, we are prioritizing new projects for families with children with this type of housing

2014 coc rental assistance funds
2014 CoCRental Assistance Funds

  • Tenant-based (TBRA), Sponsor-based (SBRA), or Project-based (PBRA)

  • Short-term (up to 3 months) or Medium-term (4 to 24 months) – for RRH projects

  • Long-term (more than 24 months) – PSH projects

  • 25% cash and/or in-kind match required

  • Note: only local governments, public housing agencies, or Indian Tribes are eligible to administer this assistance

  • If the applicant is not eligible to administer these funds, an eligible administering agency must be identified

  • Public Housing Agencies in MN: http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/states/mn.cfm

2014 coc lease funds
2014 CoCLease Funds

  • Can be used to lease units in a building, the whole building or multiple buildings

  • Also for rental costs of an individual unit for an eligible program participant - as a master lease held by the applicant agency

  • Note: cannot use to pay costs of property owned by applicant/sponsor or their parent or subsidiary organization

  • No match requirement

2014 coc operating funds
2014 CoCOperating Funds

  • For costs of the day-to-day operation of permanent housing in a single structure or individual housing units

  • CoC funds may not be used for rental assistance and operating costs in the same project

  • 25% cash and/or in-kind match required

  • Operating funds may also be available from Minnesota DHS or through the Minnesota Housing Multi-Family RFP

2014 coc supportive service funds
2014 CoCSupportiveService Funds

  • For the eligible costs of supportive services that address the special needs of program participants

  • For list of eligible services, see: https://www.onecpd.info/resource/2036/introductory-guide-to-the-coc-program/

  • Supportive Service funding requests must be made in conjunction with other funding: Leasing, Operating, or Rental Assistance

  • 25% cash and/or in-kind match required

  • Service funding may also be available from Medicaid/MA waivered services & Group Residential Housing (GRH)

2014 coc administrative costs
2014 CoCAdministrative costs

  • Up to 7% of grant amount may be for overall project/grant administration

  • These include activities such as management, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, staff training, & environmental review

  • 25% cash and/or in-kind match required

2014 coc informational proposals loi
2014 CoCInformational proposals/LOI

Letters of Interest/Information must include:

  • Proposed project name and location (if applicable)

  • Organization name, contact person, mailing address, phone(s), e-mail address

  • Project type: Rapid Re-Housing or Permanent Supportive Housing

2014 coc informational proposals loi cont
2014 CoCInformational proposals/LOI (cont.)

  • Description of the project:

    • target population

    • proposed capacity (number of households & persons to be served)

    • proposed housing and support services model

    • proposed outcomes

    • strategies on meeting outcome goals & HUD performance measure targets

2014 coc informational proposals loi cont1
2014 CoCInformational proposals/LOI (cont.)

  • Funding categories & proposed amounts: rental assistance, leasing, operations, supportive services, administration, required match

  • For projects with rental assistance, identify potential eligible partner (if needed) that can administer the rental assistance

  • Plans for obtaining cash and/or in-kind leverage commitments (150% of grant)

  • Commitment & capacity to fully participate in this Coordinated Assessment system

2014 coc eligible applicants
2014 CoCEligible Applicants

  • Public nonprofit agencies

  • Private nonprofit agencies

  • Units of government

  • Public housing agencies/authorities

2014 coc coordinated assessment
2014 CoCCoordinated Assessment

  • Hennepin County is developing a Coordinated Assessment & Referral system for all homeless assistance & housing services (HEARTH Act & CoC Interim Rule)

  • All CoC applicants must describe their commitment & capacity to fully participate in this Coordinated Assessment system

2014 coc leverage
2014 CoCLeverage

  • Projects should be able to leverage cash and/or in-kind resources of at least 150% of the HUD grant amount

  • Proposals should include plans for obtaining these leverage commitments if a full application is submitted later

2014 coc resources
2014 CoCResources

  • http://www.endhomelessness.org/library/entry/3.9-using-reallocation-to-support-strategies-that-work

  • http://www.endhomelessness.org/pages/prevention-and-rapid-re-housing

  • http://www.endhomelessness.org/library/entry/retooling-transitional-housing-webinar

  • http://www.endhomelessness.org/pages/housing_first

  • http://www.hennepin.headinghomeminnesota.org/

  • https://www.onecpd.info/coc/

2014 coc rfi timeline
2014 CoCRFI Timeline

2014 coc letter of interest information submission
2014 CoCLetter of Interest/Information Submission

16 paper copies of each proposal (LOI) & attachments mailed or delivered to:

Tim Hastings

Vendor Selection Coordinator

Government Center

Administrative Tower - 10th floor

300 South 6th Street, MC 106

Minneapolis, MN 55487

Note: One electronic copy must also be submitted (preferably PDF) on disk, flash drive, or attached to e-mail: [email protected]

No later than: 3:00 PM, Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 coc technical support
2014 CoCTechnical Support

  • Further questions concerning this vendor selection process should be submitted by e-mail to:

    Timothy Hastings

    Hennepin County HSPHD

    Vendor Selection Coordinator

    [email protected]

  • Pre-Submission Conference questions and answers, and any additional questions & answers, will be posted on: http://www.hennepin.us/business/work-with-henn-co/contracts-human-services-public-health