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WE WANT GYM IN OUR SCHOOL! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Frank Melvin & Colby Geisinger 8-06 . ….YOU SHOULD TOO!. WE WANT GYM IN OUR SCHOOL!. SV. OVERWIEW Problem. School is CLOSING All the class are being dropped We need your help to keep gym! School board needs to be contacted WE NEED YOUR HELP!. CONTACTING The school board.

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Presentation Transcript
overwiew problem
  • School is CLOSING
  • All the class are being dropped
  • We need your help to keep gym!
  • School board needs to be contacted
contacting the school board
CONTACTINGThe school board
  • The school board is in charge of the curriculum of the school
  • They should be contacted to make sure gym stays in SV
  • Gym is very important, maybe even more than all the other classes
pros of keeping gym
PROSOf keeping gym


  • Kids get a chance to exercise
  • Kids get to interact with each other and gain teamwork and social skills
  • Kids get very, very bored throughout the day and need a chance to have some fun and let some energy out
  • Doctors recommend that a child should get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day!
  • 17 % of the boys in America are obese, for the girls the number goes down a little to 16 %


teamwork social skills
Teamwork/Social Skills
  • From gym class kids gain many different social skills that will help them in their future
  • Also many kids don’t particapte in sports so they don’t get the teamwork/ skills that can help them in jobs and in other important classes.
bored 2 fun
bored2 FUN!!
  • Kids are in class all day just sitting and learning, when they get to gym they have fun by playing and running around!!
  • Also this gives them a chance to get their stored up energy out, which they got from sitting around all day!
cons of getting rid of gym class
CONSOf getting rid of gym class


  • The percentage of kids being overweight or obese will rise
  • Kids don’t get that many chances to interact with others during a regular school day
  • School would be even more boring without a fun class like gym class
obese overweight
  • The childhood obesity percentage is already very high!
  • With gym class still in the curriculum this number could go down greatly!!
  • Studies show that schools that have gym, have a much lower obesity rate/ percentage than those without it
no interacting
No Interacting
  • In class most students work alone and they don’t get a chance to interact with each other
  • When kids are in gym, they work together and interact…. This helps create new friendships
  • Regular classes are sooooooo BORRRINNGG!!
  • Kids just sit at a desk and learn all day
  • - this will result in kids being reluctant to learn
  • Kids get so bored they actually fall asleep in class and without gym they will
  • not get a chance to wake up!
  • Schools really do need gym because its such a big part of the students
  • Gym class should always stay in the school’s cirriculum
  • It is just so important!