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Mercantilism & the Quakers: making money and being nice

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Mercantilism & the Quakers: making money and being nice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Mercantilism & the Quakers: making money and being nice . featuring a Q&A between 80s WWF wrestlers. Students will learn about. Mercantilism The Quakers beliefs William Penn Pennsylvania. Hacksaw Jim Duggan wants to know.

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Presentation Transcript

Mercantilism & the Quakers: making money and being nice

featuring a Q&A between 80s WWF wrestlers


Students will learn about...


The Quakers


William Penn



Hacksaw Jim Duggan wants to know...

Can someone please explain the mercantile system to me?

The mercantile system..

was an economic system based on trade and turning cheap natural resources into expensive finishedproducts

saw the English become richer and more powerful because they had access to the colonies (and their raw materials/people who would buy their finished products)

had the state control aspectsof trade and manufacturing as to maximize profits (e.g., would allow monopolies; heavily tax)

was successful only if you exported more than you imported

aimed to keep gold and silver inside the state

used gold and silver to invest in their navy to control the seas

said all raw materials coming from the colonies needed to be shipped via an English ship

gave the state first dibs on materials

wanted to keep foreign competitors out

high taxes on foreign ships

all trade between England and colonies needed to be done on an English/colonial ship

Navigation Act of 1651 prohibited foreign vessels from engaging in coastal trade in England and required that all goods imported from the continent of Europe be carried on either an English vessel or a vessel registered in the country of origin of the goods.


Triangular Trade

manufactured goods

raw materials

slave labor


Bam Bam Bigelow wants to know...

I love me some oatmeal... do you know anything about the guy on the oatmeal box?

You meanWilliam Penn... the founder of Pennsylvania and perhaps the most infamous Quaker of all time?Well, Penn wanted to establish a land that was accepting of all Christian religions and treated all people as equals—natives, slaves. “A free colony for all man kind.”

What about the Quakers? What were they all about?

They believed that liberty was universal (i.e., didn’t need to own land in order to be free). They also believed that anyone who believed in God had a place in Pennsylvania (even Jews, but they were restricted in terms of participation in government). And just like the Puritans, Quakers didn’t drink, curse, sleep around, or engage in cock fighting. Being virtuous was key in Penn’s Pennsylvania.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka has the answer...


The Curse of William Penn

The year was 1987…


Ron the awkward cat would like you to...

Read this.

Answer these questions. <bird sound>

KoKo B Ware would like you to...


Hi. I’m Pennsylvania. Here are some things you should know about me…

William Penn owned all Pennsylvania land but unlike your typical land speculators of the day, Penn sold his land at a low price

male taxpayers/land owners were able to vote

majority of early settlers were Quakers

Pennsylvania was such a haven for freedom that it eventually was overrun by people who didn’t share the same values as the Quakers—mistreatment of natives, pro-slavery, narrow minded about religion


Students should understand...

Mercantilism is an economic system that helped England become a global power in the 17th-18th centuries

used the colonies raw materials to make more expensive finished products, then trade with Africa/sell to others

gold and silver = #thekeytowinningmercantilism

strict laws were created to protect the state/maximize $$$

Quakers were similar to Puritans in values—no cursing, drinking, etc.—but more relaxed in terms of religious practice

Quakers were among the first groups to speak out against slavery and preach equality

William Penn wanted to create a land in the New World where all people were everyone was accepted—slaves, natives--Pennsylvania