A new manufacturing paradigm
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A New Manufacturing Paradigm. New Manufacturing Paradigm. Network Centric Manufacturing (NCM). Contract Manufacturing. Strategic Value. Multi-tiered Supply Chains. Vertical Integration. Complexity to Manage. Network Centric Manufacturing. In the 21st Century “Flat World”:

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New manufacturing paradigm
New Manufacturing Paradigm

  • Network Centric Manufacturing (NCM)

  • Contract

  • Manufacturing

  • Strategic

  • Value

  • Multi-tiered

  • Supply Chains

  • Vertical

  • Integration

  • Complexity to Manage

Network centric manufacturing
Network Centric Manufacturing

  • In the 21st Century “Flat World”:

    • Everyone is globally connected with more data & more knowledge than ever

    • But no individual, no company, no agency, even no nation, can know everything

  • Drives collaboration for maximum innovation, performance, speed, affordability, etc.

  • Research says that companies that fully partner with their supply network are more successful ! (e.g., Toyota)

Network centric manufacturing1
Network Centric Manufacturing

  • In Response, A Transformation in Manufacturing has Begun

    • OEMs are becoming integrators of systems & subsystems not just manufactured but often invented, designed & developed by the supply network

    • This “total enterprise approach” has been defined as Network Centric Manufacturing (NCM)*

      • “An enterprise capability that is customer focused, information based, embraces innovation, builds from the best commercially available capabilities, promotes appropriate competitiveness, and is resistant to all kinds of disruptions”.*

*Doyle Center Report 2007 Network Centric Manufacturing – Perspectives and Next Steps, released April 1, 2008

Network centric manufacturing2
Network Centric Manufacturing

  • NCM takes full advantage of innovations from all tiers of the supply network as well as customers, OEMs, Prime Systems Integrators, universities, et al

    • Enables greater advanced manufacturing innovation, productivity, & sustainability throughout the extended enterprise & over the total life-cycle of products ranging from complex systems (e.g., Lockheed Martin F35) to legacy parts (e.g., Doyle Center software)

    • NCM requires a C-level view of manufacturing including systems analysis (IIMS, PDES), technologies (NGMTI, MBE, SCOR), & culture/behaviors (e.g., trust, collaboration)

Network centric manufacturing3
Network Centric Manufacturing

  • The intent of NCM to rapidly provide superior and affordable capabilities to the war- fighter cannot be achieved without addressing this broad C-level view of Manufacturing by effectively integrating technologies such as IIMS, PDES, NGMTI, MBE, GCMA, etc.

  • Like ICAM earlier, GCMA (Global Collaborative Manufacturing Architecture) does not compete with these technologies, but rather will be the overarching framework to actuate effective utilization of them for superiority, speed & affordability

Dod as c initiative
DoDAS&C Initiative

Global Collaborative Manufacturing (GCM) is DoD’s version of NCM, & is a 5-part initiative:

Business Architecture Project under way (GCMA)

Collaborative Venue to share experiences, needs

R&D for GCM techniques, skills, relationships, etc.

Demos & Prototypes of examples that are working

Accelerators for GCM proficiency

Training & Education for GCM proficiency

Best Practices promulgation & sharing

Leadership & Communication throughout DoD & its supply network

Gcm ncm related meetings activities
GCM/NCM Related Meetings& Activities

GCM/NCM related meetings:

October ’07 NCM forum at Doyle Center

December ’07 DMC Plenary Panel

April ’08 NACFAM Annual Meeting Breakout

June ’08 ManTech Strategy Meeting

June “08 IIMS Forum

October ’08 NCM Forum at Doyle Center

December ’08 DMC Technical Sessions

NACFAM Activities:

Broker Defense industry & commercial sector inputs to GCMA

Lead four non-architecture elements of the GCM plan

Scale the DoD GCM initiative for commercial sector needs

Develop national infrastructure needs with DoC, IWGs, et al