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How to use our online tracking system PowerPoint Presentation
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How to use our online tracking system

How to use our online tracking system

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How to use our online tracking system

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  1. How to Use Our Online Tracking System

  2. What is Auto Transport? Auto transport basically describes itself. It’s when you need some sort of vehicle shipped from point A to point B. All types of vehicles can be shipped through auto transport. It can be cars, trucks, even boats and motorcycles.

  3. Test the Tracking System To use Car Caddy’s tracking system to track your vehicle, you want to first test the tracking system to make sure it’s working. The first step is to go to the Car Caddy website. On the homepage, you simply enter the number 1 into the tracking box and hit enter.

  4. Place Your Order After you’ve established that the tracking system is working, you’re ready to place your order. First, fill out the free vehicle shipping quote and once you know the price, place your order. Once you place your order, it’s time to get you vehicle ready to ship. Take all of your valuables out of your car and leave about ¼ tank of gas. Also, never use auto transport to transport luggage.

  5. Your Shipment is Picked Up After you’ve placed your order and prepared your car for transport, the transport company will pick up your car from your doorstep. Once the carrier picks up your vehicle, the online tracking feature will be activated. Now, when you login to see where your car is at, you will be able to track your vehicle wherever it goes.

  6. Login With Your Order Number To track your vehicle, you first need to login. When you placed your order, you would have been sent an order number directly to your email. Access your email for this tracking number and use it to login to the tracking feature on the website.

  7. Your Location is Updated Daily While your vehicle is being transported, you will have daily access to your vehicles whereabouts. You can also login at any time to see past locations of your vehicle. This tracking feature is designed to set your mind at ease. You can be assured that your car is being well looked after and is being transported to your specifications.

  8. Active Orders Even after your car has been safely delivered, you can access your account and view its trip. Your account will be active for a week after transportation, just in case you have any more questions about where your car has been. Auto shipping can be very stressful because you’re leaving your car in someone else’s care. That’s why the tracking feature is so helpful. You can watch your car move, knowing that it’s safe and on its intended route.

  9. Why Use Auto Transport? When you’re moving across the country, you don’t necessarily want to drive the distance. Auto shipping takes the hassle out of long trips. Auto transport is also convenient for sending a car to a student attending college in another state. Shipping your car prevents wear an tear on the drive, and it also ensures that your car will be in one piece when it arrives at its destination.

  10. Remember Car Caddy For All Your Auto Transport Needs No matter where you need a vehicle shipped or what type of vehicle it is, Car Caddy can make the drive for you. Fill out a free quote today to see what it will cost to ship your vehicle and then place your order. The best thing is that you can complete the whole process online and your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off right at your doorstep. For more information visit us at: