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benefits and advantages of open auto transport n.
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Benefits and advantages of open auto transport PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits and advantages of open auto transport

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Benefits and advantages of open auto transport
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Benefits and advantages of open auto transport

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  1. Benefits and Advantages of Open Auto Transport My namecontact informationor project description

  2. So You Need to Ship Your Car… Maybe you’re moving or perhaps you’re sending a child off to college. Whatever the occasion is, you’re absolutely sure you don’t want to drive your car all that way. Maybe it’s time you’re concerned about, or maybe you don’t want to take the risk of your car breaking down or getting into an accident. That’s why you’ve chosen to ship your car instead. Now that you’ve made the decision however, how will you choose to ship your car?

  3. What To Consider Before Shipping • Before shipping, stop to consider what needs to happen before the big day. • You need to find a reliable auto transport company within your budget. • You need to get a quote and make a pickup order. • You need to physically get your car ready to ship.

  4. How to Choose the Right Company • Though there are many auto transport companies available, they are not all created equal. • You need to find a company that has: • Good insurance • Various shipping options • Preferably door-to-door service • Detailed shipping instructions The reason why you need various shipping options is because some services are more expensive that others and you don’t want to overpay for transportation.

  5. Why Open Transport Is Your Best Option Open transport is when your vehicle is shipped on an open trailer truck. The reason why you want this option is because it’s usually the least expensive way to transport your vehicle. Also, open trailers are more widely available, so you will have a better chance of scheduling a pick-up on the day you desire.

  6. Why Open Transport is Your Best Option Cont’d Open transport trailers are also able to carry more cars than enclosed trailers. Because of this, the price for shipping is decreased. Also, having an open or closed trailer doesn’t impact your ability to receive door-to-door delivery, and it’s just as reliable as enclosed transport. Both types of trailers are required to carry insurance, so your car will be protected no matter what.

  7. Delivery and pick-up At Car Caddy, placing your order for delivery and pick-up is easy. Simply fill out the free quote form on the website to see how much shipping will cost. Then place you delivery order online or over the phone and set your dates for transportation. We offer door-to-door services, so your car will be picked up and dropped off right in your driveway.

  8. Keep Track of Your Vehicle Another special feature we offer is vehicle tracking so you can see where your car is whenever you want. We give you a tracking number with your delivery so that you can utilize our tracking feature on the front page of our website. Just type in your number and see every stop your car has made on its way to your door or destination.

  9. Safe and Reliable Transportation Services As an international auto transport company, we pride ourselves on our excellent services and client care. All of our carriers have insurance polices with a minimum of $750,000 in liability and shipping insurance and our tracking feature lets you know that your car isn’t making any unnecessary stops along the way. We offer a wide variety of shipping options so that placing an order and receiving your vehicle is entirely hassle free.

  10. Choose Car Caddy Auto Transport Today! Choose only the best auto transport company for shipping your vehicle from point A to B. Use Car Caddy today and experience the quality services for yourself!

  11. For more informationhttp://carcaddyautotransport.com805-265-3991