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Tips for Buying Jewellery Online by Papilior PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Buying Jewellery Online by Papilior

Tips for Buying Jewellery Online by Papilior

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Tips for Buying Jewellery Online by Papilior

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  1. Guide for beginners – the first time Online Jewelry buyer

  2. Know-how is important, but if you don’t know much about jewelry make sure you know about the jeweler. If like many, your family is fond of jewelry and looks at it as an investment you most certainly need a jeweler who can help you get the best quality and the best deal. In case you do not have a lot of knowledge about jewelry its perfectly okay to ask, ask the jeweler but know the little tricks to make sure he’s not fooling you.

  3. Know the value of jewelry; persistence could get you the best price. • Do not walk into the store unprepared, and if you do make sure you walk out empty handed. • If you’re just going in to browse do not give up all that money the very first time. See what you like and collect all the necessary information let the jeweler navigate this time. • Next time be prepared and make sure to have already examined similar options in the same price range elsewhere. I get it you really want to but from that store and that fine but don’t let them know that. • Buy from them but make sure you’re not getting duped specially on price and the diamond quality.

  4. Credentials of jewelers are important, do not doubt that. • You want to put your trust in someone who knows what he’s talking about. • Make sure the jeweler you go to is certified, he should have the right credentials and honestly should never have a problem showing it when asked. • Jewelers usually follow a code of ethics and do not follow any malpractices. • Your jeweler will rather should have training in gemology. • Honestly if they don’t know the difference how could you? Choose wisely.

  5. Certification. If there is one thing u walk out of there from apart from looking glam is Certificates. • Accept certification only from acclaimed labs like IGI or GIA and do not forget the BIS hallmark for the gold used. • The jewelry business has one lifeline and that is trust, ethics is a choice they make early on and if he’s not trying to dupe you he will provide the certificate upfront and insist on checking it out online. Most jewelers have no trouble allowing you to go to a gemologist, trust them.

  6. Pricing Always remember asking for a price Break-up is important, make sure you know the amount of gold that is being used and the price according to the weight. The diamond price differs with respect to its clarity and color; make sure you collect that information too. Ask them what is the per carat rate that they are charging and understand about the labor charges per gram too. In fact if it helps educate yourself about the set gold price of the day and market value of a diamond of the characteristics you are going for.

  7. Comparison This is rather essential, you won’t be strutting out to buy a new diamond everyday so compare. Make sure you have exhausted all options before you make a purchase, gold price, per carat diamond rate or even the labor charges. provides the best quality in the most affordable prices, being all online we have eliminated the operating cost completely hence we are able to provide you the best rates. Go on and compare we insist, our goal really is our customer’s happiness first.

  8. The jeweler should be absolutely transparent with you about the purchase; ask for certificates of diamonds and the gold it has been set in. Even if you think a question is silly ask it anyway, it’s perfectly fine it’s your money and your time. Ask a bunch of questions

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