of private and commercial buildings n.
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Efficient use of energy

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of private and commercial buildings. Efficient use of energy. IGL – Institute for energetic edificial refurbishment Lichtenau GmbH. Business consultancy – ’All about edificial refurbishment ’

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igl institute for energetic edificial refurbishment lichtenau gmbh
IGL – Institutefor energetic edificial refurbishment Lichtenau GmbH

Business consultancy – ’All aboutedificialrefurbishment’

Training, Seminars and Know-how transferfortrade, localauthorities, Industryandbusinesses

Competence modelsforenergyoptimizedconstructionandenergyefficiency

Sustainable and economic edificial energy models and refurbishment concept

Edificialconsultation and diagnostics

what concerns energy

Politics and citizens

Industry, trade and commerce

House owners and tenants

All in one boat!



≤ 5

saving energy means saving costs
Company goals:

Obtain an efficient use for the company of the 3 resources energy, human and machines from an economical and ecological point of view.

“Saving energymeans saving costs!!“
the path
1.) Energy consultation = identification of buildings and include these outcomes into the as-is status, show and explain further steps of action

2.) Heat insulation measures of the envelope

3.) Optimization of the building and heating technology

4.) Consultation for financial handling of a project

5.) Quality control of the services (Quality control methods)

The path:
competitive advantages via rational use of energy

permanently increasing prices for energy &

growing national as well as international competition

The Possibilities:

● alleviate the demand for energy,

● optimize the application of energy,

● reduce energy acquisition costs

Competitive advantages viarational use of energy
6 golden steps
1.)Recording of the operational energy fluxes

2.) Determination of essential consumers

3.)Rating of the energy consumption of particular machines with comparison figures

4.)Appraisal of alternative machines / procedures for energy saving

5.)Evaluation/feasibility study of the procedures

6.)Choice of the ideal type of financing

6golden steps …
the as is analysis
► Set up of annual (if necessary monthly) consumption data of the energy sources

► Schedule of supply and disposal costs of the company

► Evaluation and revision of energy delivery contracts , if necessary, improvement of the consumer infrastructure

► Appraisal and valuation of the provision and disposal concept, if necessary, define ideal focal point

► Compilation of first own key figures in order to detect possible weak spots and points of priority of the energy concept

The as-is analysis …
energy losses

► Heat insulation(building, cables …)

► Climatization

energy gains

► Use of solar energy(Natural illumination, geothermal heat , photovoltaic, solar heat …)

co generation

● Combustion plant with steam turbines

● Gas turbines, if necessary as gas and

steam plant

● Fuel cells

● Co-generators with gas and diesel


essential consumers
► Evaluation of regularly collected energy data per energy source

► Compilation of consumption lists on the basis of production chains, distribution networks, machinery lists or plant layout

► Appraisal of existing energy data / measurements of relevant consumers / estimation of energy demand of smallish consumers

► Evaluation of consumers with plausibility control

► Creation of qualitative energy-flow diagrams, which are pointing up the distribution of the respective energy fluxes within a company

Essential consumers…
formulation of energy saving measures
● Determine basic data of the facilities

● Survey of employees and manufacturers

● Inspection of the load, operation mode and capacity

● Consider alternative methods and machines

● Draft optimization proposals

● Carry out feasibility studies

Formulation ofenergy saving measures …
possibilities for energy saving
► Organizational measures (e. g. operation of test beds in times of light load, cut off of machines)

► Process optimization (parameters for handling, alignment of processes)

► Heat insulation of cables and instruments

► Use of waste heat of oven and washings

► Application of medium-frequency heaterfor foundries

► Application of vacuum heatersfor process of hardening

► Heating of steelvia inductive methods

Possibilities for energy saving …
evaluation of processes
● Determination of possible changes in production, qualities and capacities

● Survey of companies, staff and producers

● Choice of ideal measures

● Determination of energy and cost saving as well as of investments and planning costs of a measurement

● Feasibility study of measures

● Creation of a catalogue of measures including evaluated optimization measures