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Wayne Gretzky The Great One PowerPoint Presentation
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Wayne Gretzky The Great One

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Wayne Gretzky The Great One
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Wayne Gretzky The Great One

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  1. Wayne Gretzky The Great One By Andrew Santella PowerPoint By Curtt Delaney

  2. Introduction • Gretzky was born on January 26th 1961 in Brantford, Ontario • I chose Wayne Gretzky because hockey is my favorite sport and he was one of the people that inspired me to play hockey and watch hockey. And the way he played inspired me. I think he’s the Greatest because he had the over 800 goals in the NHL and he broke the record with the most points in NHL history. That’s why I chose Wayne Gretzky.

  3. Childhood Gretzky started skating on ice in 1963. The people that inspired him to play hockey is Bobby Orr, and Gordie Howe. In 1967, he started playing novice hockey. Scored his first goal. He was ten years old when he got his junior Olympics trophy for playing hockey. When he was playing in novice hockey, in the 1971-1972 season he scored 378 goals in 69 games. He had 3 bothers and 1 sister and the Fathers name was Walter Gretzky and the mothers name was Phyllis Gretzky

  4. Adolescence • In 1978, Gretzky singed a 25,00 contract to go play hockey for the Indianapolis Racers in the WHA. • Oilers in 1978 after a little while during the season. • When Gretzky was in the NHL for Edmonton he was only 17 years old he was the youngest hockey play in NHL history. He was also the youngest player on the team. • After all that hard work, he got singed to go play for the Edmonton

  5. Adulthood • In 1980, Gretzky got an award for being the most valuable player in the NHL • 1983-1984, he became the captain for the team. During that season, Captain Gretzky led the Oilers the Stanley Cup. • With Wayne Gretzky on the Edmonton oilers, he won four Stanley Cups in a row. • Another significant event happened in 1987. Gretzky got married to a lovely actress named Janet Jones. The married couple had 2 sons and 1 daughter. • In 1989, Gretzky broke the NHL all time point leader breaking Gordie Howe’s record. Wayne Gretzky had 1,851 points. • After he got traded to the Los Angeles Kings he led them to the Stanley Cup finals.

  6. Adulthood • In 1994 he scored his 802nd goal with the Los Angeles Kings. • 1996 Gets traded to the St. Louis blues and plays with Brett Hull. • Same year gets traded to play with his old teammate from the Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier. • 1998, plays in the Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan.

  7. President • The President Of The United States Of America when Wayne Gretzky was born was John F. Kennedy. He was the President for two years 1961-1963

  8. Explain I think he made hockey fans make them watch hockey even more than they used to. I also think that he made little kids watch and play hockey.

  9. Most Interesting I think the most interesting thing about this is book was learning how Wayne learned to play hockey and what inspired him to play hockey. I also like how he won all those trophies. The best subject from learning about this book is his life and the hockey teams he played on and when he won all those trophies.

  10. Questions • If I could ask Wayne Gretzky 3 questions about his career they would be. • How does it feel being the person to get 802 goals and the puck for the 802nd goal and does it feel good getting the most points in NHL history? • How does it feel winning 4 Stanley Cups in a row? • How does it feel being called “ The Great One”?

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