network packet reconstruction technology for computer forensics and information security n.
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Network Packet Reconstruction Technology for Computer Forensics and Information Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Network Packet Reconstruction Technology for Computer Forensics and Information Security

Network Packet Reconstruction Technology for Computer Forensics and Information Security

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Network Packet Reconstruction Technology for Computer Forensics and Information Security

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  1. Network Packet Reconstruction Technology for Computer Forensics and Information Security Decision Group’s Core Value Casper Kan Chang/ CEO

  2. Digital Forensics Categories … 1. Computer Forensics Data recovery Password recovery 3. Cell Phone / PDA Forensics 2. Network Forensics Analysis Software

  3. Network forensics is the next step of network security !! Internal data leakage exploits information security from within the firewall by trusted users Company from External Virus, Attack Hacker General 95 % of security breaches are internal 5% of security breaches are external

  4. Packets Organize Saved to Database Playback Network Packet Reconstruction Technology • Packets Captured ( Sniffer from Wire, Wireless, HTTPS/SSL). • Packets Organized. • Playback (Reconstruction ). • Saved to database . Sniffer

  5. Core Values of E-Detective Product Series The most complete product series and solutions for network packet reconstruction in the world. Supports network forensics and information security auditing standards. Value priced Supports most protocols under high network traffic globally. Continued product development and updates for new and changing network protocols. Software & hardware customization. Worldwide awards. Excellent and responsive professional customer service. Product + Price + Ability + Training Service = Values

  6. Complete Solutions for Cyber Forensics • Central Management System • Data Retention Management System • (FIT) Forensics Investigation Toolkit • (NIT) Network Investigation Toolkit • iMonitor • iWarrant • iMediator • E-Detective Decoding Centre • Cyber forensics training programs for LI, Cyber Intelligence, and Protocol Analysis • Wired packet reconstruction. • Wireless (802.11 a/b/g/n) packet reconstruction • HTTPS/SSL interceptor • Off-line packet reconstruction • VOIP packet reconstruction • Lawful Interception Suite • Packet Reconstruction Development Toolkit (DTK) • E-Detective Decoding Centre • Enterprise Data Guard System We Provide a Full range of Software, Training and Hardware Solutions for Network Forensics and Information Security

  7. Supports Most Internet Protocol Reconstruction, a Cyber Forensics and Information Security Requirement • Email : POP3, SMTP, IMAP with attach files. • Web Mail : Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Hinet, Hotmail Standard, PCHome, URL, Giga, Yam, Sina, Seednet,,,, Gawab. • Instant Messaging : Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), IRC, ICQ, UT Chat Room, Gtalk, Yahoo Web Chat, MSN Web Chat, Skype Voice Call Duration Log. • File Transfer : FTP Upload/Download, P2P File Sharing ( BitTorrent, eMule/eDonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella ) • VoIP : SIP, RTP Voice Sessions (Supported Codecs includes G.711, G.726, G.729 and iLBG). • Video Streaming : Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video and Request. • HTTP : Link, Content, Reconstruction, Upload and Download. • Online Games : More then 70+ Online Games word wide. • Skype : Text Chat Recording. • Telnet : Play back • Social Network Service: Facebook, Twitter, Plurk • Mobile Devices: APP & Web Services on iPhone and Android, (BYOD) • Other : Upon Request. More than 180 Internet Service Decoders

  8. R&D in Computer Forensics and Information Security with 13 years experience Announced mediation device with fixed and LTE networks for Lawful Interception (LI) deployment. 2013 Central Management System with DRMS for 3-tier infrastructure on large scale distributed network at national level and EDS2 launched 2012 2011 ETSI Compliant E-Detective/LI system with IMS for Telecom launched Data Retention Management System and 10Gb E system launched 2010 Assisted in the course development of the Central Police University Network Security Forensics training material. 2009 2007 Off-line packet reconstruction product launched. 2006 E-Detective became part of the Coast Guard Digital Forensics SOP. The first HTTPS/SSL interceptor is launched. 2004 The first Wireless Network Forensics Product is Launched. 2002 2000 The first Wired Network Forensics product is launched in Asia.

  9. Continuous Product Development Next Generation Products Lawful Interception Suite • iMediator (iMD) - for lawful interception operation as mediation platform with telecom networks • iMonitor (iWnt, EDDM) – for lawful interception operation as content reconstruction and monitoring system in LEA Monitoring Center

  10. INTERNET AD Server LDAP HTTPS / SSL E-Detective sniff proxy connection proxy connection Terminal Server E-Detective Value-Added Product Applications • Internet interception systems by transparent or forward proxy configuration. • HTTPS Interceptor is the compliance solution for ISO 27001/ISMS. • Supports Thin-Client Architecture.

  11. ISP Internet Interception Systems

  12. E-Detective for ISO 27001 / ISMS • E-Detective archives network data, Internet activities and transactions of the organization IT environment. This recorded data and content is essential for auditing and tracking. E-Detective deployment ensures that these organizations comply with ISO27001 / ISMS standard. • E-Detective provides complementary functions for network Firewall, IDS, IPS, UTM, SIEM, DLP and other application software for IT security management.

  13. Louis Pasteur The Father of Microbiology Galileo Galilei The Father of Modern Science Thomas Alva Edison The Inventor of the Long-lasting Practical Light Bulb The Achievement of Scientists Changed the World

  14. Thomas Alva Edison The Inventor of the Long-lasting Practical Light Bulb Edison’s achievement came from his spirit of not allowing setbacks to lead to failures. With this courage and endless trials, he found answers for all of us . In the spirit of Thomas Edison, Decision Group implemented its forensics technology development. With sustained trials and experiments we have developed the latest in forensics technology over the past 13 years.

  15. Customer List Law Enforcement –Taiwan CIB / MJIB, Malaysia, … Financial Business – TSEC, CTFI … Corporation – Foxconn, Acer, PC-home … Education - Chung Yuan Christian University … … OEM – Broadweb, nForce, PCI, Guardian … … ODM – GIZA … … Distributor / Reseller – HTCI, ST, PCS, … … For network forensics and information security audit needs !! More than 6000 installations worldwide !!

  16. We are constantly searching for… ... Qualified and Committed Business Partners – Resellers Distributor ODM/OEM Cooperation …

  17. Decision Computers believes in a Win-Win with their Partners • Build benefits and cooperation. • Expand business opportunities • Share profits

  18. About Decision Group • Established in 1986 with 27 years experience in IT industry. • Strong R&D Capability : 40 Professional Engineers with 3 PhD and 7 Masters degrees 25 manufacturing engineers • Sales: US$ 6.2M in 2012. • Headquarters : Taipei, Taiwan • Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Canada, China Global Presence Address: 4/F No. 31, Alley 4, Lane 36, Sec.5, Ming-Shan East Road Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C . Phone No : +886 2 2766 5753 Fax No : +886 2 2766 5702 E-Mail : Url: