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Strategic Services. Engineering Contractors for. BigDig Milestone Completion. Electronics Systems Communications Monitor & Control Satellite Telco Sys We specialize in Worldwide Electronics Systems Installation

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Presentation Transcript

Strategic Services

Engineering Contractors


BigDig Milestone Completion

Electronics Systems


Monitor & Control


Telco Sys

We specialize in Worldwide Electronics Systems Installation

including security installs and communications systems

lead staff
Lead Staff
  • Dick Abbott VP Engineering
  • Peter Ackermann Director of worldwide installations
  • Judy Dudek Documentation
  • Hermie Caballes (PE) Mechanical Design&AutoCad
  • Jim Pettit VP Program Development
  • Chuck Kozlowski Director Marketing&Sales
current projects
Current Projects
  • Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Integrated Project Control System
    • Documentation (central computer system, fiber optic interface, telecommunications, traffic control systems, fire protection, CO monitoring)
    • System testing
      • Radio Systems
    • Training (central computer system, video monitoring, telecommunications)
  • Force protection security upgrade project for USAF bases in Kuwait (Installation Support)
  • Base security equipment installation for USAF in Saudi Arabia (Installation Support)
  • South Pole communications study for NSF
  • Orbital Sciences ground stations for ARABSAT and Telkom 2
  • Timing studies for USAF and NOAA
  • CSC software proposal support for satellite control center
past projects
Past Projects
  • South Pole Communications Study
    • Jim Pettit Lead
    • Microwave over continent
    • Fiber Christ Church to Antarctic
    • Satellite Solutions
    • Marisat Inclined Orbit solutions
  • African Thin Route Communications
    • Dick Abbott Lead
  • Naval Rapid Deployable Comms systems
    • Jim Pettit Lead
  • Satellite services restoration (Puerto Rico)
    • Peter Ackermann Lead
why use strategic services top 10
Why use Strategic Services top 10

1 Great technical resources

2 Rapid response quick to work

3 More skills per buck per staff

4 Exceptional technical skills and experience

5 Exceptional depth and scope of experience

6 Worldwide install services

7 Wide range of expertise

8 Documentation support too

9 Designs Mech & Electrical(boards) AutoCad

10 Competitive rates


This is what we do…

  • Strategic Services supports your programs, providing:
    • Technical labor,Comms,IT,Satcom,M&C
    • Program management support
    • Systems engineering & Board Level support
    • Proposal preparation capture to delivery
    • Documentation Support
    • Training
  • We perform site surveys, field installations and on site testing.

Strategic Services makes your programs technically and financially successful by focusing highly qualified and innovative technical people on your technical and business needs.

more on what we do
More on what we do?

Strategic Services provides an easy solution for obtaining experienced technical labor and global Field Installation Services.

  • We provide short term labor supporting large and small projects worldwide, anytime any place (we go where you need us)
  • We work complex electronic systems, communications, IT, Control Centers
  • We Ramp up labor resources rapidly
  • We do program planning and management
  • We understand cost and profitability
  • We help you meet schedules and make money
technical services
Technical Services

We provide...

  • Engineering support, C3
  • Software development and verification
  • FPGA and board design
  • Installation and field support services
  • System verification and Test
  • Technical resources when you need them

A comment on our labor force.

Our staff is Generally older and more skilled,

which means you get more talent for the buck.

Software people are the exception. And our

rates remain very reasonable.

program management
Program Management

We help make it happen

  • Program Planning and Control
  • Scheduling
  • Resources management
  • Contract monitoring
    • In country systems monitors
    • Risks reduction support
    • QA reviews
  • Compliance monitoring
    • Specifications
    • Test plans and procedures
    • Schedules
program planning
Program Planning

We do...

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical approaches and solutions
  • Execution & Implementation planning
  • Field Service and Maintenance planning
  • Task order management
  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Staffing plans, phase in plans
  • Costing
  • Scheduling
  • EVMS

We help keep your program on schedule and within budget using innovative solutions, good people, and sound structured program management.


It’s always important to know what you’re doing!

Our studies, trades and analysis help you know

what you’re doing by clarifying complex issues.

Strategic Services

feasibility studies
Feasibility Studies

We do...

  • Options evaluations and trades
    • Satellite
    • Video
    • Cable
    • Microwave
  • Construction planning (light construction)
    • Headed by Hermie Caballes PE MD.
  • Costing
  • Scheduling

For example, staff has performed several studies

on the feasibility of providing continuous global

connectivity to the South Pole Research station,

using a variety of communications technologies.

engineering support
Engineering Support

We do...

  • General Engineering
    • Communications
    • Satcom
    • Electronics
  • Design
    • Site surveys and plans
    • Facilities design
    • Mechanical design
  • Value engineering
  • Estimating services
  • Drafting and Design services
    • AutoCad, “as builts” etc.
software development verification
Software Development & Verification

We do...

  • Studies
  • Architecture
  • Imbedded systems
  • System testing
  • Provide Online help systems
  • FPGA development
  • Board Design
  • Languages:
    • Unix
    • C
    • C++

We have people currently supporting software

development on major Subsystems for the

traffic control systems for the BigDig Project.

system verification
System Verification

We do...

  • Test plans and procedures (TP&P)
  • Testing services
  • Currently supporting night shift testing of BigDig Radios, AM/FM rebroadcast, 2Way emergency and HAR

We have engineers writing TP&P’s

and 4 test technician in the field testing the

Radio Systems for the BigDig Project in

Boston ($14Billion program).

installation field support
Installation & Field Support
  • We provide short term manpower for global field site installations
  • On the Boston BigDig program we are providing technicians installing and

testing radios

  • In Kuwait we provided 6 technicians supporting the installation of base security electronics at USAF bases, e.g. cameras, motion detectors, and intrusion detection.
  • Currently installing equipment at US Naval facilities

Field Engineering is a focus area for us.

We have technical expertise and formidable

Field Experience. We work a wide range of

field installationsand are willing to obtain

Specialized training where needed.

documentation support
Documentation Support

We do...

  • Technical submittals (manuals)
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Training materials
  • CDRL support

Case example

Honeywell had to develop equipment submittals

and maintenance manuals to meet a contract

deadline. Strategic Services provided 4 people to

supplement Honeywell’s team and all

the documents were delivered on time allowing

Honeywell to receive a milestone award $$$$.

  • Determine training methodology
  • Develop training materials
    • Concept of operations
    • Operations - hardware and software
    • Hardware maintenance
    • Corporate growth and strategy
    • Understanding Intellectual Property Law (by partnering Law Firm)
  • Conduct training sessions
    • On-site
    • Computer-based
    • Web-based
    • Remote
    • Train-the-trainer sessions
  • Coordinate training activities
proposal support
Proposal Support
  • Strategy development
  • Theme development
  • Offer development
  • Discriminator enhancement
  • Red teaming
  • Writing
    • Developing and selling the offer
    • Polishing the Executive Summary
  • Graphic conceptualization and design
  • Proposal examples include:
  • Support for PAAC NASA proposal
  • CSOC for NASA
  • Orbital Sciences for ARABSAT A4 proposal
  • Orbital Sciences for TELCOM 2 proposal
  • BTI for Mobile equipment for USMC
  • High voltage equipment for Standard Oil of California
strategic business services
Strategic Business Services

We do...

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business modeling
    • Market validation
    • Strategic plans
    • Competitive analyses
    • Product analyses
  • Corporate upgrades
    • TQM
    • 6 Sigma

Summary example for a typical study:

Over the years, the ABC Co. has limited its potential growth through

under investment, limited strategic thrusts and a narrow definition

Of itself compared to SAIC, CSC, and other high growth companies in

government contracting. Historically, ABC has failed to recognize

The importance of accumulating core competencies in selected

technologies to maintain a leadership position. This legacy today

undermines ABC’s ability to compete and grow.

contact list
Contact List

Dick Abbott VP Technology


Jim Pettit VP Programs


Chuck Kozlowski

Director Marketing & Sales