a mythical bloodsucking creature n.
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A mythical bloodsucking creature. Chupacabra. By: C hristian. History of the Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is said to be a demon that sucks the blood from animals. It is said to have suddenly appeared in 1996.

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    1. A mythical bloodsucking creature. Chupacabra By: Christian

    2. History of the Chupacabra • The Chupacabra is said to be a demon that sucks the blood from animals. • It is said to have suddenly appeared in 1996. • Farmers, after hearing strange noises, found their animals dead. Further inspection revealed the that the animals had tooth shaped wounds in their necks. • The appearances have been reported in Puerto Rico and in the Southern United states.

    3. More Background • Jorge Matin, Heather Garcia, Jaun F. Lopez and Mike Fastener are scientists who studied the Chupacabra. • They claim it is a four-legged, hairless, spiked-back creature that comes in the middle of the night and kills animals by piercing their neck.

    4. Science Fiction Theories • A demonic creature roaming the southern United States and attacking farm and small animals. • A genetically altered animal killing animals. • An animal larger than the others of its kind killing smaller animal.

    5. Scientific Explanation • The sightings could be caused by: • Rabid animals with severe hair loss killing other animals. • Half-dog, half-coyotes killing animals.

    6. Your Reasoned Judgment • I believe the chupacabra is an animal that has yet to be discovered. I think it is roaming the southern United States and Puerto Rico killing animals. • I think it will be an unknown animal such as a third dog ,third coyote and third wolf.

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