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SY 2009 eDM Refresher PowerPoint Presentation
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SY 2009 eDM Refresher

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SY 2009 eDM Refresher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SY 2009 eDM Refresher. eDM is the upgrade for Work Flow Manager. Controls the flow of data into the CDW through authentication, authorization, validation and configuration

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SY 2009

eDM Refresher


eDM is the upgrade for Work Flow Manager

  • Controls the flow of data into the CDW through authentication, authorization, validation and configuration
  • eDM has an incorporated file manager utility that allows for the pre-validation and uploading of files (No need to use an external FTP program anymore!)
  • Newly designed and improved user-friendly interface
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Validation

eDM vs. Workflow Manager (continued)

  • Better control over the data loading process
  • Preliminary (pre-ETL) data validation
    • Student IDs
    • Course IDs
    • Reporting dates
    • More to come in future releases
accessing the system
Accessing the System

Authorized users access eDM by opening a web browser and entering the appropriate web address.

Login - Enter your assigned ID and password in the Login Id and Password fields and click Submit.

The eDM Home page displays after you have successfully logged in. The links to other eDM pages are located along the left hand side of the Home Page. They are: File Manager, Batch Manager, and Logout.
home page continued
Home Page(continued)
  • The following information is displayed:
  • User - The ID of the current user. This information defaults from the Login Screen
  • District - The District of the current user displays.
  • Message Box - The message box displaysa list of messages that have been posted for users including the date the message was posted, the subject, and the message itself.
  • Current Status – Indicates the status of the current district. A district may have one of three status states: Active, Inactive or Approved.
  • Allowed Report Dates –The collection windows consist of a starting date, ending date, and reporting date. If you have no records listed here, you will not be able to upload or process any files.
file manager
File Manager
  • The File Manager page enables you to manage files by limiting your view by date range or file status.
  • The following functions can be completed from the File Manager page:
    • Upload files to eDM.
    • Review uploaded files.
    • Check file status
    • Download files.
    • Delete files.
    • View, create and process batches.
uploading files
Uploading Files

The first step in using eDM is to upload data files. Once successfully uploaded, they can move through the data loading process and be loaded into the CDW.

  • Click on the Upload Files button from the File Manager page.
  • Click the Browse button to find the file(s) you want to upload. When all the desired files have been selected click the Upload button to complete the upload process.
reviewing files
Reviewing Files
  • Click File Manager at any time to review files that have been uploaded.

It is critical to review files that have a Failed Validation status. Errors in these files must be corrected in the source file and re-submitted to eDM before the file can be included in a batch for upload to the CDW. It is also recommended to check files with Validation Warnings as shown below.

viewing file details
Viewing File Details

The File Details page is accessed by clicking on the view details icon to the right of a file. It shows important information about a file including: Who uploaded it, when it was uploaded, and how many records are in the file.

viewing file content
Viewing File Content

Records within a file can be reviewed at any time.

** The first 100 records of the data file are displayed. If you want to view all the records in the file you must download the file.

  • Click the View File Content icon on the File Detailspage to display the File Contentpage.

Downloading Files

Files can be downloaded from the File Managerpage or the File Content page in either compressed or original source format.

  • Click on one of the download icons and the File Download window displays.

Deleting Files

To delete a file from the File Manager page:

  • Select the file(s) that you want to delete by clicking check box to the left of the File ID then click the Delete button at the bottom of the Page. The Delete File(s)page appears (shown below).
  • Use the Remove From List button (if necessary) to select a file(s) from the current list of files marked for deletion
  • Click either Delete button to delete the file(s). The File Manager page

reappears with the deleted file(s) removed.


Adding Files To A Batch

Files with status of Validation OK or Validation Warningcan be added.

To add files to a batch:

  • Select the files to be added from the File Managerpage.
  • Click the Add to Batch button at the bottom of the page. A View Batch

button will appear.

  • Click the View Batch button to view the files that have been assigned to the batch.

Viewing A Batch

The View Batchpage enables you to associate comments with a batch,

remove files from the batch, and begin processing of the batch.

  • Add comments to the batch by entering relevant information in the add

comments window

  • Remove files from the batch (if necessary) before processingby selecting the

file(s)you want to remove and then clicking the Remove From Batch button

  • Click the Process Batch buttonto begin processing.

Batch Processing

The Batch Manager Page lists the batches that have been directed to begin processing. A list of batches and their statuses can be reviewed at any time.

  • Click on the Batch Manager link to view active or completed batches.

Batch Details

The Batch Details page displays the individual files that make up the batch and the status of each file in the batch.

Click on the View Batch Details icon in the Actions column on the Batch Manager page to view batch details for any completed batch.


Batch File Details

View the details for a specific file.

Click on the View Details icon in the Actions column on the Batch Details pagenext to the file you wish to view.


Viewing Contents Of A Source File

Click the View File Content icon to the right of a Source file to review the contents of the records that were processed. The File Contentscreen for the selected Source file displays.


Viewing Contents Of An Error File

  • Click the View File Content icon to the right of an Error file to review errors encountered as the batch was processed. The File Contentscreen for the selected error file displays.

Hiding A Batch

Hide a batch from the Batch List.

  • Select the batch that you want to hide and click the Hide from List button. The page refreshes with the selected batch hidden.
logout of edm
Logout of eDM
  • Logout of eDM by clicking on the Logout link to the left of any page. You will automatically return to the Login page.
contact information
Contact Information

For Questions Contact:STARS Help Deskjared.vigil@state.nm.us505-827-7935