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Back Pain Doctor Near me | Back Pain Treatment Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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Back Pain Doctor Near me | Back Pain Treatment Specialist

Back Pain Doctor Near me | Back Pain Treatment Specialist

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Back Pain Doctor Near me | Back Pain Treatment Specialist

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  1. Back Pain Treatment Suffering from back pain, make a hassle-free appointment with us to hire the best physiotherapy Experts to cure back pain. We are one of the best back pain treatment specialist in Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi and nearby cities. Get quick treatment without surgery only by stretching. Back Pain and Lower Back Pain Treatment in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi NCR Back pain is the most common symptom affecting many of us globally. Although it is not a disease, it is a symptom occurring from different processes; it can exacerbate, if not dealt severely. Most often, many of us deal with back pain casually. It is essential to know that a back pain specialist doctor should treat the symptom. Capri Spine is known to have a team of specialists in back pain treatment since 1992. The testimonials are a testimony to the fact that patients are happy to receive treatment for back pain from dedicated professionals, who focus on providing proper treatment. Treatment for Back Pain Often when the severity of back pain is ignored, and the pain aggravates from improper backache pain treatment then it results in chronic problems. While the symptoms of acute back pain can be seen lasting for a few days or a few weeks, chronic back pain is experienced for more than three months. Capri Spine specialists can treat the pain no matter it is acute, moderate, or severe. To prevent from aggravating the pain further, go online, and type back pain doctor near me to find the services offered by Capri Spine. When would you need physiotherapy for lower back pain? Physiotherapy enables improving the function and mobility of joints and muscles. This therapy for back pain is needed when you experience a discomforting pain and doesn't seem to be decreasing even after a few weeks. In this case, immediately seek for lower back pain care if No specific cause of the back pain is identified. Sciatica 1/4

  2. If the pain from the back radiates down the legs, it results in the prolapsed disc. A prolapsed disc causes the spine to swell, which then presses the nerves. Degenerative Disc This disease is due to the wear and tear of the disc in the spine. Spinal Stenosis The spinal column narrows down, adding pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The common cause of spinal stenosis is the aging of the disc between the vertebrae. Pressure on the spinal nerves can cause numbness, cramping, or weakness in any part of the body. Disc Injury Any injury to the spine back can tear with age or could cause slip or rupture of the disc. This can further compress the nerve root and can result in back pain and/or leg pain. Strains The excess activity can stretch your back or cause wear and tear of the muscles and ligaments. You may experience muscle spasms or pain or stiffness in your back. Seek diagnosis from professionals Visit Capri Spine to get the best backbone pain solution from the experts in lower back pain treatment. A lower back pain clinic offers drugless therapy and exclusive support to the patients even after their discharge. When you visit a lower back pain doctor for a thorough check-up, he will first examine your medical history for any medical conditions or medications you take and analyze your lifestyle as well. The physiotherapist also would want to know what triggered the pain, after the questioning round, next comes the physical examination. In the second examination, the doctors check for the functioning of the backbone and also carry out neurological tests to track the operation of the nerves. Based on the analysis, the doctors who treat back pain will then recommend if you need acute or chronic back pain treatment. Capri Spine vouches for their physiotherapist, Dr. Deepak Kumar Capri for his 27 years of experience in the procedure for backache. There are no potential risks involved in treating back pain with Capri Spine. Back Pain Solution in Delhi NCR A physiotherapist will put you through a focus approach treatment, including exercises, mechanics, and posture improvement. This method will reduce the recurrence of back pain. Moreover, he will customize the therapy based on the examination and the causes 2/4

  3. of the back pain. Some of the best treatments suitable for pain-type are: Active Therapy This is a type of therapy where the patient does the exercises by himself as per the guidance of a physiotherapist. Activities keep you busy, and it also helps to improve the flexibility, mobility, and strength of your back pain. Aerobic Exercise A physiotherapist recommends aerobic exercise to remove stiffness, keep your weight in check and your wellbeing too. Initially, low-impact exercises are charted out for you like swimming, walking and using exercise bikes. Depending on how you respond to the regime set for you, activities are suggested accordingly. Stretching Exercises This exercise reduces tension in the muscles and improves flexibility. A prevalent practice is lying down on your back and pulling the knee towards you in also there is another where you stand and bend to touch your toes. Both the exercises stretch your back and help to reduce stress in your lower back. Strengthening Exercises Your physiotherapist may recommend this exercise meant to strengthen the core muscles associated with your abdomen and muscles in your back. Severe back pain treatment is best done with manual therapy, electrotherapy, and exercise therapy. Manual Therapies Manual therapies are often performed along with other exercise programs. There are two types of manual therapies, and they are: Mobilization In mobilization, light, accessory glides are executed to improve the movement of your lower back. Manipulation Your physiotherapist uses the hands-on technique to release the lower back pain. He thrusts his hands on the main point to give a ‘pop' sound. No Side-Effects of Back Pain Physiotherapy You may find that specific exercises worsen your pain. However, with Capri Spine physiotherapists, you are to be rest assured as your exercise programs are carefully monitored and as per your needs and requirements exercises are recommended to you. 3/4

  4. Capri Spine has both expert and trained physiotherapists to treat and cure your lower back pain. So, there is a fraction or no room for side-effects during or after your treatment. You can trust Capri Spine for its treatment using the latest technology. Recurrence of back pain is not the problem but ignoring it, is. Now, get quality treatment from the expertise in lower back pain, the Capri Spine. 4/4