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News and Communications. M. Cobal, University of Udine. Summary of recent results from CDF and DO Plans for the future Requests from the Speaker Committe. Tevatron- Introduction. Luminosity goal: 4.4-8.5 fb -1 by FY 2009 Record: 6.8x10 31 cm -2 s -1. CDF underwent serious upgrades:

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News and communications
News and Communications

M. Cobal, University of Udine

  • Summary of recent results from CDF and DO

  • Plans for the future

  • Requests from the Speaker Committe

Tevatron introduction
Tevatron- Introduction

  • Luminosity goal:

    • 4.4-8.5 fb-1 by FY 2009

  • Record: 6.8x1031cm-2s-1

Two detectors

CDF underwent serious upgrades:

New tracking system

COT, new silicon tracker (6-7 layers DS+1 SS)

New forward calorimetry

Tracking at trigger level

Tracks at L1

Displaced from [email protected]

D0: change of philosophy

New tracking system

Based on a 2T solenoid

New 8 layers (fiber) tracker

Secondary vertices capability (SVX)

Improved muon coverage

New features at trigger level

Two detectors

Data taking 7x10 31

Accelerator delivers..

Detectors use:

Data taking…7x1031…

Top s ttbar and single top

A summary:

Single top process would measure |Vtb|2 directly...

s <13.7 pb (combined)

s<8.5 pb (t-channel)

Top s (ttbar and single top)

Top cross section

A number of channels explored by D0

Nice comparison with past and theory…

Top – Cross-section

Top cross section1

Look for top content in W+jets sample


Top Cross-Section


soft m tag

Svx tag

NN on kinematic variables

Top cross section2

A summary:

Top Cross Section

Top cross section3

A number of channels explored by D0

Nice comparison with past and theory…

Top Cross Section

Cross section all the results
Cross Section: all the results

Combined value will be calculated soon

Top quark mass
Top Quark Mass

Recent Updates

Run II data, ~126 pb-1   mt=175.0 +17.4-16.9 8.4 (syst) GeV/c2

Run II data, ~102 pb-1mt=177.5 +12.7-9.4 7.1 (syst) GeV/c2

Run I data (revisited), ~125 pb-1mt  = 180.1  3.6  3.9(syst) GeV/c2

Run II data, ~126 pb-1   Lepton + Jetsmt=177.8 +4.5-5.0 6.2 (syst) GeV/c2 Likelihood Method

Run II measurements will be more precise than Run I results soon

In the meantime Run I Tevatron average was re-done with D0’s new update

Top quark mass1
Top Quark Mass

New Run I Combination

mHiggs  = 117 +67–45 GeV/c2


mHiggs  < 251 GeV/c2 (95% CL)

M mangano ifae apr 2004
M. Mangano,IFAE, Apr 2004

Look in:

  • Paper Category: ACCEPTED

    An Improved Measurement of the Top Quark MassNature {}{}{2004}. Not yet. PS

Top quark properties
Top Quark Properties

Single Top Production

Direct Measurement of B(tWb)

Sensitivity already better than Run I

Measurement of W Helicity

New Run I measurement:

F0 = 0.56  0.31(stat+mt)  0.07 (syst)

Combined search

t-channel search

ss+t < 13.7 pb-1 @ 95% CL

st < 8.5 pb-1 @ 95% CL

Latest results blessed on 28 04 04
Latest Results! (Blessed on 28/04/04..)

  • Study of top quark decay branching ratio

    Channel: dilepton, study of ratio: BR(t->τ νb)/BRSM(t->τ νb)

    Limit: < 5.0 @ 95% C.L. With 193 pb-1

  • Top quark mass

    Channel: single lepton+jets, method: vertex b-tag (SECVTX) and templates

    Mass: 174.9 +7.1-7.7 (stat) +- 6.5 (syst) GeV/c2

Near future of Mtop

Tevatron only (di-lepton events or lepton+jet ) from W decays

Status of inputs (preliminary):

mt=(178.0  2.7 (stat)  3.3 (syst)) GeV/c2

(latest Tevatron updated combination – RunI data)

mt=(175  17 (stat)  8 (syst)) GeV/c2

(CDF di-leptons – RunII data)

mt=(178+13-9(stat)  7 (syst)) GeV/c2

(CDF lepton+jets – RunII data)

mt=(174.9+7.1-7.7(stat)  6.5 (syst)) GeV/c2

(CDF lepton+jets – RunII data)

Matter of statistics (also for the main systematics) and optimized use of the available information. Each experiment expects 500 b-tagged tt l+jets events/fb  DMtop ~ 2-3 GeV/c2 for the Tevatron combined (2-4/fb)

mt  2.5 GeV ; mW  30 MeV  mH/mH  35%

In 2009 (if upgrade is respected) from Tevatron: DMtop = 1.5 GeV !!

What is left before the lhc starts
What is left before the LHC starts?

  • Cover topics still open: cross section, couplings, exotic, resonances,

  • Define a strategy for validation of the MC input models (e.g: UE modeling and subtraction, jet fragmentation properties, jet energy profiles, b-fragmentation functions..)

    see M. Mangano talk at IFAE 2004

  • Explore the effects of changing detector parameters in evaluating the top mass.

  • Perform commissioning studies with top events

  • Contribute to simulation validation

M. Mangano,IFAE, Apr 2004

M. Mangano,IFAE, Apr 2004

M. Mangano,IFAE, Apr 2004


  • Speaker needed

    BEACH (Beauty, Charm and Hyperons) conference in Chicago.

    (june 27th-july 3rd)

    We have two ATLAS talks confirmed. For one of them there are 2 options:

    "LHC top physics" and "LHC electroweak physics"

    The talk will be 15 and 20-25 minutes (plus questions).

    What we would like from the top and/or SM groups are suggestions for this talk:

    both of title/topic and possible speakers.

    It is conceivable we may be able to get a third (short=10') talk on whichever of

    SM/top we don't choose for the longer talk, but this is not guaranteed.