psychological disorders and therapy n.
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Psychological Disorders and Therapy

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Psychological Disorders and Therapy. Test Review Schizophrenia – Real Footage Simulation Experience. If Mark reports blindness, deafness, paralysis, or seizures, but doctors cannot find any evidence of a physical problem or cause, they may suspect this disorder. Conversion Disorder.

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psychological disorders and therapy

Psychological Disorders and Therapy

Test Review

Schizophrenia – Real Footage

Simulation Experience

If Mark reports blindness, deafness, paralysis, or seizures, but doctors cannot find any evidence of a physical problem or cause, they may suspect this disorder.
  • Conversion Disorder
Dr. McCarthy gives a lolli-pop to scared little Kathryn following her vaccination shots. The idea behind this is to encourage the children to associate Dr. McCarthy and the shots with a positive reinforcement rather than a punishment. What conditioning technique is being used?
  • Counter-Conditioning
  • Associate bad stimulus with a good reinforcer
Jonathan has just returned from war. Over activation of which 1 of his brain parts and 1 neurotransmitter is likely, considering he has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD).
  • Hippocampus; Norepinephrine (NE)
In Maria’s latest psychotherapy session, Dr. Karande asked Maria to participate in the Rorschach ink blot test. Dr. Karande asked Maria to react without filtering any thoughts whatsoever. Interestingly, however, upon viewing a few certain slides, Maria started to say something, paused for a few seconds, and then said something else instead. Dr. Karande reasoned that Maria was avoiding discussing something unpleasant in her unconscious. By what psychoanalytic process was Maria’s therapy session affected?
  • Resistance
Lauren is terrified of dragons. Dr. Scholz wants to slowly introduce aspects of dragons, such as the tail, the tongue, and the fire to Lauren. As Lauren’s anxiety level remains low with each successive part of the dragon, eventually the entire dragon will be shown. Dr. Scholz’s therapy technique is known as ______________.
  • Systematic Desensitization
What perspective is concerned with chemical imbalances when analyzing psychological disorders?
  • Medical Model / Biological Model
Place the following in terms of most resistant to cure/treatment/recovery to least resistant:

A) Fear of Snakes

B) Borderline Personality Disorder

C) Generalized Anxiety Disorder

D) Process Schizophrenia

  • B, D, C, A
“Depression is caused by anger turned inward.” What psychological perspective is exemplified in this statement?
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Bonus: Who said this?
Video Clue: .
  • “That stupid song keeps running through my head all day long,” says Kristen. That repetitive replaying is an example of a(n):
  • obsession
disorders neurological problems
Disorders / Neurological Problems
  • ____________ is characterized by too much Dopamine, while ___________ is characterized by too little Dopamine.
  • Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s
Andrea is worried she may have depression…What 2 NT’s may be associated with her depression and describe whether each is low or high in those with depression.
  • NE, Serotonin (5HT)
  • Both are low
Define “psychological disorder” using the letters from the acronym “AMUD.”
  • Atypical
  • Maladaptive
  • Unjustifiable
  • Disturbing
Erin M. and Erin S. are identical twins. Erin M. has schizophrenia. What are the chances Erin S. has it?
  • 50%
Therapist: “Mother”
  • Connor: “Hate, love, red, kill…”
  • Therapist: “House”
  • Connor: “dirty, smelly, people, cry, hero”
  • The therapist is making use of the psychoanalytic technique of __________.
  • Free Association
Which of the following is the DSM-IV-TR useful for deciding (you may choose 0-4 answers)?

A) Jeremiah is insane.

B) Robois extremely extroverted.

C) Eric's obsessive-compulsive disorder is curable.

D) Drew was born with antisocial personality disorder.

  • Trick Question: NONE!!! Haha! It only describes the symptoms of disorders…that’s it! “insane” is a legal term, not a psychological one. “extroverted” is one of the BIG 5 Personality Traits, but is not covered in the DSM.
Coriehas schizophrenia. She sees pink elephants in front of her when there are none—this is a __________. Coriealso claims that James Madison is a fraud and that she is the true father (well, mother) of the Constitution—this is a __________.
  • hallucination; delusion
The most common male personality disorder is ______________ and the most common female personality disorder is __________.
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
In OCD, __________ are best described as repetitive behaviors, while __________ are best described as unwanted, repetitive thoughts.
  • Compulsions, Obsessions
The most commonly provided explanation of this disorder is childhood sexual, emotional, or physical trauma.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
Place the following disorders in order of most common to least common:

A) Major Depression

B) Bi Polar Disorder

C) Phobias

  • C, A, B
Caithas had 74 boyfriends since entering high school. She seems to have a new “best friend” every other week. As a secondary disorder, Caitis showing signs of anorexia. What personality disorder does Caithave?
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
Danikawakes up one day shivering in Toronto. Danikahas completely forgotten that she actually lives in Virginia Beach and that she is the OLHS SCA President. What psychological disorder does Danikahave?
  • Dissociative fugue
Which of the following words best describes the mood of someone in a manic state?

A) Guilt

B) Fear

C) Optimism

D) Ambivalence

E) Indifference

  • Optimism
The increased use of this perspective led to the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1950s and beyond.
  • Medical Model (drugs)
Disorders, like schizophrenia, where people lose contact with reality and experience irrational ideas and distorted perceptions are known as _________ disorders.
  • Psychotic
Being born in these two seasons put people at an increased risk of developing schizophrenia. Name 1 of these seasons.
  • Winter & Spring
River is terrified of dragons. Dr. Vakos wants to get a real live dragon and put it in River’s face and talk her through her anxiety issues using pre-learned relaxation techniques. Dr. Vakos’ therapy technique is known as_______________.
  • Implosive Therapy or Flooding
Disruption of memory is the major defining characteristic of this group of psychological disorders.
  • Dissociative Disorders
Mr. Ewwww is particularly sexually aroused by neon lights. Mr. Ewwww is a ____________.

A) paraphiliac

B) voyeur

C) massochist

D) sadist

  • Paraphiliac
Bertha went to a therapist to cure the anxiety she would endure just before any big test. After a few months of zero anxiety during testing situations, Bertha has now developed a need to open and close her front door exactly 2 times before entering or exiting it. What term describes what has happened to Bertha?
  • Symptom Substitution
Which of the following would you take to treat depression?

A) Xanax

B) Prozac

C) Valium

D) Cloazril

E) Thorazine

  • Prozac
Those individuals with __________ have lower activation levels in the left frontal lobe.
  • Depression
The woman from the video clip I showed you on the first day of the unit who was afraid of elevators had more than a simple phobia. She suffered from __________ with _________.
  • Panic Disorder
  • Agoraphobia
From a bio-psycho-social perspective, the psychological factor most directly related to physical illness is:

A) Fear

B) Aggression

C) Sexuality

D) Stress

  • Stress
There is a stereotype that beauty pageant contestants are self-centered and self-catering. Yet, they might have low self-esteem and are compensating for it by projecting such “all about me” images. What personality disorder might these individuals have?
  • Narcissistic PD
Ella is very angry with Stephanie for stealing her boyfriend. Ella dares not get in a physical fight with Stephanie, so Ella instead stuffs threatening, unsigned messages into Stephanie’s locker warning her to “Watch Your Back.” Ella is well known for these subtle outbursts. What personality disorder does Ella have?
  • Passive-Aggressive
Today, Eddie made himself a sling for his arm he claims to have hurt in P.E. dodge ball. He tells everyone in the halls he might know about his “injury” exaggerating the incident and pain. Last week, Eddie screamed out in pain claiming to have broken his foot after tripping up the OL staircase. No one happened to be around, so Eddie got up and continued on his way. What Axis I and Axis II disorders (1 from each) does Eddie have?
  • Hypochondriasis
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder
Olivia is extremely quiet in class. She never speaks aloud and never contributes to her peer groups. She seems entirely afraid of social situations. What specific anxiety disorder (not personality disorder) does she have?
  • Social phobia
  • If we knew that Olivia was truly afraid of her peers’ opinions of her and was not simply indifferent to other people, with what personality disorder could we diagnose Olivia?
Ethically, Dr. Swinarsky should not date her new patient Mr. Etheridge because of this psychoanalytic term.
  • Transference
What operant conditioning technique is often used in mental institutions and prisons for encouraging desirable behavior?
  • token economies
Antabuse, the drug that makes users of alcohol have an extremely negative reaction, is making use of what classical conditioning principle?
  • Aversive Conditoning
Amanda is still depressed because the New England Patriots failed to complete their perfect season.
  • In any case, Amanda blames herself for their loss because she couldn’t find her favorite Patriots jersey on SuperBowl Sunday. Amanda’s therapist, Dr. House tries to convince Amanda that she is being irrational in her thought patterns and she needs to realize she has no control on the outcome of the game. Of what cognitive therapy is Dr. House making use?
  • Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)
An unanticipated result of the deinstitutionalization movement was _____________.
  • an increase in the homeless population or a greater percentage of mentally ill people in prison
What was the cause of mental disorders during the Middle Ages in Europe?
  • Evil Spirits, other supernatural ideas
The more slowly developing form of schizophrenia is called chronic or ________ schizophrenia, while the more acute form is called __________ schizophrenia.
  • Process / Reactive
This man, the father of medicine, suggested that all disorders are caused by natural forces. He described how all living things were composed of 4 things (earth, water, air, and fire) represented by 4 bodily fluids and when these fluids were out of balance, we become ill.
  • Hippocrates…Bonus: What were those 4 bodily fluids
  • Black bile, phlegm, yellow bile, blood
One of the negative side effects of _______ is a loss of memory.

A) Anti-depressant medication

B) Rational Emotive Therapy

C) Aversion Therapy

D) Electroconvulsive Therapy

  • ECT
What is the name of the side effect of taking anti-psychotic medication which produces Parkinson’s like symptoms including tremors?
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
Perhaps the earliest form of treating mental illness involving drilling holes in people’s heads was called __________. It many cases this procedure was performed in order to __________.
  • Trephining
  • Release evil spirits
What drug produces similar neurological and behavioral effects as schizophrenia in cocaine users who take high doses? (this drug tends to increase the amount of NT associated with this disorder)
  • cocaine
If you want to be prescribed Lithium, in most states, the only mental health professional that can do so is a ______.
  • PsycHIatrist
This man suggested all diseases are contained within organs. He was the first anatomist, explaining his thorough knowledge of the human spinal cord.
  • Galen
Name the 2 people credited with helping to push the “humanitarian” movement in treating mental illness during the 18th century.
  • Dorothea Dix & PhillipePinel
Which perspective of psychology likely uses the double-blind technique most often?
  • Medical Model / Drug Therapies