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APA Style Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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APA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

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APA Style Guide

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  1. APA Style Guide

  2. Introduction Where did it come from ? How it is used? • This format was developed by behavioural scientists • APA stands for American PsychcologicalAssosiation • Term papers • Research reports • Literature review • Case studies • Journal articles

  3. Formating you paper in APA style meaning paying attention otmechnial details such as typeface, linespacing, margins, and page headers. • Use a Serif or Sans serif style font • Times New Roman • Arial • Double space entire paper including references, text, and titles • Indent each paragraph by one-half include (or one tab) • Algin the text to the left hand margin Formatting This section will discuss the basic formating tricks :

  4. Sample of Heading

  5. Page Formatting Put Pages in the following order: • Page 1 : title page • Page 2: Abstract • Page 3: Beginning of text • References begin on a new page after the last page of text • Each appendix begins on a new page

  6. Headings help readers find key points of your paper • They help track and develop your thoughts of the paper • APA has 5 levels of heading outlines Headings and Sections

  7. Example of Headings

  8. Cite works of those individuals whose ideas, theories, or finding have directly influenced your work, even if you are just borrowing ideas (paraphrasing) • To avoiod Plagiarism, take carefult notes you research to keep track of all sources and collect the information you need to cite properly • The following section illstrates how to format citations Citing References

  9. Citing References in Text • APA Style citaitons use author-date system. This way the reader can reference the citation in your reference list • To insert a citation in text, include the author’s surname and year of publication • For a direct quote include page number or specific location of the phrase or sentences in the orginal work • When paraphrasing here are some examples: Jack (2008) found that Jill came tumbling after It is clear that Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water (Jack, 2008) In 2008, Jack’s study of gravity proved that steep hills make people tumble

  10. The following chart explains how to cite in-text

  11. In-text citation • When you need to cite two or more works together, arrange the citation alphabetically in the same order they appear in the reference list • Here are some examples of citations:

  12. Reference List The pusrpose is for the readers to find the sources you used Put references in order by author’s last name Use hanging paragraph style ( can be found in microsoft word under formatt paragraph Indentation hanging)

  13. The following is usually needed to make a citations : • Author name or names • Publiation date • Title of work • Publication data • Example of a journal article referenced: References

  14. Journal articles References Here are instructions for formatting references in journal articles : Italicize the journal title and volume number Include the issue number in parentheses Type of DOI in the format in the first example- no period at the end of DOI (*DOI: Digital object Identifier : given to an electronic documents) Most information of the journal article will be on the article or the data base you are using to access it

  15. Referencing Books • Type the title of the book I sentence case. Capitlize the first word following a colon (if there is a subtitle) or period. • If you cite an electronic book give information about the format in square brackets after the title • For electronic books also give DOI or URL that you accessed it on • The following are examples of how to format  the third is if there is a corporate author that is the same as the publisher

  16. Resources • Sample Paper • Sample Appendix • Sample References • Online Formatting help

  17. This is Just a Guide Please consult you professor for any extra details All the information is from the Publicaiton Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) More detail on this guide will be also in here Use the resources and you will have an amazing format