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cisco 400 051 ccie collaboration v2 0 n.
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400-051 Dumps Questions Answers PowerPoint Presentation
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400-051 Dumps Questions Answers

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400-051 Dumps Questions Answers
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400-051 Dumps Questions Answers

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  1. Cisco 400-051 CCIE Collaboration (v2.0)

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  4. Question NO 1, Refer to the exhibit. Which SIP message will trigger the calling device to open channels for early media reception? A. 180 Ringing B. ACK C. INVITE D. 183 session-progress E. 200 ok Answer: D https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  5. Question NO 2, The UCCX consultant is creating a new script must perform an action after the call is terminated between the agent and the caller used to perform this post call action? A. The delay step to allow the call to continue after audio call termination. B. the OnExcpetionClear step to allow the script to continue to the next command in the script C. the Goto step to allow the script to continue to the next command in the script. D. the CallSubFlow step to continue on to the next command. Answer: C https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  6. Question NO 3, The Video engineer wants to enable the LATM codec to allow video endpoint to communicate over audio with other IP devices. Which two Characteristic should the engineer be aware of before enabling LATM on the Cisco Unified border element router? (Choose two) A. Dual tone Multifrequency interworking with LATM codec is not supported. B. Codec transcoding between LATM and other codecs is not supported. C. SIP UPDATE massage outlined in RFC3311 is not supported. D. Box-to-Box High availability support feature is not supported. E. Configure LATM under a voice class or dial peer is not supported. F. Basic calls using flow-around or flow-through is not supported. Answer: A,B https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  7. Question NO 4, Drag the configuration steps on the left to the correct order for configuring digits transformation for URI dialing according to CISCO best practices on the right. Not all options will be used. https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  8. Answer: https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  9. Question NO 5, Exhibit: Which Cisco IOS multipoint video conferencing profile is being configured? A. Homogeneous B. guaranteed-audio C. rendezvous D. heterogeneous E. guaranteed-video Answer: D https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  10. Question NO 6, Which two SCCP call states support the CallBack softkey? (Choose two) A. On Hook B. Remote In Use C. Connected Transfer D. Ring In E. Off Hook F. Connected Conference Answer: A,C https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  11. Question NO 7, An engineer is configuring QoS for a 100 Mb WAN link. An ISP SLA was signed to support 70% of the link. Which QoS command allows the engineer to use 70% of the link while maintaining a steady flow? A. traffic-shape rate 100000000 70000000 70000000 B. police cir 70000000 confirm-action transmit exceed-action drop C. police 70000000 13125000 confirm-action transmit exceed-action drop D. traffic-shape rate 70000000 8750000 8750000 Answer: D https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  12. Question NO 8, Which two fields can be used to uniquely identify the same call in the Call Detail Records and the Call Management Records? (Choose two) A. nodeld B. globalCallId_callId C. callIdentifier D. pkid E. globalCallId_ClusterId F. globalCallId_callManagerId G. deviceName Answer: B,F https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  13. Question NO 9, Refer to the exhibit. IP phone 1 has MAC address of 1111.1111.1111, and IP phone 2 has MAC address of 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls rang both phones and were answered by IP phone 2. Which option describes what will happen to the third incoming call? A. Both phones ring, but only IP phone 1 can answer the call. B. Both phones ring and either phone can answer the call. C. Only IP phone 1 rings and can answer the call. D. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2100. E. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2200. Answer: C https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

  14. Question NO 10, When DSP oversubscription occurs on a Cisco IOS router using DSP modules that are based on the C5510 chipset, what will happen when an analog phone connected to a FXS port goes off-hook? A. A fast busy tone will be played. B. A slow busy tone will be played. C. A network busy tone will be played. D. A dial tone will be played, but digits will not be processed. E. No tone will be played. Answer: E https://www.dumpspdf.com/400-051.html

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