The i search your senior project
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The I -Search Your Senior Project. The Undiscovered Country: Challenge Yourself Explore Grow. Choosing a topic :. You decide! Meaningful, engaging, fun. Compelling and personal Active engagement Be an expert, a warrior, an artist, a thinker, a learner. Dance Arts and crafts

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The i search your senior project
The I-Search Your Senior Project

The Undiscovered Country:

Challenge Yourself



Choosing a topic
Choosing a topic:

  • You decide!

  • Meaningful, engaging, fun.

  • Compelling and personal

  • Active engagement

  • Be an expert, a warrior, an artist, a thinker, a learner



Arts and crafts

Drama / Film

Eastern Medicine

Sports Medicine








  • Maintain a Senior Project Binder and a 2 Column Work and Product Log

  • Letter of Intent

  • Proposal

  • 3 Interviews (one in class )

  • Visitation

  • Secondary Research

  • I-Search Paper

  • Product & Product Log

  • Presentation


  • Brainstorm

  • Sell your topic/Question

  • Strategize

  • Start you Letter of Intent


Persuasive voice

Explain your motivation

Inventory of what you know

A list of resources

2-3 pages.

Why have you chosen this topic?

What do you know to be true about this topic?

What questions do you have about this topic?

What do you hope to discover?



  • Consider a mentor

    • A coach

    • A problem-solver

    • A resource

    • A proofreader

    • Over 21

    • Professional in the field

Mentor meetings
Mentor Meetings

First MeetingSecond Meeting Third meeting

Review Review work to-date Show 2nd or

Requirements 3rd draft of paper

An Interview

Brainstorm about Perhaps give paper

The FOCUS of Paper Resources to mentor ahead of time


Journals Review outline of

Discuss Interviews presentations

Ideas for product

Visitation Ask mentor to attend Outline of paper presentation

Presentation and write letter to Ms. Sutherland

Mentor documents
Mentor Documents

Mentor Requirements

Mentor Editing Sheet

Mentor Agreement

Form Turned In

Mentor Letter included

In Final Portfolio


  • Interview two people who will help answer your research and challenging questions

  • Individual must be integral to Project

  • 2 typed pages

  • Interview format, no scripts

  • On topic writing

  • Reflect preparation


  • Silent Observation

  • Reflection

  • Fly on the Wall

  • Third Person

  • Show Not Tell Writing

  • Choose well grasshopper

The paper
The Paper

  • 8-10 Pages + Work Cited Page

  • An Integration of your

  • Research

  • Visitations

  • Interview

  • Reflection

Paper paper paper
Paper, Paper, Paper

  • Make sure your paper reflects your search

  • Discuss and show how you obtained your knowledge

  • How the combination of visitation, interviews, research dovetailed to a new understanding

  • Weave these elements throughout your paper

Mentor letter
Mentor Letter

Your mentor reflects on:

  • The process

  • Product

  • Paper

  • You

  • Enclosed in Senior Project Portfolio


  • Representation of how you have grown from the Senior Project

  • Product Log documenting 15 hours

Teaching or leadership product
Teaching or Leadership Product

Teach junior high health class about marine archaeology

Teach about knights and armor to a 6th grade class

Coach a little league team

Set up a neighborhood action committee

Written product
Written Product

Book of poems



Physical product
Physical Product

  • Stained glass window

  • Computer program

  • Outfit

  • Rebuilt engine

  • Or

  • Learn to scuba dive

  • Run a marathon

  • Start a fitness program

  • Go on a wilderness survival trip

Performance product
Performance Product

  • Dance

  • Instrumental or singing recital

  • Speed Racing

  • Magic show

Career related product
Career-related product

  • “Shadow” a police offer

  • Write or speak about an experience to others

  • View and document medical procedures

  • Volunteer time at a local veterinarian

  • (Note: simple shadowing without an extension of the experience, such as a presentation or written document is lightweight


  • One 3x5 card

  • 3 visual aids

  • 15 minutes long

  • Dress professionally

Most importantly
Most importantly

  • Take time to choose

  • Passion is not always easily accessible

  • Challenge yourself

  • Be true to yourself

  • Follow your bliss

  • Strive for excellence

  • Have fun

Points to ponder
Points to Ponder

  • “We could you know. We can live any way we want…The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and to pug into that pulse”. A Dillard

  • “How can we know the dancer from the dance?” W.B. Yeats

Life is after all
Life is after all

a search for the secrets of growth

and no one is expected

to have them all

We are judged not by what

we know

But by the honesty of our search

M. Shain