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The 5 Elements of Mold Removal PowerPoint Presentation
The 5 Elements of Mold Removal

The 5 Elements of Mold Removal

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  1. Article2: Canada's Restoration Services The 5 Elements of Mold Removal Mold removal can be quite dangerous and should be dealt with by licensed professionals. Different mold removal companies may employ different techniques and methods when it comes to dealing with a mold issue. The underlying principles behind all of these techniques remain the same in every situation. These 5 elements need to be followed at all times – before, during and after the mold removal procedure. The five principles are explained below: Safety Mold is constructed of small particles that are poisonous and extremely dangerous. When dealing with mold, the safety of the people involved should be a top priority. Thereby, protective gear should always be worn at all times and household members should always stay clear of the area. Inspection and Assessment The main purpose of sample testing is to establish how far the mold has spread and to construct an effective action plan on how to deal with the problem. Mold inspection in Toronto should also be carried out at the end of the procedure(after the mold has been removed) in order to ensure that the mold is completely gone. Prevention of Cross Contamination It is essential that other areas of the household are not contaminated with other mold substances, including the kitchen and/or bedroom. Strong measures must be taken to prevent untouched areas from also getting contaminated, while the mold procedure is taking place. There are many ways in which this can be done, which includes licensed professionals completely covering all of the surfaces that face a possibility of contamination. Removal of the Source The actual removal of the mold is the most important part of the entire process. It is crucial to not only make sure that all the mold is removed from the building, but that the source of the mold is also removed as well. Moisture Control Moisture is one of the elements that mold needs in order to grow. Thereby, it follows that removing or controlling the floor of moisture in the building will stop the mold from forming and growing again. Any leaks and/or cracks that could allow moisture to collect on walls or floors should be sealed or covered. About the Company Canada’s Restoration Services is a leading provider of mold and asbestos removal in Toronto and its surrounding communities. The company’s professional team takes great pride in helping make homes safe for their occupants.