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Reasons To Go For Cedar Roofing PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons To Go For Cedar Roofing

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Reasons To Go For Cedar Roofing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reasons To Go For Cedar Roofing

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  1. Reasons To Go For Cedar Roofing

  2. A house can have a distinct look with the help of roofing shingles and the look can be further enhanced with the help of cedar wood roofing. Any custom roofing company would say that these roofing tiles have many benefits including, but not exclusive to, aesthetic appeal, eco-friendly nature, wind resistance and durability. Further, it won’t cost much for the installation and buying the tiles as the resources are natural and require less cost while manufacturing.

  3. Are cedar tiles fire resistant? Before going into the benefits of having cedar tiles as roofing options, let us clear the preliminary doubt of any customer who wants to buy these tiles. Cedar is wood and wood catches fire immediately – true, but cedar tiles produced by Roofing Services Oshawaare fire resistant. It is due to the fact that a chemical than can hold the file into burning the wood is layered several times make it fire resistant. However, one should not expect them to be alright when a bomb goes off or fires that can consume buildings occur.

  4. Benefits of cedar roofing • Cedar tiles are perfect for any style and can suit any home environment. The roofing contractors can help to determine the type of cedar tile [based on thickness, shape and style] that can fit into the place perfectly. Further, the tiles can be painted with different colors to achieve a perfect matching to the house. Generally, the cedar tile after a few years will establish a silver grey color with an elegant shine.

  5. The cedar tiles, if by accident are broken, are easy to replace. In the market, one can find the exact tile immediately making the job or replacement quite easy for the owner. • Cedar wood has the properties of resisting bugs and the intrusion of UV light. Therefore, one can assured that there won’t be any infestation or the flow of UV radiation into the house. Any custom roofing company can guarantee that these properties can be observed from the cedar roofing. 

  6. The wooden tiles are taken from a single tree and do not come from processed or layered wood. Therefore, they can last long even in cold climatic conditions. There won’t be any damage from the weather because the tiles are made from original cedar wood. • The tiles once installed in a proper way by roofing contractors can withstand hails or storms. Further, the unique design of the tiles makes it sure that wind cannot lift the tiles inside out.

  7. There is no need of additional insulation once the cedar tiles are installed. They prevent the influence of outside weather. Further, one can have insulation materials placed between each tile to ensure great insulation. This would help in the reduction of using HVAC system in the house, which can help to save a lot of money. The cedar tiles are made from the harvesting areas especially meant for the growth of cedar trees. A tree is replaced by another and it does not affect the environment. Therefore, one can approach a roofing company without any hesitancy and have their home installed with the natural cedar tiles.