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TaxWise Online (TWO) . Why we should choose TaxWise Online. Security, Security, Security. No data retention on the computers we use Access with a secure, encrypted website ( Admin ability to assign access rights to individual users. EASE OF USE.

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Taxwise online two

TaxWise Online (TWO)

Why we should choose TaxWise Online

Security security security
Security, Security, Security

  • No data retention on the computers we use

  • Access with a secure, encrypted website (

  • Admin ability to assign access rights to individual users

Ease of use

  • No individual installation of software required

  • No updating ever (automatically done)

  • No backup ever (retained on CCH/TaxWise server)

  • No carry forward required (automatic)

Broadband internet

  • Need broadband access with 800 kilobits/sec (test at

  • Can access with any computer with broadband Internet access

  • Just ask your facilities about Internet access. Most facilities can provide this with little problems (however, not wireless).

  • It is easy to network your computers with a router (with a switch connected to expand it) in order to create a separate sub-network with additional security.

Differences with desktop

  • The “F keys” do not operate in the Online version.

  • No need for transmit codes or problems with using the same computer at several locations since no data is retained

  • No data is retained on local computers

  • Online Help also offers the ability to go to any other Internet site that you might need while preparing a return

Admin setup

  • Setup for each user by name (recommend first initial & last name)

  • Allow for permissions (return preparer, super user, admin & template manager)

  • See the TW CD and Pub 3189 for additional instructions on setup


  • Return Preparer for everyone – They will only be able to see and print returns they have prepared

  • Super User – Use for those Quality Review volunteers and anyone else that needs to see all returns, efile and get acknowledgements

  • Admin – Restrict to a few people to manage the site (reset passwords, etc)

  • Template Manager – To set defaults and should be restricted to one or two people


  • Everyone will use the client ID for the location EFIN/SIDN

  • Each volunteer will need a User Name and Password – Must change every 90 days. Must answer a User set secret question if password must be reset

  • No matter the site your volunteers are working at, they only need to remember the client ID, User Name, & Password

What you will see after you sign in

  • The next page gives you access to create the new return and other resources you might need

  • For Admin & Super Users it gives you a list of active returns, rejected returns, accepted returns, ability to efile and get acknowledgements

  • You are also able to move or delete returns

Personal experience

  • Jo Eldredge used Online at a 6 day-a-week site from Feb 2nd thru April 15th and only had one partial day when TaxWise server was not available – Online is very reliable

  • Due to security issues alone, she expects to have another four sites Online by next season (2009 TY)


  • Printing is a little slower operation due to creating a PDF file before printing but not a significant problem

  • Because of being on an active internet connection, they occasionally would have a computer slow down and they would log off and then go back in to get a better connection


  • If you try TaxWise Online, you will never go back to the Desktop version.

  • Again, security & ease of use make the Online software the way to go if you can arrange the broadband Internet connection, which she found was a matter of asking