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Seasonal Sightings Along the Middle Rio Grande Grasses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seasonal Sightings Along the Middle Rio Grande Grasses. Contact info: Name: __________________________ Phone #: _____________________ Email address: _________________________ Date: _____________

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Seasonal sightings along the middle rio grande grasses

Seasonal Sightings

Along the Middle Rio Grande


Contact info:

Name: __________________________ Phone #: _____________________ Email address: _________________________ Date: _____________

Home address: ___________________________ City: ____________________ State: __________ Zip code:_____________

What plant is it?

Common Plant Name: ______________________________________________________________

Scientific Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Where is the plant?

Location Description or GPS points: __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

Flower Stalk Emerging:

□Early: First flower cluster rising above the leaves of the stem


□ Early: Pollen is starting to fall (10%) □Middle: A lot of pollen is falling □ Late: No pollen is falling


□ Early: Only a few ripe fruits are visible □ Middle: Many fruits are ripe □ Late: Most or all of the fruits or

(less than 10% are ripe) seeds have been dispersed from plant (90%)

What is the plant doing right now?

Sharing your data online

To input your observations online go to: – create a profile and enter them into our project “Seasonal Sightings along the Middle Rio Grande”

This form is meant to be used as a guide and is not required in order to make observations for the project.

Or … you can mail your data sheets to:

Colleen McRoberts: 111 Union Square St. SE Suite 200 / Albuquerque, NM 87102

Questions?? – Call or email Colleen at (505) 314-0398 /

Seasonal sightings along the middle rio grande grasses

Seasonal Sightings along the Middle Rio Grande

Seasonal Sightings aims to engage citizen scientists to help gather data on plants and animals along the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Ecosystem. Specifically, the project is focused on seasonal changes such as animal migrations and plants blossoming, known collectively as phenology.

These natural events help mark the seasons, excite amateur naturalists, and provide valuable information to the scientific community. The data will be made available to the wider public through the development of a Seasonal Sightings calendar for the Middle Rio Grande Valley.

This project is ideal for budding naturalists, students, and people who just want to observe nature. To participate, post your observations on, join the Seasonal Sightings Along the Middle Rio Grande project, or visit to down-load forms. For additional information, call 505-314-0398 or email .

January - Variegated Meadowhawk (dragonfly out in January), Woodpecker (Downy, Hairy, or Northern Flicker)

February- Porcupines, FOS* Mourning Cloak Butterfly, LOS** Bald Eagle

March - Great Horned Owlets, FOS Turkey Vulture, FOS bats, Three-leaf Sumac blooming, FOS Cliff Swallows under bridges

April - FOS Black Chinned Hummingbird, Swallowtail Butterfly, FOS Spiny Soft Shell Turtle

May - Wood duck ducklings, FOS New Mexico Whiptail Lizard, Canada Goose goslings

June - Woodhouse Toadlets (transitioning onto land from tadpole-hood), Cottonwood cotton/seeds

July  - Cicadas, FOS Rufous Hummingbirds, Tiger Salamanders

August– Beaver, Dragonflies (Desert Whitetail, Roseate Skimmer), Coachwhip Snake

September- Sunflowers blooming, Purple Asters blooming, LOS Blue Grosbeaks, LOS Yellow Warblers

October - Chamisa blooming, NM Olive fruiting, Cedar Waxwings

November- Sandhill Cranes arriving (FOS on the ground; FOS flyovers happen in late Sept/early Oct), LOS Snowy Egrets

December - White-crowned sparrows, coyotes

* FOS – First of season

**LOS – Last of season

The project aims to collect data on all species of plants and animals within the Middle Rio Grande, however, there are several species of interest that will be featured in the calendars. The species of interest include the following.

Photo contest!! We are accepting photos of any of the above listed species to be entered into our calendar. If your photo is selected you will receive a free calendar. Please send your photos by September 1st to Colleen at