Finding fragments fixing run ons
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Finding Fragments & Fixing Run-ons. Mrs. Johnston’s English Writing Standard 1.5 Created by Mr. Whittaker. Finding Fragments. Fragment: a part of a sentence that does not express a complete thought. What do I ask myself?.

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Finding fragments fixing run ons

Finding Fragments &Fixing Run-ons

Mrs. Johnston’s English

Writing Standard 1.5

Created by Mr. Whittaker

Finding fragments
Finding Fragments

Fragment: a part of a sentence that does not express a complete thought.

What do i ask myself
What do I ask myself?

1. Does the sentence start with a word ending in ‘ing’ or one of the nine fragment starters?

(although, after, because, before, if, since, unless, when, or while)

2. If yes, does it have a comma somewhere

after it followed by a complete thought?

If it does, you have a sentence.

3. If NO, you have a fragment!

Fixing run ons
Fixing Run-ons

Run-on sentence: when two or more complete thoughts are joined together only by a comma or no punctuation mark.

What do i ask myself1
What do I Ask myself?

1. Does the sentence have a Subject & Verb and express a complete thought ?

If yes you have a Sentence!

2. If two complete thoughts are put together, is there acomma w/ a joining word (and ,or ,but)between them ?

If yes you have a Sentence!

3. If there is only a commaor no punctuation at allbetween two complete thoughts you have a RUN-ON

2. we beat Bellwood under a star-filled sky

that glowed with the promise of a winning


3. I hate you, you know it.

4. As soon as I began to speak, my nervousness


5. People riding on their bicycles.

6. It is not enough to feel gratitude, one should

also express it.


7. A beautiful valley beyond the mountain at the left of the road.

8. Soon after she shortened her coat, styles got longer.

9. The wrappers are different, the candy is all alike.

10. The bird singing merrily from the oak tree.

11.Sometimes following the tracks of animals road.

through the woods.

12.The restaurant was crowded we had no time

to wait.

13. Hoping to meet you again next summer.

14. Fires just don't happen, they are caused by


15. The Neville's have a piano, but no one

knows how to play it.

16. Male mosquitoes don't bite they just live off road.

the juice of plants.

17. Small fires should be put out before they

turn into big ones

18. If your car swerves when stopping, your

brakes need to be adjusted.

19. A helicopter has no wings, and there is no

propeller in its nose.

20. Lois crossed her fingers for good luck, she

was hoping to win the award.

1.They had been looking forward to their camping trip all week however it rained and the trip had to be canceled.

2. For a fleeting moment, the bird hovered near her window and then flew away.

3. Having escaped the burning airplane, passengers ran in all directions, searched for family and friends, and screamed for help for the injured.

4. He spent the first month of the summer at camp, the second month he worked in the mailroom of an office near his home.

5. Since Melanie had broken her elbow, she could not play on the basketball team that year.

6. David read the book first, then he saw the movie version of the novel.

7. Jeff had musical talent his brother had athletic talent.

8. The lawyer realized that the prosecution had overlooked an important piece of information, therefore she was convinced that she could win the case.

9. Ed had finally perfected his recipe for chocolate mud cake, and his family all asked for a second helping.

10. Steve washed the dishes while Emma dried them.