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Delta. DELTA Created, Designed, Tested, and Written By: Jordanna, Tuff, and Maura.

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Created, Designed, Tested, and Written By:

Jordanna, Tuff, and Maura

the delta design and build
We hot glued the cardboard to fit the engine and the straws to the rocket body, so the rocket will glide on take off. Tuff made the nose cone to fit the rocket body. Maura made the whole recovery system with the nose cone being attached to the body. Jordanna made and hot glued the fins to the rocket. We decorated the rocket with bright markers. We named it Delta.

Materials: Cardboard tube, index paper, folder paper, straws, hot glue, paper clips, string, plastic bag, rubber band, waddling wax, rocket engine.

The Delta Design and Build
  • Rockets were first made in and originated in China in the mid-11th century. By the end of the 13th century, the knowledge of rockets spread to Arabia and soon Europe. These first types of rockets were used for fireworks and signals. In India, rockets were used as weapons and remained that way for several centuries. In 1880s, a Russian teacher Constantia Tsiolkovsky theorized that rockets might have use for space flight. In the continuous years following, rockets were being developed for space flight. In 1930s, a man named Robert Goddard experimented rockets in Roswell, New Mexico to get away from populated areas. During WWII, Germany developed a variety of solid and liquid missiles (these were the most important and sophisticated at that time) during the cold war, USSR and the US disagreed over the control of Europe. The cold war included a note to develop rockets as weapons. The space race was a contest for whose rockets will go into space. In the 1960s, rockets were developed for space flight
  • Our flight was average. It went up about 18 ft., then spun wildly, speeding down without the recovery system releasing from the rocket. We figured that the nose cone was a little crooked and the fins were a little too small as well as too many straws holding air, causing our rocket to have less speed. Math is involved a lot in building rockets such as finding the acceleration, velocity, and altitude.
  • Our rocket was a lot of fun to build but it had its difficulties as well as some new ideas and challenges like: We actually built two rockets, our second being the Delta. It was a little small for our recovery system and kind of big for our engine. However, we worked through it and made it work. It was disappointing that our parachute did not open, that was one thing we really wanted to see. Other than that we learned how to build a basic model rocket, how to ignite its engine, and calculate its angles.