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BMJ Publishing Group. Nick Turner – Head of Sales. Agenda. Evidence Based Medicine Product overview Features and benefits New projects Offer for ULAKBIM. Let me ask you a question….

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Bmj publishing group

BMJ Publishing Group

Nick Turner – Head of Sales


  • Evidence Based Medicine

  • Product overview

  • Features and benefits

  • New projects

  • Offer for ULAKBIM

Let me ask you a question
Let me ask you a question…

  • New medical studies are published every day. How do you sort through the mountain of research to find facts you can trust? And once you find a study, how do you understand its findings and judge how good it is ? ...

Evidence based medicine aims to assist
Evidence Based Medicine aims to assist…

  • “The Practice of Evidence Based Medicine is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best practice in making decisions about the care of patients”.

  • Contains clinical expertise, skills and judgment combined with the best available current research

  • Clinically lead information rather than research lead

  • Looks at the evidence and decides how certain treatments best work, or DON’T work, or shows there is not enough information to support a decision

Product url s
Product url’s







Product overview1
Product overview

  • The British Medical Journal –

  • The Group’s Flagship Journal

  • Weekly general medical journal, 120.000 copies printed each week

  • Publishes rigorous, accessible & entertaining material to help Dr’s and Medical students in daily practice, learning and international debate on health

  • Scientific studies & reviews, educational articles, papers commenting on: clinical, scientific, social, political, and economic factors affecting health

Bmj specialist journals
BMJ Specialist Journals


  • 22 journals in specialist areas, public health & evidence based medicine

  • Mainly clinical titles, focussing on helping doctors improve their day to day practice

  • International: editors and associate editors from all over the world: USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, South East Asia

  • Innovative – Educations sections, case-based learning, Patient columns

  • Influential – many are at the top of their specialty

Bmj specialist journals1
BMJ Specialist Journals

  • All journals have individual websites and full-text hosted by HighWire Press

  • Full-text from 1997+

  • Abstracts & TOC earlier

  • Adding Full-text to volume 1, issue 1

  • Current year paid for subscriptions, previous years free of charge

  • All available in print & online

  • Reference links included

  • CiteTrack alerting service, author and citations

  • Ability to search across all journals via HighWire

Bmj specialist journals2
BMJ Specialist Journals

  • Gut

  • Heart

  • Journal of Clinical Pathology

  • Journal of Medical Ethics

  • Journal of Medical Genetics

  • Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

  • Postgraduate Medical Journal

  • Quality and Safety in Health Care

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Thorax

  • Archives of Disease in Childhood

  • Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

  • BJO: British Journal of Ophthalmology

  • British Journal of Sports Medicine

  • Emergency Medicine Journal

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Evidence-Based Mental Health

  • Evidence-Based Nursing

  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine

  • Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

  • Injury Prevention

  • Tobacco Control


Evidence Based



Knowledge products
Knowledge Products

  • Clinical Evidence

  • Best Treatments

  • BMJ Learning

  • Evidence Based to support decision making

  • Patient and Doctor information from the same source

  • Point of care information to reduce information overload

  • Content fits into workflow & needs of clinicians and patients

Advantages of using bmj knowledge products
Advantages of using BMJ Knowledge products

  • Encouraging best practice by preventing overuse and misuse of treatments

  • Increasing the quality of care for patients

  • Allows shared decisions by offering the same source of information for doctors and patients

  • Quality information from a rigorous search and appraisal process

  • Trusted based on an internationally recognised evidence-based editorial process

  • Clinically lead information rather than research lead

Clinical evidence
Clinical Evidence

  • A compendium of the best available research & evidence findings on common and important clinical questions (systematic reviews)

  • Originally in print now also online & PDA

  • Covers over 500 topics and over 2000 treatments

  • These topics are the most important & common conditions seen in primary and hospital care

  • Describes the questions, summary and background of a condition then benefits & harms of preventative and therapeutic interventions

  • Emphasis on the outcome for patients

  • Findings based on expert knowledge & evidence collected from detailed research using Cochrane Library, Medline, Embase and evidence based journals

  • Contributors, advisors and editors are all specialist expert clinicians

How is clinical evidence put together
How is Clinical Evidence put together ?

  • Select Topics: common conditions

    • Review data on consultation rates, morbidity, mortality

    • Advice and suggestions from clinicians and patient groups

  • Topic Planning: select the questions

    • Relevance to actual practice

    • Detailed and systematic appraisal of material

    • Quality check of EBM material and guidelines

  • Search & appraise literature: systematic reviews and RCT’s

    • Where no evidence: observational studies

    • Done by in-house specialists & contributions from external clinical specialists

  • Summarise the evidence: peer review and edit

    • Peer reviewed by at least 2 expert clinicians

    • Edited and compared with original papers

    • Consistancy and quality measures also monitored

  • Feedback, error corrections and user responses

Best treatments
Best Treatments

  • Database for doctors & patients to use evidence to decide on a certain treatment

  • To inform and initiate a dialogue between doctors and patients at a level a Patient can understand

  • Written for patients in an easy to use and clear format

  • Covers the top conditions, which treatments work, the drugs that may be used and any possible side effects

  • Advice on operations and tests

  • Helps patients balance benefits and risks of treatments

  • Leads to informed joint decisions between patients and doctors

  • Unbiased and up to date and links to reference articles and studies

Bmj learning
BMJ Learning

  • CME or learning tool for professionals in primary and hospital care

  • Hospital Doctors, GP’s, Nurses, other clinical staff, practice managers, and receptionists

  • Assess needs, plan then take online learning modules, courses and interactive case studies and tests (300 modules)

  • Quick up to date facts on evidence based conditions

  • Record your progress and create certificates online

  • Read, reflect and correspond with other users online

  • Integrate learning into your appraisal system to continue professional & personal development

  • Constantly updated with new or withdrawn drugs

  • New case studies added weekly also from user suggestions


  • When a patient has one or more conditions…

Evidence based recommendations for patients with comorbidities
Evidence-based recommendations for patients with comorbidities

  • diabetes

  • heart failure

  • asthma

  • COPD

  • coronary artery disease

  • hypertension

  • lipid disorders

Flexible care plans
Flexible care plans comorbidities

Offer for ulakbim
Offer for ULAKBIM comorbidities

Current offer and trial for hospitals
Current offer and trial for Hospitals comorbidities

  • Test access is currently activated for all 47 research hospitals and is available to 31 December 2006

  • To access BMJ sites, click:



  • BMJ PG will work with ULAKBIM to provide a discounted offer for access to the BMJ PG package in 2007

  • Discounted consortia prices & multi-year agreements with price cap available

Thanks… comorbidities

  • For more information or an interactive online demo contact:

    Pauline Dilworth – (main contact person)

    Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7383 6714

    Nick Turner –

    Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7383 6757