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The Best Forex Experts Advisor - IvyBot Review PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Forex Experts Advisor - IvyBot Review

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The Best Forex Experts Advisor - IvyBot Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I’ve been trading Forex for quite some time now and trust me when I say… “I was blown away by what I saw.” I have met a group of guys who have made millions of dollars while the world markets were crashing. I saw something that I never thought I would have ever seen before. It’s absolutely incredible.

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Ivy Bot Forex Robot

Ivy Bot is the newest forex robot that has been released to the market. It has been designed by graduates of Ivy League Universities. Did you attend the Ivy Bot webinar held by its developers last night. Well it was a huge success.

Ivy Bot is infact a 4 in 1 forex robot. What does 4 in 1 means? It means that it is a multi-currency robot that can trade 4 different currency pairs at the same time. This is something unique. Most of the forex robots that have been released to the market can only trade one currency pair at a time. Rather most of them have been optimized for trading one major currency pair usually EUR/USD, GBP/USD or CHF/USD.

Ivy Bot has been designed to trade any 4 currency pairs at the same time. This is a ahuge advantage. If you have traded currencies before than you will know that most of the major currency pairs are correlated with each other. It is always good to trade two or more currency pairs that are negatively correlated with each other. This hedges the risk and diversifies your currency pairs. If you lose on one currency pair, the chances are you are going to win on the negatively correlated currency pair.

This is something that you could never do with other forex robots. All

the time the forex markets are evolving and changing. That means that

these Expert Advisors also known as EAs also need constant tweaking

with the new conditions in the forex markets. If you don't tweak them

with the changed forex market,these EAs will start losing the trades.

Now the developers of Ivy Bot have promised that they will provide

updates to the buyers of Ivy Bot for life. So you will always be trading

with a robot that has been updated with the latest changes in the forex


I believe in Ivy Bot. Number one reason being it has been developed by

The graduates of Ivy League Universities. These people are millionaires

themselves. They have made their millions in forex trading. I being a

Former student of an Ivy League University can testify to the fact that

some of the world's most intelligent minds graduate from Ivy Leagues. I

believe in them and I don't think they will ever offer anything that is not