get first rate skin care products from camille n.
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Get First-Rate Skin Care Products from Camille Beckman PowerPoint Presentation
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Get First-Rate Skin Care Products from Camille Beckman

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Get First-Rate Skin Care Products from Camille Beckman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Camille Beckman’s glycerin lotion and hand therapy heal and restore dry, cracked skin. Our vegan, gluten-free formula features our signature herbal complex, which reduces signs of aging and improves the health of your skin. All of Camille Beckman’s lotions and creams are paraben-free and have no artificial colors.

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get first rate skin care products from camille

Get First-Rate Skin Care Products from Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman provides customers with a wide range of world-class skin care products,

including glycerine lotion, foot creams, perfumed body powder and lip balms. The company’s

products all feature various powerful, natural ingredients, all of which are purchased through

credible sources to ensure quality. This has helped make Camille Beckman one of the best-

selling personal care brands in the United States for many years.

Camille Beckman’s most popular products include:

Glycerine Hand Therapy:Camille Beckman’s glycerine hand therapy helps heal and

relieve pain in dry, cracked skin. It features the company’s signature herbal complex,

which helps make hands softer and look younger than they have in years.

Foot Treatment and Therapy Creams:Camille Beckman’s foot cream relieves tired feet,

heals cracked skin and alleviates dryness. Its hydrating, stimulating ingredients and

restorative vitamins aid with circulation and moisturizes all parts of the foot.

Body Creams:Camille Beckman’s selection of silky body creams nourish the skin and

add a touch of glamour and class. The creams feature hydrating, high-performance

ingredients that relieve irritation and reduce signs of aging and scarring. They are made

from sustainably sourced sweet almond

from sustainably sourced sweet almond oil and come in such scents as Mango Beach,

Oriental Spice and English Lavender.

Bath Soaks: Camille Beckman also makes bath soaks with 100% natural ingredients like

Epsom salt, coconut milk and essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus. People can

sprinkle them into their bath water and get relief for their sore muscles and dry skin.

For additional information and to order products, visit