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Sandio Technology Corporation 333 West San Carlos Ave 14 th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 998-0800 (office) sandiote PowerPoint Presentation
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Sandio Technology Corporation 333 West San Carlos Ave 14 th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 998-0800 (office) sandiote

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Sandio Technology Corporation 333 West San Carlos Ave 14 th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 998-0800 (office) sandiote - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sandio Technology Corporation 333 West San Carlos Ave 14 th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 998-0800 (office) The Advantages of Sandio 6DOF 3D Mouse With PC Games. Innovation: Sandio’s 3D mouse is a fully functional 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) input device.

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Sandio Technology Corporation 333 West San Carlos Ave 14 th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 998-0800 (office) sandiote

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Sandio Technology Corporation

333 West San Carlos Ave

14th Floor

San Jose, CA 95110

(408) 998-0800 (office)

The Advantages of

Sandio 6DOF 3D Mouse

With PC Games


Innovation:Sandio’s 3D mouse is a fully functional 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) input device.

Enhanced Gaming Experience:Movement and hotkeys are no longer restricted to the keyboard only.  Gamers gain flexibility by being able to use any hotkeys while controlling movement with their mouse.

Currently, while playing 3D PC games, gamers must use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously.  Because the mouse was originally developed for 2D input only,  gamers must use the mouse to aim and look around, while relying on WASD, cursor or numeric keys to navigate through 3D game settings.  The keyboard is used for many other game commands including jumping, crouching, changing weapons, chatting, checking game status, and changing camera views. 

Sandio Technology integrates Sandio’s 3D input technology in a 2D gaming mouse.  Gamers can now use the Sandio Game O' to move and rotate about the x, y, and z axes.  Gamers gain an advantage by having the flexibility to use both the keyboard and the Sandio Game O' interchangeably between navigation and hot key commands. (All sixteen 3D key combinations are programmable for hot key mapping)

First Person Shooters (FPS):

  • Use the 3D mouse for navigation and leave the keyboard for hot keys.
  • When gamers use the mouse for navigation the left hand is freed to focus on hot keys. This enables faster and more precise hot key execution.
  • Use the keyboard to navigate and the 3D mouse for hot keys.

When playing many FPS games the ability to rapidly switch between ranged and melee attacks is often vital. The command keys for switching attack styles can be mapped onto the 3D mouse buttons.  This enables gamers to attack more efficiently while on the move. 

3. Better Communication

Gamers can customize a button on the mouse to activate voice chat programs like Team Speak. This allows quick and effective communication without the left hand ever needing to leave the navigation keys.

4. Invent new moves

Gamers can use the W key to run and use the 3D mouse to rotate 360 degrees while firing away at enemies.


Real Time Strategy (RTS):

Gamers now have the advantage of changing

the camera view using the following


1. the 3D mouse

2. the number pad

3. moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the


Command your army with increased precision,

efficiency and effectiveness. Each decision you make is the difference between victory and defeat. With the World's First 3D Mouse increase your gaming experience and watch your opponents fall before your feat.

1. Time Advantage

When moving the map by moving the mouse cursor to the side of the screen, gamers are unable to select groups or units. However, using the 3D mouse to control the camera, the cursor is still available to select and command units. This time advantage is critical in battle. Visually, a wrong angle can give you a wrong picture of what's to actually come. Don't lose due to limited visibility! Fully enable your game with the precise camera controls of Sandio's 3D command functions.

2. More Effective Hot Key Execution

The left hand can be freed of navigation keys enabling more rapid and effective use of hot keys.

3. More Intuitive Camera Control

Camera view movement is in sync with natural finger gestures. This is significantly more instinctive than the default control of using the number pads.

4. Manage Units Efficiently

Gamers can map commands and stances to the 3D buttons on the Game O' enabling smooth and efficient management of units.

Example – Rome: Total War:

Customizing command keys to the 3D buttons allowing for the gamer to control multiple formations simultaneously.Gamers can select group banners more rapidly. Also, gamers can use the 3D buttons to designate formations which increases the effectiveness of their armies thus enabling more effective and coordinated attacks.


Role Playing Games (RPG) and

Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG):

Role Playing Games (RPG) and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) provide rich environments with vast arrays of possible actions including items to use, spells, skills, and abilities. Whether battling against monsters or other players, the ability to efficiently manage so many actions is extremely important and leaves users craving more hotkeys and macros.

1. Improved Navigation

Navigation can be done with the mouse alone allowing for better,

quicker and more intuitive manipulation of the keyboard for hot keys and other commands.

2. Map Important Commands to the 3D Mouse Buttons

Important commands can be mapped to the 3D buttons on the 3D Mouse for quick access. With so many spells, abilities, and items to use, gamers benefit greatly from being able to map their most important commands to their mouse.

3. More Accurate Execution of Commands

By using the 3D Mouse for hot keys, important commands can be more quickly and accurately executed than using the keyboard or clicking icons on screen.

4. Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the 3D Mouse provides a more comfortable experience for long hours of interaction with other players, questing and adventures.

Example - World of Warcraft:

This complex MMORPG allows gamers to employ a large variety of spells and abilities for different situations; however, by having the left hand bound to the WASD keys, gamers are limited to just a quarter of the keyboard to use for hot-keying and navigation. By presenting the gamer with an alternate method of input, users are able to freely manage and manipulate their 3D avatar like never before. The amount of hotkeys including CTRL, ALT and SHIFT modifiers are most often not enough for the average gamer in a MMORPG, thus they must resort to manually clicking the ability buttons displayed onscreen with the mouse cursor. Manually clicking is inefficient, inaccurate, and generally takes much longer to execute leading to death and defeat. Users can now apply 3D functions of Sandio’s 3D mouse in order to distribute the load between the two input devices through customization as they see fit.


In a PvP (Player versus Player) situation, victory or defeat is most often decided in a single instant. Given the entire keyboard for hot-keying, the user will have access to most if not all of his/her abilities, this is generally difficult, if not impossible with the traditional keyboard/mouse combination. With a larger array of spells and abilities to choose from, gamers can dominate the competition by executing moves swiftly, accurately and with greater complexity.

Gamers can also choose to execute more than 1 command at the touch of a button on the mouse. One command can be defined as circle, strafe, and jump. Normally most gamers find circle strafing difficult enough, let alone adding jump into the equation. It is nearly impossible for the average person; but now, by binding strafe and jump to the same 3D button, with a single flick of a 3D button your character will execute a strafe jump.

One of the traits of a MMORPG is that gamers can often play it for long hours, having little choice but to keep both hands on the keyboard and mouse at all times. This is especially the case in games with guilds and raid dungeons, where a group of 10 or more gamers gather together to try to defeat a dungeon, and if one person fails to do their part the entire group could be defeated. By giving gamers a mouse that can use hotkeys and control movement, they can now free up the left hand for grabbing a drink, or simply stretching and relaxing a bit without having to stop game play and delay the entire group’s progress.

  • The Major Advantages in World of Warcraft:
  • Ability to navigate with the mouse, freeing up the entire keyboard for hotkeys.
  • Allows users to play in most situations with a single hand, relieving stress during long raids and groups.
  • - Allows users to execute otherwise difficult maneuvers such as a side strafe and jumping simultaneously.