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DUH Performance Planning

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DUH Performance Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DUH Performance Planning. Midyear 2011. Performance Planning Overview Review of Midyear Expectations Performance Planning Tools Job Expectation Template Behavior Template Development Planning Form P & P Website Review Mid Year Performance Review Process Date to Remember Resources.

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Presentation Transcript

Performance Planning Overview

  • Review of Midyear Expectations
  • Performance Planning Tools
    • Job Expectation Template
    • Behavior Template
    • Development Planning Form
  • P & P Website Review
  • Mid Year Performance Review Process
  • Date to Remember
  • Resources
performance management process


January/February 2011

July –September 2011

September – October 2011

Evaluate performance results and behaviors for FY10; Performance planning for FY11

Mid Year Reviews - Interim meeting with supervisor to review progress toward FY11 goals

Evaluate performance results and behaviors for FY11; Performance Planning for FY12

Reward paid for FY11






Performance Management Process

Duke University Health System’s Goals

Duke Hospital Goals

Department/Clinical Service Unit Goals

Performance management

Individual/Team Performance Expectations

Job Results


Performance-based pay

. . . and link pay with performance.


Expected Job Results


Expected Behaviors

  • Staff Member:
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Problem-
  • Solving
  • Continuous
  • Learning
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Supervisor:
  • +Strategic Communication
  • +Performance Management
  • Staff Member:
  • Population-Specific
  • Unit-Specific
  • Supervisor:
  • +DUHS Compliance
  • Staff Member & Supervisor:
  • Quality& Patient Safety
  • Customer
  • Work Culture
  • Finance




Overall Performance Rating


midyear preparation

Distribute Peer Feedback Forms

    • Anonymous
    • Survey Monkey
    • Other methods
  • Behavioral Template to employee for self evaluation
    • Set date for return
  • Unit Balanced Score Card
    • Progress toward goals
  • Notify VP, ACNO, Director of employees who you anticipate will receive “Exceeds” or “Needs Improvement”
Midyear Preparation
pps tools

Employee Instructions

  • Job Expectations Template
  • Behavioral Template (no change this year)
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Goals from 2010 annual review
  • Professional Development Plan
PPS Tools

HR Website

Scroll Down Until you can see the whole Performance Management Section

hr website
HR Website

Click on PPR System & Forms

step 1 schedule mid year reviews

Schedule time on your calendar.

  • Notify staff of available dates and times
  • Explain the purpose of the mid-year review and the peer review processes
Step 1: Schedule Mid-Year Reviews
step 1 mid year reviews

An assessment of performance during the middle of an appraisal period

  • Provides staff with ongoing feedback on strengthening performance
  • Evaluate progress toward established goals, outcomes, and behaviors
  • Identify opportunities for increased skill building or improvement of current skills
Step 1: Mid-Year Reviews
step 1 peer reviews

Provide the opportunity for peers, colleagues, coworkers to give job related and behavioral feedback

  • Focus of the peer review and upward appraisal (for supervisors) is developmental
  • Supports the creation of the annual development plan
Step 1: Peer Reviews
step 2 prepare for mid year reviews

Ask staff member to identify at least 3 persons to participate in peer review process

  • Distribute the peer review forms – electronically or by hand
  • Identify the “date due” and “to whom” the form should be returned
  • Use the Peer Review form which includes the Behavioral expectations unless negotiated otherwise
  • The supervisor will synthesize the feedback including strengths and areas for development
Step 2: Prepare for Mid-Year Reviews
step 3 conduct the mid year review

Set aside enough time to complete in one session

  • Consider performance and development over the entire period – don’t focus on most recent happenings
  • Come to meeting prepared to discuss enhancement of performance
  • Review staff’s progress toward established goals – CSU, Departmental, Individual.
  • For those areas that “NI” complete a developmental plan
Step 3: Conduct the Mid-Year Review
step 3 suggestions for giving feedback

Start with something positive and reinforce good performance

  • Focus on how to improve rather than on past mistakes
  • Support your comments with facts – observable performance not inferences or assumptions
  • Use “we” to stress teamwork
  • Be candid, honest and fair – not confrontational
  • Ask questions
  • Receive feedback graciously
Step 3: Suggestions for giving feedback
developmental plans three types

Development to close performance gaps

    • Areas identified as “Needs Improvement”
  • Development to enhance job skills and performance
  • Development for career advancement or career exploration
Developmental Plans – Three types
step 3 conducting mid year review

Aim for growth - not perfection

  • Be specific about what resources are necessary to meet a particular goal
  • Describes goals in a positive manner rather than negative actions
  • Determine action plan to improve performance and target dates for completion
  • Options to consider
    • Projects/Developmental Assignments
    • Courses/Training or Certifications
    • Research (books, articles, internet)
    • Mentoring relationships
    • Community of practice/Professional Associations
Step 3: Conducting Mid-Year Review
step 3 conducting the mid year review


  • Respond to employee’s questions
  • Ask them what you can do to help them reach their goals
  • Thank the employee for their contributions to the team’s success
Step 3: Conducting the Mid-Year Review

HR website

  • WCIC
    • Tanya Griffin
    • Priscilla Ramseur
    • Shilpa Shelton
    • Yvonne Spurney