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Install an. Allegro. Central Vacuum System. in your new home at Leloko. Experience the convenience.

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Install an


Central Vacuum System

in your new home at Leloko

experience the convenience
Experience the convenience

Allegro Central Vacuum Systems offers you a built-in vacuum cleaning system that surpasses the performance of any conventional vacuum cleaner. Pipes are installed in the walls, ceiling or floor of your home. These pipes lead to the actual vacuuming unit, situated out of sight in the garage or basement. When vacuuming, simply connect the hose to a wall mounted inlet conveniently placed to reach every inch of your home. No more lugging a cumbersome vacuum cleaner around, bumping into furniture or tripping over the electric cable. The dust is silently transferred to the power unit where it is filtered and stored. This means that there is no recirculation of dust or pollen, greatly relieving the misery caused by allergies. Another nifty little feature of the Allegro system is the VacPan™ - a built-in dustpan that is activated by an on/off kick switch. Simply sweep dirt over to the floor inlet and it's gone. The Allegro system is designed to suit any style and size of home, hospital, office or library. It can be installed in an existing house or during construction and only takes a few hours. It is a convenient and healthy addition to any home and will change the way you clean for ever.

why a built in central vacuum system
Why a Built-in Central Vacuum System?
  • Healthy air – eliminates recirculation of dirty air inside your living area
  • Vacuum Power – bigger motor provides more power than most portable machines
  • Less noise – machine is located outside your living area
  • Home value – one of the best investments you can make in your home

Optional luxury items

This is an ideal attachment for your Central Vacuum System if you have a natural wood-burning fireplace or for your workshop. 98% of dust and dirt are collected in the separator. This keeps your central vacuum hose and filtration system clean.

If you have a lot of carpets, this powerful brush, with roller to beat the carpet and loosen the dirt, will do the trick.

The telescopic wand replace the normal wands.

The Micro-precision kit is used to clean your printer, keyboard and delicate items with care.

Finally, a simple way to help keep dog and cat hairs off of your furniture, carpets, bedspreads, and clothes - groom your pet while removing the loose hairs!

The central vacuum hose sock helps prevent damage to furniture and baseboards.


Indication of interest sheet

If you consider having a

Central Vacuum System installed in

your new home at Leloko,

please indicate by selecting


then click the send button.