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Activity Report. Saint-Joseph University April 2011. UNCHAIN project aims to create an innovation’s chair in each of the participating MEDA countries. It is financed by the TEMPUS program which is funded by the European Commission.

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activity report

Activity Report

Saint-Joseph University

April 2011


UNCHAIN project aims to create an innovation’s chair in each of the participating MEDA countries.

It is financed by the TEMPUS program which is funded by the European Commission.

It has begin in January 2009 and will be terminated in January 2012.

1 st year achievements 2009
1st year achievements 2009

Kick off

  • Defining the mission of the innovation’s chair
  • Building up the chair inside the university
  • Appointing a chair’s coordinator for 3 years
  • Defining and acquiring the needed equipment for the chair (server, 3 laptops, 1 multifunction printer)
  • Securing a 60 m2 space for the chair in the new erected building “Campus of innovation and sport”
2 nd year achievements 2010
2nd year achievements 2010

Getting Data and building models

  • Organising a brain storming session between academics from Saint-Joseph University and decision makers from leading companies in the Lebanese market
  • Identifying potential collaborators for the chair’s work
  • Following seminars and trainings on innovation strategy, innovation management and intellectual properties rights
  • Begin the design of punctual innovation projects based on the research done at the university
3 rd year achievements till april 2011
3rd year achievements till April 2011

Designing the 1st spin off company in the University

Mission: Produce and distribute bio pesticide

Partners: St-Joseph University and a leading NGO “Arc En Ciel”

Progress report

  • Securing 120000 us dollars (50% research’s council USJ, 50% NGO)
  • Lab work for producing bio pesticide completed
  • 5L reactor for optimising purchased
  • 100L and 1000L reactors should be build in Lebanon (architecture of the reactors is done and tenders launched)
  • The Science faculty will be responsible for the production
  • The NGO will secure the distribution of the product
  • Discussions are under way with TU Graz to join the project and transform the production unit into a bio pesticide competence center

The role of the chair is to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the project

3 rd year achievements till april 20111
3rd year achievements till April 2011

Research’s partnership between the faculty of Science

and El-Kazzi company

Mission: El-Kazzi (industrial company) finances 2 PHD students for the amount of 120000 us dollars for enhancing the quality of his products

Progress report

  • Contract between El-Kazzi and the faculty of Science signed
  • The 2 students register in the PHD program
  • The research council of the university will contribute with 50000 us dollars in this project (under way)

The role of the chair is to find suitable solutions for a smooth and fruitful research partnership

3 rd year achievements till april 20112
3rd year achievements till April 2011

Designing a sustainable strategic plan


  • Identifying applied research and researchers in the University thru meetings with deans and trainings
  • Identifying interested companies by our research thru creating pertinent database and thru public relation
  • Secure financial sustainability of the chair thru discussions with PTS and the research council
3 rd year achievements till april 20113
3rd year achievements till April 2011

Promote innovation inside the university.

Increase innovation’s awareness among researchers thru

  • Presentation of the chair during the research days of the university (presentation made by Prof. Hans Schnitzer in February 2011)
  • Presentation of the chair in the magazine of the University (1 full page, March 2011 )
  • Planning an innovation workshop for the University researchers during fall 2011
  • Next year (February 2012) research days will focus on innovation
3 rd year achievements
3rd year achievements

Promote USJ/Industry relationship outside University

Should be done during the last phase (April-January)

  • Comprehensive database of the needs of the Lebanese companies
  • Organise innovation’s seminars and trainings for middle management of these companies
  • Increase awareness of companies of the research done at the University thru presentation and visits on companies’ site
  • Develop awareness of students of the existence of Berythec incubator for start-ups