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Cyberspace: where did it come from? PowerPoint Presentation
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Cyberspace: where did it come from?

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Cyberspace: where did it come from? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Presence in Cyberspace Outerspace Streetspace Mindspace Biotaspace? Bruce Damer Technosphere Conference, Inst of Ecotechnics Synergia Ranch, Oct 9, 2005. Cyberspace: where did it come from?. Bush (Memex), Nelson Engelbart’s vision SRI: NLS 1968: Mother of all Demos

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Cyberspace: where did it come from?

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Human PresenceinCyberspaceOuterspaceStreetspaceMindspaceBiotaspace?Bruce DamerTechnosphere Conference, Inst of EcotechnicsSynergia Ranch, Oct 9, 2005

cyberspace where did it come from
Cyberspace:where did it come from?
  • Bush (Memex), Nelson
  • Engelbart’s vision
  • SRI: NLS
  • 1968: Mother of all Demos
  • E&S, Imlacs 60s–1970s
  • Xerox PARC
  • Cray
  • Other early hardware
3d interfaces evolution
3D interfaces - evolution
  • 1970s wireframe to solid to ray traced – SIGGRAPH, ’74
  • Maze War
  • Alvy Ray Smithframe buffer
  • 80s SGI
  • Real time rendering
  • Immersive VR
  • Commodity Virtual Worlds/Internet – 90s-2000s
dimensional cyberspaces
Dimensional Cyberspaces
  • Simulation – weather, aerodynamics, cold war, Shuttle program
  • Render to film – Hollywood and TV
  • Experimental informational interfaces
  • Art/Experience - placeholder
geographical information systems
Geographical Information Systems
  • Geographical Information Systems - GeoFusion textured 3D model of earth with real satellite imagery
geographical information systems1
Geographical Information Systems
  • Progressive texturing – Swiss Alps
artistic and pedagogical applications
Artistic and Pedagogical applications
  • Art/Experience – Placeholder, Osmose, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, Krueger
  • Experimental Pedagogy – cyberfora @ ArtCenter- Vlearn SIG
artistic and pedagogical uses
Artistic and Pedagogical uses

VLearn3D SIG and annual cyberconference

experimental frontiers of 3d environments
Experimental Frontiers of 3D environments
  • Evolutionary virtual worlds (Sims,
  • Modeling the large and the small scale (cosmology, quantum dynamics)
  • Tele-immersion
avatars and peopled community cyberspaces
Avatars and PeopledCommunity Cyberspaces
  • The original Maze War - ARPANET
  • 1970s-80s DOD simulation and training
  • 1980s - MUDs, MOOs text-based virtual worlds
  • 1990s – Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM
  • 2000s Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming
killer app driving evolution games everquest
Killer App Driving Evolution - GamesEverQuest
  • 75,000 to 100,000 users online at any one time
  • Feature film level budget and box office
games the sims
GamesThe Sims

Design and run your own “soap opera”, households, towns, businesses, in a sort of “puppet theater”

games venture rush into the virtual worlds medium
GamesVenture rush into the virtual worlds medium
  • Linden Labs “Second Life”
  • Star Wars Galaxies
  • Never Winter’s Night (DandD)
  • 20 other projects in the works
  • 3D Chipsets, automatic shaders, real-time rendering, George Lucas: game chip short film project
experiments in early internet based virtual worlds 1995 2002
Experiments in early Internet-based Virtual Worlds (1995-2002)
  • Contact Consortium: Silicon-Valley based nonprofit
  • DigitalSpace: commons-based for-profit corporation
  • Building and community experiments
  • Learning spaces
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Cyber-conferences
1995 worlds chat
1995: Worlds Chat

First net-based real time avatar space (Worlds Inc.)

1995 alphaworld cityscape a public building space on the net 300 000 users as avatars
1995: Alphaworld cityscape –a public building space on the net300,000 users as “avatars”

1 Billion objects placed since 1995


1996: Sherwood Towne construction experiment(featured at Ars Electronica 1997)

Anthropology-driven experiment in virtual community construction


1996: User-created emergent social structures &activities – wedding

Emergent space, experience, bottom-up contributions from community

1998-99: Experimental Learning SpacesVirtual walk on the moon with Apollo IX astronaut Russell Schweickart
experimental learning spaces virtual walk on the moon with apollo ix astronaut russell schweickart
Experimental Learning SpacesVirtual walk on the moon with Apollo IX astronaut Russell Schweickart
1998 2003 avatars cyber conferences annual festival of the avatar commons the burning man of bits
1998-2003: AVATARS Cyber-conferencesAnnual festival of the avatar commons“the Burning Man of Bits”

1998-2003: AVATARS Cyber-conferences

Mixture of physical and virtual venuesCybertradeshow created by database

case avatars2001 a cyberspace odyssey
Case: Avatars2001 a cyberspace odyssey

Multiple worlds, staging of attendees

apollonaris volcano and gusev crater
Apollonaris Volcano and Gusev Crater

Mars Planetary Fractal Model

drive on mars
Drive On Mars
  • Inspired by Pathfinder/Sojourner experience in 1997: QTVR and VRML rich media
  • Virtual worlds are highly effective outreach tools, much lower bandwidth than video, higher interactivity, full distributability (a la SETI@Home)
  • Based on 4 years of platform development at Ames/RIACS and Digital Space: BrahmsVE platform
fmars devon island canada
FMARS, Devon Island, Canada

BrahmsVE: FMARS Analogue Habitatsimulating people on other planets

planning meeting water tank filling eva prep
Planning meeting, water tank filling, EVA prep

BrahmsVE: FMARS Analogue Habitat


A collaborative cyber-fashion eventand online mystery gameFashion Institute of Technology& Simon Fraser UniversityApril 23, 2003


Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

  • Range of environments: 2D, 3D, physical, virtual, live
  • Range of media: Fashion drawings, virtual construction (garments and characters), interactive narrative, game, live performance
  • Distributed international team
  • Interdisciplinary communicating, thinking, working, negotiating
shared virtual stage set in atmosphere
Shared Virtual Stage Set in Atmosphere

Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

garments modeled on stage set
Garments modeled on Stage Set

Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

physical modeling of garments
Physical modeling of garments

Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

future tech directions
Future Tech Directions

Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

  • Poser 5 Cloth Model, with a revolution in 3D Chipset performance
  • The tie-in with apparel: Whole Garment Knitting, CAD/CAM comes to fashion?
whole garment knitting cad cam comes to the apparel business shima seiki
Whole Garment KnittingCAD/CAM comes to the apparel business (Shima Seiki)

Team Distance Learning in Virtual Worlds

Golem: the ultimate Avatar?Merger of Movie Special FX and online Virtual Environments?Golem (Serkis) as the ultimate avatar

Mental Health: Phobias

Disabilities: prostheses


Where is life headed?

acknowledgements and resources
Acknowledgements and Resources
  • DigitalSpace Team Colleagues, Galen Brandt, Alex Grigny de Castro
  • Contact Consortium Colleagues, Bonnie DeVarco, Mike Heim
  • Datafusion Inc. Joel Schatz, Chris Rathe
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Bill Clancey, Maarten Sierhuis
  • Active Worlds Inc. Rick Noll
  • Adobe Systems Inc. Michael Kaplan, Bahman Dara
  • GeoFusion, Chuck Stein
  • Arlington Institute, John Peterson
  • Daria Dorosh, FIT, Steve DiPaola, SFU
  • Drive On Mars, BrahmsVE, PSA: Dave Rasmussen, Merryn Nielson, Ryan Norkus, Peter Newman, M Sierhuis, W. Clancey, B. Brodsky
  • Mars Terrain Modeling: Ken Heidenreich & students, Ruth Fry, Ken Musgrave, Pandromeda, DS team for FMARS habitat, Geoff Briggs for inspiration
  • Andy Serkis, Lord of the Rings
  • Karl Sims, Char Davies, Brenda Laurel, Rob Tow
  • DigiBarn Computer Museum & Supporters
  • Ron Britvich, Roland Villett
  • Rich Didday
  • Virtual World Studios, Allan Lundell, Sun MacNamee
acknowledgements and resources1
Acknowledgements and Resources
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  • Powerpoint version is at:
  • Contact:
  • The Digital Space Commons
  • Digital Space Publications:
  • Drive on Mars:
  • RATAVA’S LINE Project and Event Pages:
  • Contact Consortium
  • Biota Special Interest Group
  • VLearn3D Special Interest Group
  • DigiBarn Computer Museum:
  • Adobe Atmosphere:
  • Atmospherians: