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Web Enhancements

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Web Enhancements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Enhancements
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  1. Web Enhancements Tuesday, June 10, 2003

  2. Purpose • Describe the components of • Stand Alone Ticker • LMP Maps • neData Portal. • Review enhancements to the web. • Receive feedback from Participants to be reviewed for future enhancements

  3. Agenda • Installing and Using the Stand Alone Ticker • Review the Components of the LMP Maps • Review the Components and use of the neData Portal • Review enhancements made to the web.

  4. Format • Participants viewing via Spiderphone should follow the steps using a computer. • Use the raise hand function to ask a question during the demonstration. • Participants watching presentation at ISO New England should follow along using the provided lap-tops. • At the end of each section the lines will open for comments.

  5. Stand Alone Ticker

  6. Installation of the Ticker • Online Installation instructions are located on the ISO New England web site under Support/neData Ticker. Please review this document for details. • Important point to remember, • Please follow your company’s guideline when downloading the installation application. • If you do not have Java Runtime Enhancement (JRE) currently installed you will need to follow installation procedure for installing JRE. • This occurs automatically if JRE is not detected in the Ticker installation process.

  7. Using the Ticker • An online user guide is available on the ISO New England web under Support/neData Ticker. Please review this document for details. • Upon successfully installing the Ticker, an icon titled “ISONE Ticker” will be installed on the users desktop. • Double click on the ICON to start the Ticker • Ticker Description (5 minute Real time LMP) • Special Notice (yellow) • Locations (white) • LMP and Components (LMP blue components green) • Ticker Adjustments to access ticker adjustments, right mouse click on the ticker(default is bold in this presentation) • Speed (Fast/Medium/Slow) • Orientation ( Narrow/Tall) • Display (All/LMP) • About displays the version • Close, closes the ticker. It is important to close the ticker via this method only.

  8. FAQs • Here are some FAQs based on HEAT tickets we have received: • I installed the ticker but when it starts up it does not work and the DOS window has errors. • This could mean that the startup batch file for your operating system will not resolve the JRE home location properly. This has been discovered for Windows 98 users and one XP user. Please contact CS&T if you have these issues.


  10. LMP Maps Day Ahead and Real Time

  11. Accessing the LMP Maps • The LMP maps can be accessed through the ISO New England under Data and Reports/LMP Map. • Single Click to Display the Map • There are two versions of the map, Day Ahead and Real Time. • There are two tabs Labeled as such. The current view has a tab with black letters and the other has a blue tab with white letters. • To maneuver the view from one map to the next single click on the blue tab. • An online users guide is available under the help section of the LMP Maps.

  12. Day Ahead Map

  13. Real Time Map

  14. Sections of the Maps • Day Ahead Sections • Heading: provides the trading interval currently being displayed (Hour ending) this is located at the top of the map. • Instructions/Color Coded Price Key this is located on the left side of the map. • Geographical Pricing Map is located in the center. • The Congestion and Loss Components of the LMP are accessed by moving the mouse over an LMP (available on real time map as well). • Binding Constraints located on the right. • Real Time Sections • Heading: provides the time for the pricing information being displayed. • Most recent real time valid five-minute LMP and components. • Instructions/Color Coded Price Key this is located on the left side of the map. • Geographical Pricing Map is located in the center. • The Net Interchange per tie • Most Recent Special Notice located at the top left • System Conditions located at the bottom left.


  16. neData Portal

  17. Accessing the neData Portal • The neData Portal can be accessed through the ISO-NE website under Data and Reports/neData. • The first time a user connects, a user name and password must be created. • A cookie is placed on the users computer, therefore the user will not be required to log in once this has been completed. • An online users guide is available under the help section of the neData Portal.

  18. neData Portal 5 1 6 2 3 7 4

  19. Sections of the neData Portal • There are seven sections in the neData Portal • Alert Information • Current 5-Minute LMP • Weather • Other Links • neData Portal Toolbar • Ticker • Canvas

  20. Alert Information (1) • Displays the current Real-Time system conditions according with NEPOOL Operating Procedure No. 4 (OP 4) Actions During a Capacity deficiency. • Normal • Power Caution • Power Watch • Power Warning • To view more information single click on the System Conditions button

  21. Current Five Minute LMP (2) • LMP and each component for the Hub, Zones, and External Nodes. The information in the box changes approximately every five seconds to provide the LMP Components for each of the locations stated above.

  22. Weather (3) • The weather section includes three maps. Each map can be selected to bring up a window with the following information. • Forecast map- Provides a test of the seven day weather forecast of specific cities within New England. • Radar Information map- Provides a color coded map of the amount and type of precipitation currently occurring of the Northeast United States. • Satellite Information map- Provides a color coded map of the cloud temperature over the Northeast United States.

  23. Other Links (4) • Other Links: Other Links direct the user to various sites on the ISO New England web page which includes; • Morning Report • Special Notices • Transmission Outages. • To access these links, move the mouse over the specific link and single click.

  24. neData Portal Toolbar (5) • Allows the user to adjust the display of the canvas: • Open Profile- Change between four profiles (a default and three blank canvases which can be edited and saved based on the user preferences). • Save as profile- Save changes in profiles 1-3 • Add Module- Add module i.e., graph or table • Help- Provides an overview on how to use the portal. • User Prefs- Switch users and/or change personal user names and passwords.

  25. Portal Ticker Module (6) • The Ticker displays the following: • The system-wide Energy component of the LMP for the current training interval. • The hourly Day-Ahead and Real-Time Congestion and Loss Components for the Hub, Zones and External Nodes. • Day-Ahead is yellow and Real-Time is green. • The speed of the ticker defaults to medium but can be adjusted to slow or fast as well. • Please give us feedback on the speed (is fast to fast or is slow to slow etc.)

  26. Canvas (7) • The Canvas displays various modules either Default or three user created profiles. • Multiple Modules per Profile is allowed but only one Ticker is allowed. • The maximum number of Modules allowed per Profile is ten (including the Ticker). • The Modules can be moved and/or resized on the Canvas within a Profile by using the Position/Size Tool bar

  27. Module

  28. Modules • View • Each module can be displayed as a table or graph • Data retrieve • Users can create a CSV file or Copy from a table (in XML format) and paste into the a document of a users choice. • Configure • User can choose a specific date and/or time for the data to display as well as the specific locations.

  29. FAQs • Here are some FAQs we have received: • I changed the canvas of the Portal to show different charts and logged out. Even though I did not save the profile it retained those. I thought they would be lost if I did not save it. • If you change the canvas and do not save it, logging out and back in will retain that information. However, if you load in another profile without having saved the previous changes they will be lost. • Why is the Load chart only showing a portion of the past Forecast load? • This issue was identified to us and we are working to correct it. • How often does the load forecast update? • Approximately once per hour


  31. Other Web Enhancements

  32. Other Web Enhancements • Three Selectable Reports • DA and RT Hourly LMP Data • DA and RT Load Hourly Data Note Day-ahead avail. 6/2 with Real-time by the end of June • Operating Reserve Data • Settlement Calendar • Monthly Operating Reserve Data • Notification of web changes on home page. • Wireless cell showing 5 minute LMPs for Hub, Zone and External Interfaces, Special Notices and Legal Notices.

  33. Links • Stand Alone Ticker Installation http://www.iso-ne.com/ticker.php • LMP Map http://www.iso-ne.com/portal/ISONELMPMap.html • neData Portal http://www.iso-ne.com/portal/ • Settlement Calendar of Events http://www.iso-ne.com/settlement-resettlement/calendar_of_events/ • Operating Reserve Summary http://www.iso-ne.com/settlement-resettlement/SMD_operating_reserves_summary/ • Operating Reserve Congestion Payment Report http://www.iso-ne.com/smd/market_analysis_and_reports/transmission_congestion_data_file/ • Wireless Information http://www.iso-ne.com/wireless.php • DA and RT Hourly LMP Data http://www.iso-ne.com/smd/operations_reports/da_rt_lmp.php • DA and RT Load Hourly Data http://wwwint/smd/operations_reports/da_rt_mw.php


  35. Selectable Load Data

  36. Selectable Load Data

  37. Selectable Day Ahead LMP

  38. Selectable Day Ahead LMP Nodal View Zonal View

  39. Scope of Data

  40. Scope of Data • Data associated with hourly values for Hub, Zone and External Nodes will be available for up to 1 year. • All other data (I.e. Nodal) will be available for up to 35 days. • Five-minute Real Time LMP data is available for up to 15 days.