the federation of salaried employees pardia n.
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The Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia PowerPoint Presentation
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The Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia

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The Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia
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  1. The Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia

  2. Pardia – the Federation of SalariedEmployees • central organisation for negotiation, agreements and the protection of members' interests • channel between member organisations and the The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK • exerts an influence in society • employee organisation for 24 member organisations with 60 000 members • third largest employee organisation in STTK

  3. Pardia’sAdministrativeStructure • 60 000 members • 300 associations • 24 memberorganisations Members Associations Memberorganisations Council of Representatives Memberorganisationshave 1 representative for each 1 000 members • Board of Directors • 1 + 25 members • WorkingCommittee • 1 +8 members • WorkingCommittee for State SectorIssues • WorkingCommittee for PrivateSectorIssues 16 regionalcommittees Office

  4. Pardia's Member Organisations • Alkoholialantoimihenkilöt (Association of Employees ofAlko) • Association of Finnish University and Research Establishment Staff • Association of Salaried Agricultural Employees’ Organisations • Employees of the Åland Provincial Administration • Finnish Association of Fire Fighters* • Finnish Association of Technical and Information Employees • Finnish Engineers' Association* • Finnish Ship's Officers’ Union* • Finnish Telecommunication Technicians Union • Kelantoimihenkilöt (Association of Employees of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) • Luotsiliitto - Lotsförbundet (Maritime Pilots´ Association) • MATE – Association of National LandSurvey'sEmployees • METO – Forestry Experts' Association Personnel Union HU* • ProUnioni • The Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects RIA* • The Finnish Police Federation • The personnel union for the Employment and the Economy-Administration • The Tax Employees Union of Finland • The Union of the Finnish National Defence Personnel • Union of Civil Servants of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs • Union of Health and Social Care Professionals Tehy* • Union of Social, Health and Educational Employees • Union of the Customs Officials in Finland • Co-operative member:Staff Association of Bank of Finland *) Of the members of these unions, only those employed by the state are our members.

  5. Pardia’sStrategy Vision: Pardia is the bestsalariedemployees’ federation. Mission Statement: Pardia gives a top-quality performance in protecting its members’ interests. Values: • Equality • Accountability • Proximity Strategic objectives • Strong negotiation and collective agreement activities and active participation in society secure good terms of employment, welfare at work and security in a changing environment. • Our activities correspond to members’ needs in a constantly changing working environment. • Competent officials and sound finances enable good results in protecting members’ interests.

  6. Collective Agreement for State Civil Servants and Employees Under Contract support to negotiations conducted by member organisations interpretations and advice on agreements issues of co-operation, employee representation and occupational safety and health development of working life management of disputes related to agreements and legal assistance research and statistics Pardia's Tasks Exerting an Influence in Society Negotiations and Agreements • regional influence • appreciation of work carried out by members • protection of interests on the European level and other international activity • income policy within STTK • pensions and other social security benefits, e.g. unemployment benefits • exerting an influence within STTK (taxation, industrial policy, etc.) • direct influence on society (State budget, legislation on civil servants and administration etc.)

  7. Pardia's Tasks • Organisational Activity • regional activity • inter-organisationrelations • preparedness for industrial action • recruiting new members • youth activities • Education • Education unit is responsible for the planning, putting on practice and evaluating on training of members, member organizations and employee representatives. • Producing and disiminating on training material. • Communications • Communications unit is responsible for external and internal communications, web sites, publications and Pardia’spublicity.

  8. Pardia – protection to members: • competitive collective agreements for civil servants and employees under contract • interpretations and advice on agreements • support of employee representatives • management of disputes related to agreements and legal assistance • unemployment benefits • Pardia and its member organisations also offer other benefits

  9. Membership Benefits of Pardia andMember Organisations • hotel and travel discounts • fuel discounts • PardiaNyt-magazine • support to holiday travel packages • organisation of holidays with physical exercise • work-related liability and legal assistance insurance • accident and travel insurance for leisure activities • renting of holiday cabins • calendars • study grants and subsidies • rented apartments • membership magazines • financial assistance during strikes • loan agreements with banks to finance industrial action

  10. Objective: Good Work • A good job means: • Equality • Fair and motivating remuneration • Knowledge of the objectives of your own job and work community • Pride in your own work • The chance to affect your own work • Good opportunities for personal development and training • Interactive leadership • Multifaceted occupational welfare • A safe working environment and job security.

  11. Pardia's Negotiation Environment The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK • Service SectorEmployers PALTA • The Federation of Finnish Commerce • Association of FinnishIndependentEducationEmployers • Association of SocialService Employers State Employer's Office VTML State Agencies and Institutions PARDIA

  12. Division of Tasks between Organisational Levels Influencing society Influencing legislation International protection of interests Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK State Collective Agreements for civil Servants and employees under contract at the central level Influencing legislation International protection of interests The Federation of Salaried Employees PARDIA More detailed agreements for civil servants and employees under contract Influencing the decision-makers in the relevant sector of administration Development of work communities Interpretation and application of agreements Member organisation and/or sector organisation

  13. System of Collective Agreements for State Civil Servants General regulations governing the agreement Agreementframework State Employers`s Office VTML Pardia Delegation of powers ”Gaps in agreements” Paysystems Agencywith negotiationpowers ”Negotiation” organisation Detailedagreements at agencylevel

  14. System of CollectiveAgreements for PrivateSector The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK Collectiveagreements STTK EmployerOrganisation Collectiveagreemenst (e.g. salaries, workingtime, vacations) Pardia OrPardia’smemberorganisation Company Localagreement Pardia´smember organisation Company Employmentagreement Shop steward Employee