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Temperate Forest

Temperate Forest. Nora DeSimone. Temperate Forest. Subgroups: Temperate coniferous forests Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests Deciduous forests. Where is this biome located?. United States Canada Europe China Japan Russia. Climate. Four different seasons Summer is warm and wet

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Temperate Forest

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  1. Temperate Forest Nora DeSimone

  2. Temperate Forest • Subgroups: • Temperate coniferous forests • Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests • Deciduous forests

  3. Where is this biome located? United States Canada Europe China Japan Russia

  4. Climate • Four different seasons • Summer is warm and wet • 4-6 months • Fertile • Vegetation • Winter is cold • Temperatures usually don’t drop below -2 °C • Not as cold as higher elevations • No dry season • Second rainiest biome • 75-150 cm a year • Average temperature is 50°

  5. Plants • Trees • Deciduous • lose leaves during winter • Maples, oaks, chestnuts, beeches, elms • Temperate Deciduous Forest 5 layers • Stratum, small tree, shrub, Herb, Ground • Coniferous • Leaves are needles • Also called evergreens • Pines, firs, cedars • Broad-leaved evergreens • New Zealand, Australia, South America • Flat, leathery leaves, waxy • Olive, holly, tea, eucalyptus

  6. Plants Other trees: Sycamore Oak Aspen Walnut tree Lime tree Chestnut tree Birch Elm Tulip tree

  7. Animals Squirrels Brown bears Badgers Hedgehogs Deer Bobcats woodpeckers Birds Ant Bat Bison Coyote Fox Tit (bird) Tiger

  8. Adaptations Animals Plants • Seasons • Cold winters • Heavy fur coats • Hibernation • Squirrels, chipmunks, jays store nuts and seeds • migration • Hot summers • Predators • Decidious forests have leaves not pine needles • Lose leaves and grow them back • In the summer: broad green leaves capture sunlight and perform photosynthesis • Cool temperatures in the fall: leaves turn yellow, orange, red • Winter: lose leaves, seal up the spots where the leaves attach to the branch

  9. Food web

  10. Human Impacts on biome • Deforestation • Timber • Paper • Good land for farming • Etc. • Killing animals • Affecting food chains • Pollution • Acid rain

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