Ch 6 ppt duel for north america 1608 1763
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Ch 6 PPT Duel for North America 1608-1763 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch 6 PPT Duel for North America 1608-1763. French Canada - New France. French : Latecomers to New World due to foreign wars and religious strife 1500s: Catholics vs. Protestant (French) Huguenots 1572 – over 10,000 Huguenots murdered.

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Ch 6 ppt duel for north america 1608 1763
Ch 6 PPT Duel for North America1608-1763

French canada new france
French Canada - New France

  • French: Latecomers to New World due to foreign wars and religious strife

  • 1500s: Catholics vs. Protestant (French) Huguenots

  • 1572 – over 10,000 Huguenots murdered.

  • 1598: Edict of Nantes issued by French King– granted limited toleration/rights to the French Protestants (Huguenots)

  • Louis XIV reigned for 72 years (1643-1715) and was interested in overseas colonies.

Ch 6 tmwk
Ch. 6 TMWK

  • Map Pg 107: Which European country controlled the most land in N. America?

  • Who controlled the land around the Great Lakes?

  • What areas did the Spanish control?

  • Map Pg 108: What areas were the French trading posts located?

French arrive
French Arrive

  • Samuel de Champlain “Father of New France.”

  • French settled Quebec in 1608

  • Friendly with the Huron Native American Tribes.

  • French fought against the Iroquois tribes of upper NY which made them enemies of the Iroquois.

  • Autocratic government, controlled by the king

  • Small population growth (60,000 in 1750)

New france expands
New France Expands

  • By 1700: Controlled Large parts of Canada and great interior basin of “Louisiana”

  • Effective traders with Amerindians – had over50 French trading posts in N. America

  • British wished to exterminate

  • Spanish wished to subdue the French to Control Gulf of Mexico

French gold the beaver
French Gold: “The Beaver”

  • Heavy demand for beaver pelts in Europe to make hats (warmth).

  • Fur trappers: Coureurs de bois and voyageurs.

  • Indians recruited into fur business, but died of European diseases.

  • Social and religious (went against their beliefs) ramifications of beaver trading on Amerindians.

  • Decimated beaver population.

Other french settlers
Other French Settlers

  • French Catholic missionaries = Jesuitswanted to save Indians from fur trappers and for Christ. (played vital role as explorers & geographers).

  • Antoine Cadillac -attempted to keep English out of Ohio Valley – Founded city of Detroit.

  • Robert de la Salle - Named great interior basin “Louisiana.”

  • Block Spain from the Mississippi River by planting fortified posts - most important was New Orleans. (wanted for French traders.)

Clash of empires
Clash of Empires

  • King William’s War 1689-1697: British colonists vs. coureurs de bois - both sides recruited Indians as allies.

  • British rewarded with Acadia (Nova Scotia), Newfoundland and Hudson Bay area.

  • 1754-1763 French and Indian War: (Seven Year’s War) Was a dispute over Ohio River area.

Cartoon printed a month before the albany congress
Cartoon Printed a month before the Albany Congress

  • Albany Congress 1754 – Intercolonial Congress in NY: To make the Iroquois tribe loyal to the British (better relations) and to achieve great colonial unity in order to be a stronger defense against France.

Which colonies? – VA, MD, NY,Mass, CT,NH, RI,Penn, NJ, SC, NC.

French and indian war1
French and Indian War

  • 1754 -1763: Conflict over control of Ohio Valley between French and British (for economic security)

  • War fought in America, Europe, West Indies, India, and Africa. (Aka Seven Years’ War)

  • Lieutenant Colonel George Washington defeated at Fort Necesity (allowed to retreat)

  • French spent a lot of energy fighting in Europe – so not enough forces in America.

French and indian war cont
French and Indian War Cont.

  • Delegates adopted Albany plan, but colonies didn’t.

  • 1756: British invaded Canada

  • Leader, Englishman William Pitt: concentrated efforts in Quebec Montreal area. French lost. (they spent more energy in war in Europe.)

  • Spain eliminated from Florida

  • Battle of Quebec, 1759: British fought French just outside Quebec City. French lost.

Colonial tension
Colonial Tension

  • Growing colonial confidence

  • Parliament will tax colonists for debts incurred from war - tensions increase.

  • London Govt issues Proclamation of 1763: Prohibited settlement west of and beyond the Appalachian Mts.

  • Colonists defied the proclamation and steadily pushed west.

Tmwk ch 6

6. Pg. 119 What land areas did Britain control before the French and Indian War?

7. What new areas were ceded to Britain after the French and Indian War?

8. What are the connections between the French and Indian War and the American Revolution?