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Poetry Book 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Poetry Book 2007

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Poetry Book 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poetry Book 2007
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  1. Poetry Book 2007

  2. A Haiku poem is a three line poem about nature. Haiku poems have a very distinctive structure consisting of a number of syllables. The first line consists of five,the second line has seven and the third line has five syllables. The structure of a Haiku includes listening for syllables or how you chunk words. Listen again as I count the syllables in each line of the next Haiku. Dark,/om/in/ous/ sky, Stat/ic en/er/gy/ then/ POP! Cra/zy/ lit/ up/ sky. Sun shines on sidewalk, Weeds grow sideways in small cracks Ants take treasures home. Dark, ominous sky, Static energy then POP! Crazy lit up sky.

  3. Read or listen to the following Haiku’s and clap out the syllables. Now it is time for you to write your own Haiku’s.You will compose three to four Haiku’s on your own. Check to make sure they follow the structure of a Haiku. Then design your own poetry page. Be creative and have fun! Bright and colorful, On silent fluttering wings Landing on flowers Underground tremors Sad,disastrous results The ground shakes apart. Mother earth’s garden enjoy beauty forever protect environment.

  4. Store nuts for winter Bushy tail dragging everywhere Climb up,down trees. Crack the branches fall higher and wider flames spread Splash water, steam rose. Zigzags coming down Zap trees fall down in the road yellowish white bolts. Sand and warm weather people playing volley ball water on the shore. Alexei

  5. Roots take in water Wrapping around tall objects It starts growing beans. Clouds come out gets dark Water droplets in the sky The sun shows again. Soft sand under my feet Water splashing on the shore Looking for shells. Star shining brightly Out all day gives heat and light At sunset goes down. Scott

  6. The smell is pleasant Stand tall to absorb the sun Colorful flower. A trunk that can grow Tall enough to touch the sky Provides shade for you. Suddenly you see The dangerous orange and red Frightening flames. Cold blooded with fangs Scaly, great hiders with scales Slithery reptile. . Dakota

  7. Rooms in the forest Looking for honey to eats sleeping through winter Light fire in the woods Sparking flame high in the sky Crackle trees fall down Light green like the trees hair Stems that feel like Tasty fruit to eat Eating grass slowly Walking through the thick forest Final bite then sleep l Nick

  8. Food is contained. Then it will break the surface. Suddenly seedlings. Small brown and furry. Running across the forest. Wow! What a creature. Water rushing down. Killing all of the people. What a disaster. Dark and gloomy skies. And then boom! The noise you hear. Loud exploding sound. Paul

  9. Felicia Seagulls overhead mix sand, Water, sandcastle decorate with Shells. Seagulls over Head mix sand Water sandcastle decorate with Shells. Plant a seed, Grow plants Out Side in a nice garden, Flowers come up. Felicia

  10. Swinging from branches HANGING UPSIDE DOWN FROM LIMBS. EATING BANANAS. Step in the water Swimming splashing all around. Playing at the shore. Plant seeds watch grow Out Pops a long green stem Growing up to the sky. Long green slimy tongue Catching and eating crickets Croaks when it is done. By:Alexis

  11. Green caterpillaryou eat and grow in larvahatch then fly away. growing clinging to the pole Long, leafy and sticky and long green beans . Your babies love worms growing up to leave the nest Bye, on your own. jahlasja

  12. They red also white They have many pedals as well But watch out for thorns. There tall also green With many fruits like apples Branches hold them all Letombari

  13. the wet sand is soft. Sun shines on the water. Waves high, surf,s up Fluttery, pretty Different colors wings fly Then drink sweet Nectar. Sweet crunchy, juicy Different colors red, green Round good and healthy. Rochellie

  14. T all furry tendrils Thigmotropic beans growing The leaves big and green. Chirping in the sky Nesting in the forest trees Flying with the clouds. SPLASH! The wave is high Miles away you can see It’s falling,falling. Tall and heavy trunks Leaves reaching for the bright sun Standing peacefully. Ally

  15. Shiny green leaves long fury stems to hold up tendril spread out far Moist sand between toes water washes up shells little fish swim by Huge mouth eats small fish swims wickedly fast in pond silently swims back Destructive water destroys all habitats all animals run Andrew

  16. Frozen white rain drops. softly landed on my face. Freezing cold white flakes!! Sand between my toes The gentle water splashes Get in, BURR, its COLD!!! Plant it watch it grow One leaf, two leaf three one more with color Sharp teeth and growls. furry animal roams woods. Looking for diner. Breanna

  17. Summer leaves are green Changes color in autumn A beautiful sight Starts as a small seed The coat gets wet and soggy Out pops the young plant Walking on the sand Cool waves splashing on the shore The sun shines brightly Rises in the east Beautiful sight in the sky Setting in the west Carolann

  18. Lying in the sand The water moves in, out Drop ,splash feel the air. Snap, Branches falling The fire burning very hot Firefighters coming. Seed’s grow under the soil Grows tall and green like the grass Cows come and eat it. Boom, what is that sound It echo's throuout the sky It rumbles the sky. Corey

  19. Tall thick wide brown bark Slim branches cover the sky Leaves produce food Short stem makes leaves Growing produces new set Plants become healthy Waves crash on my feet Building sandcastles is amazing Birds fly around shore Spooky hoot at night Big yellow eyes in twilight Flying to catch prey Henry

  20. Waves touch sand softly get sand make a sand castle I could PlAY ALL DAY Clouds are very Gray Thunder and lightning Rains hard Rain drops clear then sun Seeds grow into plant Water makes the seed open up Green leaves mean seedling Jaleah

  21. Thigmatropic beans , growing as fast as they can, Sneaking up the wall. Scary wild weather, Dark clouds popping up in sky, Then wet forest floor. Bubbling volcano, Blasting wildly in the sky, Burning the forest floor. Running animal, Sprinting as fast as they could, Chasing after Jordan

  22. Starts from the earths dirt Rising high above the sky Supports mighty leaves. Seedlings from the earth Leaves dangle high in the sky Roots down in the ground. The storm rips through town Help comes, to assists hurt People The town is rebuilt. It scurries around Up in the tree branch to branch Eating many insects. Kenny

  23. Leaves wave in the wind. Tendrils reach and twist.around. Sprout and grow each day. SUNSHINE EVERYWERE. SAND JUMPING AS I RUN FAST. WAVES HITTING ME HARD. A PLACE WITH TREES. ANIMALS BUILDING HABITATS. CREATURES EAT FROM TREE. Barking at people. Run around the yard all. day Wagging their tails fast. Kamaayle

  24. quick and yellow Red Quick and yellow. Red delicious fruit. These cats go as fast as light. Picked from a very tall tree. To catch their dinner. Sweet, sour and tart. Long and bushy tail. Goes up a tree to pick nuts. Giants of the sea. In a hole they go. That has a lot of blubber. Breathes at the surface. Robert