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Christine Osbach

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Christine Osbach. 20 Student’s in my Kindergarten Classroom in Minneapolis, MN. A low-income, high crime area of the city. T eaching S trategies and Techniques W ondering. Question of study:

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christine osbach

Christine Osbach

20 Student’s in my Kindergarten Classroom in Minneapolis, MN. A low-income, high crime area of the city.

t eaching s trategies and techniques w ondering
Teaching Strategies and Techniques Wondering
  • Question of study:
  • What are some strategies to deal with disruptive behaviors before, during, and after they occur?
r eason for studying this topic
Reason for studying this topic:
  • Throughout my time in Detroit Public Schools Iwas in a first grade classroom and it was a major struggle of mine to get through everything I wanted to teach in the day while dealing with behavioral issue after behavioral issue. I believe that when all students are focused, engaged, and not distracted by themselves or other students, children can grow immensely academically.
  • With the classroom I am going into this year, which is another low-income, high-crime rate area I wanted to explore teaching strategies with students who have behavioral issues particularly those with behavioral issues who also has difficult home lives.
research procedures
Research Procedures:
  • Learning about students academically and home lives.
  • Recording student behavior and observations.
  • Interviewing other staff members.
  • Reflecting on the year as a whole and what can be done better.
timeline my research will take place over an entire school year
Timeline:(My research will take place over an entire school year)
  • First Few Months:
  • Try and understand all of the background information necessary to best understand each of my students
  • Assessing where students are academically
  • Understanding the home life of my students such as parent support, family issues, or general obstacles that make it difficult for a student to have a smooth school day
timeline cont
Timeline Cont.
  • Throughout the entire year:
  • Record the students behavior chart and record what color each student ended on for the day
  • Making notes about obstacles that occur in the classroom in my record book, what happened before, during, or after and reflecting on what could have been done better
  • Talking to other teachers and conducting formal interviews about situations that have come about in their classroom, to learn from other teachers so that hopefully the same situations will not occur in my classroom.
timeline cont1
Timeline Cont.
  • Last Month:
  • Reflecting on my school year and the behavioral issues and situations that have taken place, how I can better start off the school year next year so that any situations could possibly be avoided and what would be best for the students
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