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Presented by: The Business & Investment Network. Keys to Success Maximize the value of your business while improving efficiency, profitability and cash flow. Seven Essential Building Blocks for Accomplishing this Task. Implement a well designed internal financial reporting tool

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Presented by the business investment network

Presented by:The Business & Investment Network

Keys to SuccessMaximize the value of your business while improving efficiency, profitability and cash flow

Seven essential building blocks for accomplishing this task
Seven Essential Building Blocksfor Accomplishing this Task

  • Implement a well designed internal financial reporting tool

  • Build an “A” management team using Myers Briggs Psychological Type (MBTI)

  • Identify and track 3-5 keybusiness measures

  • Identify and track 3-5 key managementperformance measures

  • Establish a budget process that drives participation, accountability and performance

  • Prepare for Exit:

    • Retroactively restate and document adjusted EBITDA

    • Document your processes , procedures and job descriptions

  • Continue to improve and upgrade these tools , methodologies and performance

Implementing an internal financial reporting tool will
Implementing an Internal Financial Reporting Tool Will

  • Create a reporting format that highlights the essential elementsof your business

  • Facilitate a highly participatory and meaningful budget process

  • Create a template for explanation of variances

  • Track high level performance results

  • Track the key business indicators that are crucial for your success

  • Track key performance indicators by manager

  • Track one-time adjustments to EBITDA

  • Accomplish each of these on a comparative current year, budget and previous year basis

Building an a team using mbti myers briggs psychological type indicator
Building an “A” Team Using MBTI (Myers Briggs Psychological Type Indicator)

Each of us has a unique set of personality traits that profoundly influences

how we work and relate to one another

  • MBTI is a highly effective and widely used personality assessment tool

  • MBTI identifies individual strengths, challenges, style and preferences

  • An MBTI assessment will help you build on your teams strengths and supplement your teams weaknesses.


    I can perform the assessment and design workshops that will facilitate

    team building, internal and external communication, conflict resolution, salesperson closing ratios and more.

Identify key business measures
Identify Key Business Measures

A successful business requires a clear road map

that identifies and monitors the essential factors

that are driving the business.

  • What are the key factors behind the numbersthat you should be tracking? For example:

    • Are the number of visits to the company’s website a key to success?

    • How many leads are the company’s various marketing methods generating?

    • Is the ratio of domestic to international sales a key factor?

    • Is the company’s international sourcing going up or down?

      We can help you identify and track these key factors

Identify key management performance measures
Identify Key ManagementPerformance Measures

By understanding how their work impacts the overall company your key employees will maximize their performance.

  • Empoweringyour key employees to evaluate and determine their top 3-5 key performance measures will foster higher focus and better outcomes

  • Increased focus, particularly when tied to compensation, will improve the overall performance of the entire organization

  • Such measures are often not specifically financial. For example:

    • The number of engineering projects completed

    • The number of returned units

    • Product failure rates

    • Salesperson closing ratios

Establish a performance d riven budget process
Establish a Performance Driven Budget Process

  • Performance factors must be measured by reportable financial results

  • At both the manager and department level it is important to create a strong sense of :

    • Ownership

    • Accountability

    • Focus

      The budget review process must keep focused, accountable performance in the forefront and tie such performance to compensation .

Preparing for exit
Preparing for Exit

  • Increase the value of your company due to improved efficiency and profitability

  • One-time charges should be identified, documented and reported. You may be able to retroactively restate your historical earnings for valuation purposes

  • Upgrade your internal documentation to the highest degree possible. You will not only receive maximum value for your earnings ,

    you will receive value for the “turn-key” nature of your business

  • Being a turn-key business will add intrinsic value to potential buyers or investors because it will reduce the amount of time and resources it will require to get the company to reach peak performance

  • A turn-key company is better suited to acquire other businesses, which could be an attractive selling point for potential investors and buyers

Continue to improve these tools methodologies and performance
Continue to Improve these Tools , Methodologies and Performance

  • T here is always room for improvement in each of these areas. As part of your disciplined monthly review process,

    always ask:

    How can we make our tools, methodologies and performance

    even better ?