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Meeting Agenda

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Custom Test Solutions Elizabeth Zybczynski – Engineering Mgr MN Office Dave Ohmann – Applications Engineer Wyatt Meek – Software Sales/VISTA. Meeting Agenda. VI Engineering Overview LabVIEW and other programming languages Engineering Process/Quality Standards Example Applications

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Custom Test SolutionsElizabeth Zybczynski – Engineering Mgr MN OfficeDave Ohmann – Applications EngineerWyatt Meek – Software Sales/VISTA

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda
  • VI Engineering Overview
  • LabVIEW and other programming languages
  • Engineering Process/Quality Standards
  • Example Applications
  • Discussion of Cummins Raptor application
    • Functional tests
    • Environmental stress screening
    • Random vibrational testing
    • Monitoring of temperature, voltage, power
vi engineering delivering proven solutions for 12 years
VI Engineering - Delivering Proven Solutions for 12 Years
  • Industry Focus
    • Automotive, Life Sciences, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace
  • Office Locations
    • Detroit, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, SoCal
  • Two Core Competencies
    • Project Management – System Integration, Hardware Partners
    • Software Expertise
  • Three Business Units
    • Turn-Key Test Systems
    • Engineering Information Management
    • VISTA – Software Development Consulting/Tools
interactive engineers desktop
Interactive Engineers Desktop
  • DIAdem is a data management, visualization, analysis and reporting tool
  • Made for engineering data no column and row constraints
  • Robust analysis tools are included and custom toolboxes can be developed
  • Works on a variety of data file types
  • Tight integration with LabVIEW to allow easy communication to your instrumentation

DIAdem – Enterprise Service

  • Multiple active processing jobs from each lab
  • Test Execution and Post Test Analysis are geographically dispersed
  • Algorithms need to be managed centrally
  • Regulated environment – FDA, FMVSS
cummins inc
Cummins, Inc.
  • DIAdem Standard for Corporate Analysis Tools
  • DIAdem Based Custom Toolbox
  • Leverages Best Practices
  • 90% Productivity Gain Through Automation
  • VI Engineering Supports as Librarian
  • Corporate Taxonomy
    • Universal Naming Conventions
    • Standard Engineering Units
    • Standard File Types
software experience
Software Experience
  • Using LabVIEW since 1992
  • 95% of all developers are Certified LabVIEW Developers or Architects
  • Developed highest level LabVIEW course – Advanced Application Dev
  • Developed 1stquality standard – VISTA Tools
    • Requirements Management
        • Define and modify requirements; notify users
        • Traceability Matrix
    • Configuration Management
        • Manage development, verification and release of software
    • Reuse Strategy
        • Style Guides
        • Reuse libraries available to all groups
    • GOOP Software Architecture
quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Quality is a dynamic process that is cultivated through a project life-cycle.

quality assurance1
Quality Assurance
  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Verification
quality assurance requirements
Quality AssuranceRequirements
  • System Constraints
    • System voltage measurement accuracy must be +/- 1 mV.
  • Non-Functional Requirements
    • System must provide easy access to all the system components for maintenance.
  • Functional Requirements
    • The oven must be able to cycle and control temperature anywhere between 32 degC and 70 degC.
quality assurance design
Quality AssuranceDesign
  • Traceability
  • Review
  • Impact Analysis
quality assurance development
Quality Assurance Development
  • Defined Process
  • Prototyping
  • Review
  • Partial Integration
  • Independent Code Reviews
    • Checklist
    • Report
  • Unit Test
quality assurance validation
Quality Assurance Validation
  • Traceability
  • System Constraints
    • Check List
  • Non-Functional Requirements
    • Evaluation Criteria
  • Functional Requirements
    • Discrete Testing
quality assurance verification
Quality Assurance Verification

Documenting the use of our process

simplified waterfall model for software design


Simplified Waterfall Model for Software Design








All Too Often…

LabVIEW makes it very easy to quickly put something together








Developers do not follow a process

case study
Case Study

Source: CMU/SEI-94-TR-013

case study1
Case Study

Source: CMU/SEI-94-TR-013

vie applications
VIE Applications
  • Component Test Systems
  • Visions Systems
  • Consumer Products Functional Tests
  • Research and Development Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
component test experience
Oxygen Sensor

Fuel Systems

Wiper Blades


Light Bulbs Chrysler Body Hardware

Door Locks, Windows, Doors, Decklids

Electric Motors

Sun Roofs

Capacitors & Batteries

Alternators & Batteries

Brake Pads

Seat tester

Throttle body

Axles & Axle bearings



Brake Dampers

Seat Heaters


Component Test Experience
component test cells horicon division

Component Test CellsHoricon Division

National Instruments Confidential

component test system
Component Test System
  • What the component test system does?
    • Fatigue or durability testing of components
  • What products are having their components tested?
    • Lawn and Garden Tractors
    • Utility Tractors
    • Rear and front engine mowers
    • Gator Vehicles
labview test system objectives
LabVIEW Test System Objectives
  • Develop Two Identical Turn-Key Test Systems created to conduct Five Major Component Tests
    • Cyclic PTO Test
      • Responsible for stopping the mower blade once the clutch has been disengaged.
    • Cyclic Pressure Test
      • Test the fuel tank for leaking
    • Mower Deck Cyclic Loading Test
      • Applies two differing loads to mower to engage

and disengage the clutch

    • Temperature Control Test
    • General Test
      • Allow a custom test to be created, with a

sequence of actions and a set of interlocks.

system components software
System Components – Software
  • FieldPoint Module (Execution engine)
    • LabVIEW RT Operating System
    • FPT receives operating parameters from host computer
    • FPT controls and monitors I/O directly, capable of continuing execution stand alone
    • Executive engine will give display and load data back to host computer
  • Desktop (Host) Computer
    • Microsoft Office 2000
    • Contains the user interface
    • Translates the user information to the FPT module
    • Data logs information onto network location
new component test system controls
New Component Test System - Controls
  • Pneumatic Actuator Control (FP-RLY-420)
    • Control 6 actuators independent of each other
    • Cycle counter capable of 1 million cycles (without multipliers)
  • Electric Solenoid Control (FP-DO-400)
    • Control 6 electric (12 volt) solenoids independent of each other
    • Cycle counter capable of 1 million cycles (without multipliers)
  • Pressure Control (FP-SG-140)
  • Temperature Control (FP-TC-120)
new component test system
New Component Test System
  • Data Logging
    • Cycles: number of cycles so far completed in the currently running test
    • Interlock Status: trigger indicator light turns yellow and displays the reason for the stop
    • Minimum of 3 rotational speeds
    • Rotational speed vs time
    • Minimum of 6 pressures
    • Minimum of 6 temperatures
new component test system1
New Component Test System
  • Portability
    • The system must be portable so that it could server multiple test cells
    • The system must have a small foot print, not to exceed 6 square feet
Vision Expertise

Vision Applications

Real Time Alloy Sorting

Laser Measurement System

LCD Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection of LEDS and Fuses

Electronic Control Module Testing

EMC Data Acquisition and Control

Collagen Detection

Nuclear Fusion

Defect Detection in Optical Thin Film

Glass Sheet Surface Ripple

Laser Scoring Advanced Monitoring System

Vision Solutions

business background engineering services staff
BUSINESS BACKGROUNDEngineering Services - Staff
  • Assembly Verification
  • Color Identification & Verification
  • Automated Product Recognition & Sorting
  • Particle Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Laser profiling
  • Robot Guidance
  • Microscopy
  • Barcode Reading
real time alloy sorting
Real-Time Alloy Sorting
  • Steel Recycling Plant
    • Six Year Challenge
    • Real-Time Alloy Sorting System
    • Challenges
      • Belt Speed – 2 meters/sec
      • Sensing
      • Accuracy
      • Decision Making
lcd vision inspection
LCD Vision Inspection
  • LCD Vision Inspection SPC System – 6 Sigma Quality
      • Manufacturing Line Turnkey system (5 Station Tester)
      • RF Test, RF Receive, Vision, Field Strength, Integration
      • LCD Displays Multiple Images
        • S/W Controlled Solenoids to Push Buttons
        • Monitor and Analyze LCD Image
      • Yields Monitored in MN in Realtime
      • NI IMAQ and VISION
        • Inspected characters, numbers, and patterns on LCD panel.
        • LCD Screen Displays Images
vision inspection of leds and fuses
Vision Inspection of LEDs and Fuses
  • Vision Inspection of LEDs
      • Automotive Circuit Board - Dashboard
      • Production Test Stand
      • NI IMAQ and VISION Performed Color Matching of LEDs
  • Vision Inspection of Fuses
      • Speedboat Application
      • NI IMAQ and VISION Performed Color Matching and OCR
electronic control module testing
Electronic Control Module Testing
  • Universal Test System (UTS) architecture
  • Color pattern matching
emc data acquisition and control
EMC Data Acquisition and Control
  • Generic Test System with OCR Vision
collagen detection
Collagen Detection
  • Detect the collagen area and quantify the region, calculate ratios, etc.
  • Calibration routine for dyes
defect detection in optical thin film
Defect Detection in Optical Thin Film
  • Optical components for high powered lasers i.e., lenses, mirrors, optical crystals
  • Used both power sensors and analysis of diffraction patterns
glass sheet surface ripple
Glass Sheet Surface Ripple
  • Pristine glass used for LCD displays
  • Inspection of glass sheets 1.5 x 2 M
  • Extremely small defects <10nm
  • Scanning rates >800mm/s
  • Excellent long term calibration stability
  • Systems deployed in four countries
  • Savings >$1M/Yr solving 15 yr old problem
  • Patent Pending
laser scoring advanced monitoring system
Laser Scoring Advanced Monitoring System
  • VIE Patent
  • High Accuracy
    • 10-3 mm measurement resolution
    • 10-2 mm scoring tolerance
  • Robustness
    • Directly measure height and thickness
    • Independent of material’s optical property
    • Measure any MRT and hole depth
    • No blockage of probe beam by small hole opening
vision experience
Vision Experience
  • Vision Laboratory with Compact Vision, PCI IMAQ, Lenses, Lighting, Fixturing
  • Experienced with Existing Infrastructure Components
  • Vision Experts with Photonics Backgrounds
  • Database Integration Experts
consumer electronics
Consumer Electronics
  • X-Box Controller Test System
  • Test time reduced 20 fold
  • Compact and rugged chassis ideal for Far East production
  • User interface
    • Engineering
    • Production

“I am extremely impressed with VIE’s problem solving abilities, their understanding of our needs and their dedication to a quality solution. This has made them partners I will continue to work with well into the future. V I Engineering is a world class system integrator.”

- Jeff Alexander

Lead Hardware Test Engineer

Microsoft Corporation

consumer electronics1
Consumer Electronics
  • Honeywell - Mexico
    • LCD Vision Inspection SPC System – 6 Sigma Quality
      • Manufacturing Line Turnkey system (5 Station Tester)
      • RF Test, RF Receive, Vision, Field Strength, Integration
      • LCD Displays Multiple Images
        • S/W Controlled Solenoids to Push Buttons
        • Monitor and Analyze LCD Image
      • Yields Monitored in MN in Realtime
      • Vision System
        • Inspected characters, numbers, and patterns on LCD panel.
        • LCD Screen Displays Images
nuclear fusion
Nuclear Fusion
  • DOE – $1.2 B LLNL National Ignition Facility
    • Focus and Target 192 Laser Beams Evenly
    • Target – Hydrogen Isotope
    • Ignite Nuclear Fusion
nuclear fusion1
Nuclear Fusion

Vision system to align target with 192 lasers

  • 25 micrometer at 7 meters
  • 3 Motion Axes
  • Specially Designed Target Pattern
  • Low Power Illumination
hvac production testing
HVAC Production Testing
  • Quality control tests of Compressor and Chiller Products (Air or refrigerant) for calibration data.
  • Replacement of antiquated testing equipment
    • Replacement of Scientific Atlanta 2521 for vibration measurements
    • Replacement of Bentley Nevada/DVF2 from balancing
  • Design and Integrate a state-of-the-art production test system for detecting and quantifying baseline vibration characteristics
    • Improve reliability of test system
    • Increase efficiency in diagnosing a solution to a problem
    • Develop deeper analysis for product improvements
system overview
System Overview
  • Number of Test Systems: 8
  • Type of Tests:
    • Balancing Test/Steady State Vibration Test
    • Sound Test
    • Hit Test
  • Type of Products:
    • Direct Drive Compressors
    • Gear Drive Compressors
    • Chillers
hydro forming monitoring
Hydro Forming Monitoring
  • Form and Fill pressures are monitored
    • Pressure is represented by current
    • Live trending
      • Fill and Form Pressures of the previous parts represented by Current-1 and Current-2
    • Seamless integration with assembly line PLCs
      • Extract Fill Time (Front/Rear) From PLC
      • Extract Form Time (Front/Rear) From PLC
      • Extract Cycle Time (Front/Rear) From PLC
      • Graph Fill Time (Front/Rear)
      • Graph Form Time (Front/Rear)
      • Graph Cycle Time (Front/Rear)
our customers what they say about vie
  • “VI’s staff is unbelievable. You guys are just great. I mean you know hardware, software…and you know how to help us on the floor. Your people are really professionals.” - Honeywell
  • “Everyone here loves you guys, I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’ve never seen a group as professional as you guys…” - Bosch
our customers what they say about us
OUR CUSTOMERSWhat They Say About Us…
  • Would it be OK if I hugged you?” – Intel
  • Ya know…you guys could teach us..” and “You guys need to slow down, we can’t keep up…”

- Microsoft