Java Tutorial and its Uses!
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Java tutorial and its uses 7411053

Java Tutorial and its Uses!

Java Tutorial is a programming language and computing platform, which was released by Sun

Microsystems in 1995. Java is fast, easy, secure, reliable, low cost, distributive, multithreaded, robust

etc. There are numerous applications and websites that will not work, if you haven’t installed java. From

laptops to mobiles, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, web applications to robotics, Java is

present everywhere.

Most of the people think where exactly Java is used? They don’t see many games written in Java except

Minecrfat. In fact, tools like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft office are also not written in Java. Well, that’s

completely okay, but you can get to know about Java by installing it at your desktop. It is said more than

3 billion devices run Java, which is quite a huge number.

Let’s have a look where Java is used in real world and how it is useful to us.


Mobile is eating the world today. Open any application in your Android phone, they are actually written

in Java programming language, with Google’s Android API, which is similar to JDK. Today, many Java

programmers are Android app developers. But beware: Android is little different from the rest of the

Java infrastructure.

Web Application

An application that runs on the server side and creates dynamic page, is called we application. Java is

also big on E commerce and web applications. Struts 2.0, servlet, jsp, struts, jsf are used for creating web

applications in Java. Many of the government, healthcare, insurance, education, defense and several

other departments have their web applications built in Java.

Software Tools

Many useful software and development tools are written and developed in Java like Eclipse, InetelliJ,

Gradle, YourKit, Clover, Mockito, Jetty, Hibernate, VisualVM, JUnit, Jenkins, Spring Boot, Guice, Guava,

FindBugs, Jackson, Snappy and JD-GUI. Each of these tools has its merits, but there are few that stand

out from the crowd due to their popularity, versatility and usefulness. You can’t do the job right without

the right tools. From code building to bug squashing, learning these tools can help you make your Java

code and become a more efficient Java developer.

Financial Services Industry

Java tutorial and its uses 7411053

Java is very big in Financial Services. Lots of global investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup,

Barclays, Standard Charted and other banks use Java for writing front and back office electronic trading

system, writing settlement and confirmation systems, data processing projects and several others.

Banks have huge Java estates, generally speaking, that they can’t get rid of.

High Frequency Trading Space

If you have a typical Java programmer and typical C++ programmer, both of them having an experience

of two years, having a same amount of time for writing a typical object oriented program. The Java

programmer will complete the work earlier and will have more time to tweak the application as

compared to C++ programmer. Java platform has improved its performance characteristics a lot and

with modern JITs, its capable of delivering performance at C++ level.

Java is extremely useful and given its heavy usage in financial services industry, Investment banks and E-

Commerce web application space. Anyone who is learning has bright future. Nowadays, even colleges

and schools have started teaching Java for the better future of students.