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IHSAA On-Line Rules Meetings Instructions PowerPoint Presentation
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IHSAA On-Line Rules Meetings Instructions

IHSAA On-Line Rules Meetings Instructions

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IHSAA On-Line Rules Meetings Instructions

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  1. IHSAA On-Line Rules Meetings Instructions 1.View this presentation in it’s entirety. 2.Take the short quizzes that are placed throughout this presentation. 3.All quizzes must be 100% correct before moving to the next section. 4.Get credit for attendance by completing the survey at the end of the presentation. 5.This presentation will start automatically.

  2. 2009-10Volleyball Rule Changes Major Editorial Changes Points of Emphasis

  3. Official’s UniformRule 5-2-1 • All-white, short sleeved collared polo shirt with IHSAA Logo and IHSAA patch on the left sleeve. • Black slacks • Solid black athletic shoes and black socks • Shorts are not permitted in Indiana.


  5. Head Coaches’ ConductRule 12-2-6 Head Coaches Standing • Live ball play - the head coach may stand in libero replacement zone, minimum 6 feet from sideline to coach his/her players • Dead ball - the head coach may stand at any location in the libero replacement zone • When the first referee extends arm in preparation to whistle and signal for serve, the head coach shall either move back at least 6 feet from sideline within the replacement zone or be seated

  6. Head Coaches’ ConductRule 12-2-6 Head Coaches Standing • Time-out - the head coach may stand at any location in the bench area and could stand on the court with the team • When the time out is completed, the head coach must return to his/her seat or the replacement zone 6 feet back from sideline • Head coach must be in proper location when R1 extends arm in preparation to whistle/signal serve • Head coach shall lose the privilege to stand the remainder of the match, except as provided in 12-2-5, if he/she, assistant coach or any bench personnel receives a card

  7. NFHS Volleyball • The rules book, case book, scorebook and other volleyball materials can be ordered: • online at • calling 1-800-776-3462

  8. IHSAA Information Important Dates 2009-10 First practice date – August 3, 2009 Contest season – August 17, 2009 Official’s ratings form emailed – September 9, 2009 Official entry list deadline – October 6, 2009 Tournament draw – October 12, 2009 Sectionals – October 20,22,24, 2009 Regionals – October 31, 2009 State – November 7, 2009

  9. IHSAA Information Scrimmage Format Only held between two member schools One scrimmage per school Players must participate in 5 days of practice Additional information on

  10. IHSAA Information Contest Limitations – IHSAA By-Law 111-3 25 + 2 tourneys limited to 9 matches per calendar week and/or 4 matches in any one day.

  11. IHSAA Information Level of Play – IHSAA By-Law 111-4 No more than 5 sets (varsity, junior varsity, etc.) against the same school in any one day. Regular season tournaments - may be played in a best two out of three or best three out of five set format.

  12. IHSAA Information Pre-Match Warm-Up – 15 minutes The visiting team shall use the court the first 7½ minutes with the home team warming up outside the court. This procedure is then reversed for the second 7½ minutes.

  13. IHSAA Information Match Format Varsity All matches shall be the best three-of-five sets Sets shall be played to 25 points, win by 2 points (no cap) The fifth and deciding set shall be played to 15 points, win by 2 points (no cap) JV-Freshman All matches shall be the best two-of-three sets The first two sets shall be played to 25 points, capped at 25 points The third and deciding set shall be played to 15 points, capped at 15 points

  14. IHSAA Information Scorekeeping First referees are no longer required to maintain a lineup card, but may elect to keep a card. Second referees must maintain a lineup card but are no longer required to record the server. Second referees must verify that the lineup has been entered correctly on the official score sheet.

  15. IHSAA Information Pre-Match Conference The pre-match conference for the varsity match should take place as soon as possible after the completion of the junior varsity match. The head coach and a team captain(s) are required to attend the pre-match conference.

  16. IHSAA Information Miscellaneous Information IHSAA Bulletin Approved Balls 1.Season – All balls must contain the NFHS seal. 2. Tournament – Molten IV58L IHSAA Web Site 1.Address:; click on volleyball to access information. 2.Rally scoring rules, tournament format, scrimmage rules, bulletin, etc. • IHSAA Officials Handbook IHSAA Information

  17. IHSAA Information IHSAA Line Judges Regular Season – The host school is responsible for insuring that line judges are available for each match. The use of adult line judges is preferred, but student line judges may be used during the season. Schools should provided proper training for all individuals performing line judge duties. Tournament Series – Sectional and Regional hosts will select line judges. The IHSAA will select line judges for the state championships. All line judges will be IHSAA licensed officials.

  18. IHSAA Information UNSPORTING BEHAVIOR – Rule 12 A. Yellow Cards B. Red Cards C. Ejection – Yellow and Red Card IHSAA RULE 8-3 Any contestant or coach ejected from a contest for an unsportsmanlike act shall be suspended from the next interschool contest at that level of competition and all other interschool contests at any level in the interim, in addition to any other penalties assessed. Ejections reports must be submitted to the IHSAA Offices within 48 hours of the infraction.

  19. IHSAA Information Officials Ratings Athletic Directors will receive ratings form via email on approximately September 9, 2009 Coaches must complete the form and return to athletic director Process will help identify volleyball officials for the IHSAA Tournament Series

  20. IHSAA Information Officials Uniform Black pants (Replacing pants with shorts as part of the official uniform is prohibited). Black socks and black shoes. Officials must wear the white polo shirt that displays the IHSAA logo. The 2009-10 IHSAA officials’ patch must be displayed on the left shoulder sleeve.

  21. IHSAA Information Tournament Application • Officials who worked the tournament series the previous year will automatically receive a tournament application. • Officials who did not work the tournament series the previous year may download the application from the officials page on the IHSAA web site • All applications must be submitted to the IHSAA Office by September 1, 2009. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.

  22. IHSAA Information NFHS Test – Part II 1. Officials who have submitted the tournament application will be notified of the on-line test via Arbiter. The email will include testing instructions. • The NFHS Test Part II will be used for certification and for tournament application.