how tia lola came to visit stay n.
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How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay PowerPoint Presentation
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How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay

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How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay

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  1. How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay By Julia Alvarez

  2. Set the Stage! Today you will start reading How Tia Lola Came to Stay, by Julia Alvarez. As you read you will draw conclusions from information in the text. Good readers know that authors don’t tell them everything, and that a lot of information can guessed from information in the text. Drawing conclusions helps good readers better understand stories

  3. Reading/Team Cooperation Goal Today’s reading objective will be drawing conclusions. Students will draw conclusion based on the information they have read. Today’s team cooperation goal is everyone participates.Good readers make sure all team members are participating and have a say in the work that is being done.

  4. Days :1-4 How Tia Lola Came to StayBy Julia Alvarez Reading Goal:Drawing conclusions Team Cooperation Goal: Everyone participates Genre:Narrative

  5. Rate and Review discovers odd faded gazes trimmed wobbly Rate and review your vocabulary words by yourself. Ask yourself : • Can you read the word? • Can you define the word? • Can you use the word in a sentence? • Be honest with yourself.

  6. Check out our vocabulary words!

  7. faded Became less bright The bright light of the sun faded away as the sun went down over the horizon.

  8. discovers finds While searching in Siberia, scientist discovers a baby wooly mammoth that was buried in a glacier thousands of years ago.

  9. trimmed clipped My little brothers hair had gotten so long that he had to go to the barber and have it trimmed.

  10. wobbly shaky Anthony was a wobbly rider when he first began to ride his bike but he soon got the hang of it.

  11. odd strange The star nosed mole is an odd little animal that most people never see.

  12. gazes looks The little girl gazes up into the sky waiting anxiously for Santa and his reindeer to fly by.

  13. Building Background- Drawing conclusions How do detectives solves crimes? Do criminals stand up and say, “I’m guilty, I did it!” What does a detective have to do? Terry went to her friend May’s house to play. As soon as Terry walked in the front door her eyes started to water. Within a few minutes she had started to sneeze. Terry saw that may had a litter box next to the back door in her house. “Oh, no,” she said, sneezing loudly. “I’m sorry, May, but I don’t think I can play here!”

  14. Listening Comprehension: Charlotte’s Web Read Pages 77-91 Remember you are going to draw conclusion from the information in Charlotte’s Web based on the information in the story. You have to look for clues!

  15. How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay • Prepare to read-707 Text, illustrations and author information Realistic Fiction: Text that is made up, but the characters and events are so lifelike that the story seems as if it must be true. As you read, think about what makes this story seem as if it could happen in real life. Preview Team Talk questions

  16. Partner Read- 15 minutes • As you read through the pages identify unfamiliar words. Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you. As you read you will use your clarification strategies to define the word or idea. • Restate each page (or paragraph) as you read (summarizing) • Read and restate pages 692 with partners- You must restate what you have read! • Clarifying – use chart to clarify a word • Read 694 silently • Discuss and answer all Team Talk Questions • Answer 2 and 3 in your journals • New skill-Recipicol Teaching Clarifying Questioning Predicting Summarizing

  17. Class Discussion-10 minutes • What words did you clarify? • Who wants to restate the information? • Lets answer the Team Talk questions!

  18. Vocabulary Practice-10 min • Complete vocabulary practice on page

  19. Adventures in Writing- 15 min Page in Treasure Hunt Imagine your house was a boat and that you lived on the sea. What would your life be like? What kinds of things would your do for fun?

  20. Fluency – 5 min Read page 494 with partner. Give fluency score using fluency rubric.