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Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia - High Lift - Permanent Hair Color

Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia - High Lift - Permanent Hair Color. Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia Permanent High-Lift Color. No Ammonia Damage No Ammonia Irritation No Ammonia Fumes Produces natural looking color and shine Conditioning formula with Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF).

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Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia - High Lift - Permanent Hair Color

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  1. Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia - High Lift - Permanent Hair Color

  2. Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia Permanent High-Lift Color • No Ammonia Damage • No Ammonia Irritation • No Ammonia Fumes • Produces natural looking color and shine • Conditioning formula with Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF)

  3. Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia Permanent High-Lift Color • 60 shades • Can lift upto 5 levels • Covers grey with uniform results • Stays moist for easy application • 40 – 45 minute processing time • Turns into a no-drip cream when mixed with developer • Unlimited mixing possibilities

  4. Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia Permanent High-Lift Color • Contains anti-oxidant grape seed extract for longer-lasting color • Formulated with 3 lifting bases to maintain a lasting natural tone. • Pantothenic Acid (B5) helps mend hair and keeps it healthy with its anti-irritant properties, it both soothes and provides true protection. • Hair is protected and moisturized by emphasizing shine and promoting longer-lasting color.

  5. TriBase System of 3 lifting bases • Colors will not lift outside their spectrum

  6. The Mastey Teinture Secret Formula • Utilizes HEMEA as the alkaline agent • Formulation is proprietary blend of ingredients (trade secret) • Dyes are cosmetic grade • Extra purity • Earth friendly • Controlled Oxidation System

  7. Teinture Availability • Bottle : 120 ml (4 fl oz) • Mixture : 1 to 1 (1 part color & 1 part Mastey Le Developer crème peroxide) • Use with Mastey Le Developer – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 volumes. • Processing time 45 minutes. • Once mixed with Le Developer, formulation is a smooth creamy texture that facilitates easy application.

  8. LIFT COLOR WITH COLOR • Lightening power up to 5 levels • From Level 6 and up using 50 or 60 Volume Mastey Le Developer.

  9. COLOR INSTANTANÉ • Pre-OXIDIZED Pigment Packer • 36 shades (more coming soon)

  10. Color Instantane • Pigment Packer • Pre-oxidized die molecules • Extra small molecules that surrounds hair color dies • Will not darken color • Effects tone not shade • Doubles Die Load

  11. Color Instantane • Bottle : 300 ml (10.2 fl oz) • Mixture : Use alone or mix with your Mastey Teinture Zero Ammonia formulation (see formulations) • Texture facilitates easy application in formulations or directly on hair

  12. MASTEY LE DEVELOPER • 6 different concentrations

  13. 10 Volume • This is used to minimize the lightening rate of Teinture colors. • It is used to: • ·Darken • ·Add tone-on-tone color • ·Lighten up to one tone

  14. 20 Volume • ·Used whenever coloring grey hair. • ·Lightens natural hair up to 2 levels.

  15. 30 Volume • Used to increase the lightening ability of colors up to 3 levels. • Can also be used for first-time applications on lengths and ends, then after 20 minutes use Mastey Le Developer 20 volume on the scalp area. • On levels 2 – 3 – 4, it is used to lighten up to 2 levels. The darker levels are more difficult to lighten. • For Darker levels please use 40 volume

  16. 40 Volume • Lift darker levels up to 3 levels. • Can also be used on level 6 and all Red shades to bring out red tone in the natural pigment.

  17. 50 Volume • Use on levels 6 –9 to create desired lift. • Used to increase lightening ability of color up to 4 levels

  18. 60 Volume • Use with level 10 and up to create highlights without use of bleach on levels 6 and up • Used to increase the lightening ability up to 5 levels

  19. ZERO AMMONIA ADVANTAGE • The unique Mastey Teinture base and the absence of ammonia in Teinture Zero-Ammonia Hair color allows for the use of higher volumes of peroxide without any discomfort to the scalp.

  20. Complimentary Products • Use Me First • Traite Sulfate-Free Shampoo • SuperPac Deep Reconstructor • Moisturee Deep moisturizer • Frehair detangler and daily conditioner • HC Formula + B5

  21. Use Me First • Hair Purifier similar to a facial exfoliater • Exfoliates away all build up (product, polymer, environmental) to allow conditioners and chemical services to penetrate fully into the hair • Is not a solvent • Contains no alcohol

  22. Use Me First • Works in one minute • Will not damage the cuticle layer • Eliminates chlorine green • Safe enough to use daily

  23. Use Me First • Availability • 8oz • 32 oz • 1 Gallon • 55 Gallon Drum

  24. Traite Sulfate-Free Shampoo • Gentle Sulfate-Free crème cleanser for hair and skin • Cleanses by addition of vital nutrients • Restores the hair and skin’s NMF • Uses the mildest European skin cleansers • Recommended as a facial cleanser • Hair Color Safe & Color Protecting

  25. SuperPac Deep Reconstructor • Rebuilds strength and elasticity to severely damaged hair • Penetrates the inner structure because of small molecular weight and size • Will not strip color or harm curls • Contains no surfactants,no sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfates, no artificial colors or synthetic polymers • Should be used with all chemical services

  26. Moisturee Deep Moisturizer • Concentrated NMF penetrates deep into hair structure to restore the proper NMF levels to hair and skin. • Increases hair elasticity • Returns the shine, manageability and feel to hair hair lost through shampooing, thermal styling, chemical services and the environment. • Leaves no build-up or residue • Does not contain glycerin

  27. Frehair • NMF to replenish hair’s proper moisture balance • Leaves hair tangle-free without weighing it down • Eliminates static electricity by interaction with the negative charges in the hair that cause static • Gives hair incredible comb-ability with natural shine and health • Contains NO oils, waxes, dyes, balsam or propylene glycol

  28. HC Formula + B5 • Mends cuticle • Helps prevent split ends • Protects from styling heat • Neutralizes ammonia residue

  29. HC Formula • Soothes skin from burns and skin irritations • Protects the scalp prior to services • Enhances the healthy growth of new hair deep within the surface of scalp • Contains: • pro-vitamin B5 • vitamins A and E • lipids, minerals • our pure vegetable protein compound that duplicates keratin protein

  30. Hair Structure

  31. Hair Structure

  32. Pigment Granules Cross section of hair as seen through an electron microscope

  33. 5 Characteristics of Hair • Texture • Density • Hair Porosity • Hair Tenacity • Hair Elasticity

  34. Color Principles • Primary Colors

  35. Color Principles • Secondary Colors

  36. Color Principles • Tertiary Colors

  37. 1. Black 3. Dark Brown 4. Brown 5. Light Brown 6. Dark Blonde 7. Blonde 8. Light Blonde 9. Very Light Blonde 10. Lightest Blonde Teinture Numbering • The number before the (.) dot determines the level

  38. .0 NATURAL neutral .1 ASH blue base .2 PLATINUM red/violet base .3 GOLDEN yellow base .4 COPPER orange base .5 MAHAGONY red, yellow, blue base .6 RED red base .7 BLUE blue base Teinture Numbering • The first number after the dot (.) determines the primary tone

  39. LEVEL PRIMARY TONE SECONDARY TONE 4. (brown) 5 (mahagony) 6 (red) 9. 3 8. 3 8. 3 7. (blonde) 4 (copper) 4 (copper) Teinture Numbering • The Second number after the dot (.) determines the secondary tone

  40. Tienture Numbering

  41. Highlights • Some highlights are more visible at certain levels. • reds and oranges are visible at levels 4, 5, 6 and 7, but invisible on darker shades.

  42. Highlights • Cool highlights: • Blue • Violet • Absorb the light and appear darker than their level.

  43. Highlights • Warm Highlights • Copper • Golden • Reflect the light and therefore appear lighter than their level.

  44. Highlights • Grey Hair easily absorbs Blue and Red highlights. • This is why you must always use basic colors to naturally cover grey hair. • Use warm tones to cover difficult grey hair.

  45. Highlights • Using lower volume Le Developer = Less intense highlights • since there is less lightening of the natural pigments. • Using higher volume Le Developer = More radiant highlights • since there is increased lightening of the natural pigments.

  46. Mastey Colors and Tones

  47. Teinture BlondesNatural Tone (.0)

  48. Teinture Blondes Ash Tones (.1)

  49. Teinture Blondes Platinum Tones (.2)

  50. Teinture Blondes Beige Tones (.23)

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