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Logo Principles

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Logo Principles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logo Principles
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  1. Logo Principles Always design your logos in a vector application such as Adobe Illustrator, and not a raster application such as Photoshop, why?

  2. Logo Locations • Where might an organization use a logo?

  3. Logo Principles • Ensure that the logo can be reproduced in a single color, such as black and still be recognizable. • What media are shades of black?

  4. Logo Principles • Logo may need to be reproduced as small as a postage stamp, so ensure that any fine lines or text will still be legible when scaled down • Where might logo be very small? • Test in Illustrator, • Use scale tool on ai file • Save as gif…is logo legible?

  5. Web Page Location and use • Upper left corner • One use: A link to the home page • Size: rule of thumb about 74 x 74 pixels

  6. Sketch • Examples: Pencil and paper

  7. Sketch • Draw many sketches • Paper and pencil • Show client only a few (2-3)…or will get bogged down

  8. Keep simple; Clean/Bad examples

  9. Distinctive

  10. Relevant

  11. Amazon logo: • Jeff Bezos created it. • He had big dreams for this business and expected to do huge volume selling, so he renamed his company "Amazon" after the world's most voluminous river. • The logo has a very simple design: • The word Amazon • A small yellow arrowbetween the first A and the Z letters. The yellow arrow implies that they have everything from A to Z and also represents the smile on the customer's face

  12. Amazon….cont • Colors of the Amazon Logo • The use of black color in the Amazon logo depicts the company’s supremacy and grace, while the orange color represents pride and happiness of the customers. • Font of the Amazon Logo • The Amazon logo uses a custom-made typeface.

  13. Timeless

  14. Versatile

  15. Our Old One • Pittsburgh bridges • Bridges theory with practical • Were three majors

  16. Typography • Make sure the font is legible when scaled down, especially with script fonts. • One font is ideal, and avoid more than two.

  17. Brand Recognition • The whole point of creating a logo is to build brand recognition. So, how do you go about doing this? • It varies from case to case, but the goal with the logo is for the average person to instantly call the brand to mind.

  18. More references • What makes a good logo by David AireyWhat a logo does not have to be or do by Brian HoffVital Tips For Effective Logo Design by Jacob Cass