which is the fastest flying insect n.
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Which is the fastest flying insect

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Which is the fastest flying insect. By jego . Which is the fastest flying insect.

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Which is the fastest flying insect

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which is the fastest flying insect1
Which is the fastest flying insect

The fastest flying insect in the world is known to be the dragonfly. The dragonfly flies at a speed of about 56 kilometres per hour and is followed closely by the hawk moth which flies at 53 kilometres per hour.

facts about the dragonfly
Facts about the dragonfly
  • Despite their name, dragonflies are not related to common flies. In fact, they are part of an entirely different order of insects. Dragonflies are part of the Odonata order, which also includes damselflies.
  • Worldwide, the Odonata order of insects (dragonflies and damselflies) includes more than 5,000 individual species. They exist in many countries around the world. Within the United States, there are about 400 species of Odonata.Read more: http://21facts.com/animals/dragonflies.php#ixzz2afyAD2BV
facts about hawk moth
Facts about Hawk moth

Mature Hawk Moth Caterpillars are usually stout, with cylindrical hairless body and small head. They usually have a prominent tapering horn on their last segment. They have strong prolegs on 3, 4, 5, and 6 segments. Their anal prolegs are strong as well. The Caterpillars are often brightly coloured, with diagonal stripes and eyespots. They pupate in the soil or within plants litter near their the foodplants. 

Hawk Moth adults are large size moths. They have the strong and aerodynamic-shaped body. Their forewings are narrow and long with smaller hind wings. They are very good flyer. They fly very fast and long distance. They even fly backward. They can hover in flight to sip nectar from flowers using their long tongue. When rest, they hold their wings on body like a tent. 

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