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Westwind Rodeo Academy

Westwind Rodeo Academy. Alberta Rural Development Network “ Creating Rural Connections ”. May 13, 2010. Westwind Rodeo Academy History. The Westwind Rodeo Academy was developed in order to: Assist a handful of students stay in school. Develop self esteem in students.

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Westwind Rodeo Academy

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  1. WestwindRodeo Academy Alberta Rural Development Network “Creating Rural Connections” May 13, 2010

  2. Westwind Rodeo AcademyHistory • The Westwind Rodeo Academy was developed in order to: • Assist a handful of students stay in school. • Develop self esteem in students. • Many surprises entered the doors: • FAS Students • Autistic Students • ADD Students

  3. Westwind Rodeo AcademyVision • The vision of the Westwind Rodeo Academy is to provide the opportunity for high school students to: • continue their progress towards graduation from high school • develop their talents in the sport of rodeo. • Modify Behavior through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. • This will then lead to opportunities for success, scholarships and future employment within Rural Alberta and beyond.

  4. Westwind Rodeo AcademyVision • The vision of the Westwind Rodeo Academy also includes early childhood intervention. • We believe that through the therapy sessions some young children’s attitude can be altered – thus changing their educational goals an aspirations as well as their lives. • Options for some ADD, Autistic, FAS children are limited – we believe we can help increase their options and change their families lives.

  5. Westwind Rodeo AcademyBackground • Cardston has developed many quality people in the sport of Rodeo • Herman Linder • Jimmy Gladstone • Bill Reeder • Darren Shaw • Marty Becker • Today in the Province of Alberta there are approx. 315 High School students involved in rodeo as well as 85 from the Jr. High schools. • Within Saskatchewan there are approx 150 total and a similar number from B.C. A number of these individuals are from rural Alberta; • The sport of Rodeo is not limited to the rural cowboy – there are a number of competitors from the urban centers as well. Due to the nature of the sport a tremendous amount of travel is done in order too not only compete but to have quality practice arenas and instruction. • It is to this end that the vision to create a Rodeo Academy was pursued.

  6. Westwind Rodeo AcademyFacility: • The WRA is located on the eastern edge of Cardston on 80 acres of irrigated hay land. • The main arena is 100’ x 240’ totally insulated and set up for instruction and therapy sessions. • Additionally a 60’ x 180’ stable barn is attached to the main arena. • An outdoor arena 180’ x 300’ is available. • 32 outdoor paddocks 50’ x 150’ house the horses.

  7. Westwind Rodeo AcademyDivisions: • Sports performance: Individuals are trained in the various disciplines of Rodeo.

  8. Westwind Rodeo AcademyDivisions: • EAP: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Through a referral basis, individuals are treated for a variety of conditions such as: Autism, FAS, ADD, ADHD, Abuse etc.

  9. Westwind Rodeo AcademyDivisions: • Group Therapy: Groups of 6 or 8 individuals with mild to moderate conditions are treated together.

  10. Westwind Rodeo AcademyAdditional Divisions: • Equine A & B: Actual high school courses that students are enrolled in and receive credit.

  11. Westwind Rodeo AcademyAdditional Divisions: • Exchange program: Groups will travel from throughout the world to participate in the western culture.

  12. Westwind Rodeo AcademyAdditional Divisions: • RV Park: RV sites will be available for traveling Senior and Pro rodeo participants.

  13. Westwind Rodeo AcademyLocal Instructors • All instructors are under the direction of Local certified teachers in order to qualify for locally developed course credit or any other approved Alberta Ed. CTS credit. • In order to facilitate in the Psychotherapy division of the WRA all participating instructors will be certified in the EAGALA model.

  14. "The Alberta Rural Development Network along with WRA recognizes that learning is a vital component of the future of rural communities through: expanding access to a range of learning opportunities in rural Alberta expanding the capacity of communities applying research and best practices or building economic development opportunities. Westwind Rodeo AcademyCreating Rural Connections

  15. The WRA has developed a desire and a program that can be transferred to numerous communities: Ponoka Chestermere Saskatchewan United States Etc. Westwind Rodeo AcademyTransferability:

  16. Westwind Rodeo has confirmed relationships with the following organizations: Westwind School District #74 Cardston Agricultural Society Cardston County Town of Cardston Lethbridge College University of Lethbridge Blood Band EAGALA Ponoka Composite High School Westwind Rodeo AcademyPartnerships:

  17. Westwind Rodeo AcademyRodeo College • In order to generate more interest in the sport of Rodeo a Cowboy college would be put on by the Academy

  18. Westwind Rodeo AcademyScholarships • Many of the Division 1 schools throughout the US would look towards this Rodeo Academy for recruitment of athletes. • A number of WRA athletes have already been given scholarships at a variety of colleges and universities.

  19. Westwind Rodeo AcademySpecial Guests • At least once each semester a high profile rodeo celebrity would be brought to the Academy to discuss with the students the life of rodeo and give these students advise in the rodeo profession. These seminars we be open to the public.

  20. Parents would also benefit by: • Having the Academy enforce the need for an education onto the students. • Attendance and grades are reviewed periodically, allowing Sports Performance athletes to participate.

  21. Westwind Rodeo AcademyEconomic Spin Offs Exchange program RV Park Special events

  22. Transfer Students • Some students from neighboring school districts may attend the Rodeo Academy for any of the possible divisions. • We have had families move from Manitoba, Sakatchewan in order to accommodate their childs’ dreams and aspirations.

  23. Remington Center • Carriage restoration courses. • Driving and handling courses. • Facilities for demonstrations and seminars.

  24. Funds From Government • Government grants have been accessed to develop and promote WRA. • Rural Alberta Development Fund • Major community facility enhancement grant • CFEP grant

  25. Alberta Education • Alberta Education may release funds through the innovative teaching program. • Working with Alberta Education the locally developed courses (60) may be approved. Other school jurisdictions would then be able to access these courses.

  26. Corporate businesses • Corporate businesses may help fund the programs, sponsor students, or supply the Academy participants with clothing and/or equipment.

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