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Sending an E-mail PowerPoint Presentation
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Sending an E-mail

Sending an E-mail

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Sending an E-mail

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  1. To be able to send an e-mail you will press the ‘New Message’ or ‘Compose’ button. Sending an E-mail Then you will fill in the e-mail address to the person you are sending it to, fill in the subject (what the e-mail is about briefly) and write the e-mail you want to send. If you want to send it to more than one person then you can put the other e-mails in the box that says ‘CC’. Lastly when ready press the ‘Send’ button and the email will be sent over to whom you sent it to.

  2. Receiving an E-mail Once some one has sent you an e-mail , the email they sent will be located in the area where e-mails are received which is below the ‘Send’ button. You then press to the blue highlighted subject of the e-mail you want. This opens the area where you can read the full e-mail and see any links or pictures they might of attached.

  3. Replying to an E-mail You can reply to an e-mail by pressing the ‘Reply’ button when you are reading the e-mail. This is located at the top bar of the email. Once it’s pressed then you can write what you want to reply with and again press the ‘Send’ button.

  4. Forwarding an E-mail Forwarding is the same as replying but you press the ‘Forward’ button instead of the ‘Reply’ button. One there you add the person you’re forwarding to and you can add a message to the person you’re forwarding to. Then when ready press the ‘Send’ button.

  5. Attaching a file in an E-mail When sending an e-mail you want to attach a file then you’ll press the ‘Attachments’ button. When there click the ‘Choose file’ button and pick the file(s) you want to attach and then press the ‘attach’ button. Lastly press done when all the files are there and sent the e-mail.

  6. How to change the e-mails priority When sending an e-mail at the top bar located above the ‘To..’ box and next to the ‘Close’ button there is two buttons saying ‘Low importance’ and ‘High importance’. The low button will be low priority and the high is high priority.

  7. How to add a signature for e-mails To add a signature first you have to click the ‘Options’ Button. This is located next to the ‘Log Off’ button. Then down the page you’ll see ‘E-mail Signature’title. Press the ‘add or replace my signature’ button and add the signature you want. Then if you want it to be on at all times click the ‘automatically include my signature on outgoing messages’ button. Finally wen finished click the ‘Save’ button and you will now have a signature.

  8. Out of office in an e-mail (auto reply) Press the ‘Options’ button and then the ‘Out of office assistant’ button located on the left. Then click the ‘send out of office auto replies’ button and add the message you wish to send. Once done click the save button and exit.