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“WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR?” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR?”. There is an “I” in TEAM, After All!. Pre-Game Activities. Class Overview Meet the Harborlites Team! Learn about our “Game Plan!” Watch us “Play Ball!” with Pam! Meet the Manager!. Pre-Game Activities. A Little History Harborlites is 45 years old!

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who do you play for


There is an “I” in TEAM,

After All!

pre game activities
Pre-Game Activities

Class Overview

  • Meet the Harborlites Team!
  • Learn about our “Game Plan!”
  • Watch us “Play Ball!” with Pam!
  • Meet the Manager!
pre game activities4
Pre-Game Activities

A Little History

  • Harborlites is 45 years old!
  • Pam has directed Harborlites 13 years
  • Harborlites has many second place medals
  • Finally, a Wild Card Chorus in 2002!
  • Regional Champions only THREE times

Region 21 is home to three

International Champion Choruses –

San Diego % Scottsdale % Harborlites

our game plan
Our Game Plan




our game plan6
Our Game Plan

FOCUS: Member Education


  • Vocal Gold
  • Visual Gold
  • Fitness Gold
the vocal gold program
The Vocal Gold Program

Consists of three elements:

  • The Vocal Gold Workshop
  • A new focus for “Vocal Warm-Ups”
  • Individual Vocal Instruction (IVIs)
the vocal gold workshop
The Vocal Gold Workshop
  • Purpose
    • Provide comprehensive/standardized vocal production instruction to all chorus members
    • Ensure that all members:
      • Understand basics of proper vocal production
      • Sing consistently with correct/healthy vocal technique
      • Sing as a chorus with uniform vocal technique
      • Speak a common vocal production/technique language
    • “Institutionalize” good singing as a part of our chorus culture
the vocal gold workshop9
The Vocal Gold Workshop
  • Workshop includes instruction in:
    • The Body as a Musical Instrument/Resonance
    • Breathing and Phonation
    • “Balancing and Blending” the Voice
    • Articulation
  • After first Vocal Gold, Harborlites received “Most Improved Chorus” award at regional competition
voice building time a k a warm ups
Voice Building Time(a.k.a. Warm-Ups)
  • Beginning of each rehearsal, after physical warm-ups, 15 – 20 minutes
  • Members expected to come to rehearsal with their voices “warmed-up”
  • Focus:
    • Constant reinforcement of “The Basics”
    • Addition of more advanced vocal technique
    • Preparing singers physically and mentally to learn
  • Vocal exercises are relevant to music being learned and/or currently performed
individual voice instruction ivis
Individual Voice Instruction (IVIs)
  • Offered continually (year round), before each rehearsal and outside rehearsal
  • Requires “staff” of trained IVI trainers
  • Focus is on improving each singer’s vocal skills – not on notes/words/passing tapes
the visual gold workshop
The Visual Gold Workshop
  • Basic Showmanship Instruction
    • Rip open your shower curtain! NOW!
    • Yes, she said MORE energy!
  • Building Visual Self-Awareness
    • Yikes! Is that what I REALLY look like?
    • What’s your “Performance Think” saying to you?
  • Individual Showmanship Instruction
    • You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out … yep, she said shake it all about!
  • The Psychology of Competition
    • “C’s” Your Mind! (Confidence, Control, Commitment, Concentration)
    • Trust, trust, trust!
the fitness gold program
The Fitness Gold Program

Consists of two elements:

  • Voluntary weight loss support group
  • Running the Sets!
fitness gold
Fitness Gold


  • Good physical warm-ups prepare the body to move ANDto sing!
  • Good physical warm-ups teach members to free the body and lose their fear of exceeding their personal space


play ball
Play Ball!

Music/Visual Learning Process/Philosophy

  • Personal commitment and responsibility!
  • MVP (Most Valuable Performer) - Every member is important to the team!
  • Attendance at regular rehearsals and coaching sessions mandatory
  • Music, learning CD’s, choreography videos available on the Internet
  • Regularly scheduled individual evaluations of vocal and visual performance
play ball16
Play Ball!

Music/Visual Learning Process/Philosophy (cont’d)

  • Extra assistance from the Choreography Team and Music Team
  • Early Choreography Sessions and Sectionals on regular rehearsal nights and on alternate evenings
  • All songs are rehearsed in performance mode
  • Running sets regularly
play ball17
Play Ball!


  • Working the Music
  • Working the Visual
  • Working The Two Together
  • Working the Stamina
working the stamina
Working the Stamina

Running the Sets

  • Builds cardiovascular and physical strength
  • Reinforces the visual plan
    • Choreographically
    • Performance flow/timing
    • Transitions
  • Must be done consistently throughout performance preparation time
  • AGAIN!
post game wrap up
Post-Game Wrap Up

Meet the Manager

Pam Pieson

  • “Leadership Gold”
  • Heart and Passion Y
leadership gold
Leadership Gold
  • Every member matters – no “second string”
  • Every member is her own personal leader
    • Responsible for her own performance results
  • Requires a great deal of personal and group discipline and focus
  • Results in performances that are thrilling not only for the audience, but also for each individual performer!
questions anyone
Questions, Anyone?
  • Please go to our website if you have questions for us!
  • We will answer them as soon as we return from Detroit!

Visit Our New Website!